I've been writing a little and rereading my old work a little and I've come to a helluva conclusion with it. My writing has matured and grown from my old stuff too much for me to continue my previous stories. I'd have to do rewrites to get anywhere.

And I feel kind of bad if I share any one-shots I've written when I've got other stories that I just physically can't write anymore. Sure, I still get massive story ideas (my insane amount of random ideas for shit is both a blessing and a curse) for them but I just can't because how do you try to pick up continuing something that is at such a low caliber compared to better work?

It's not so much the editing and proof-reading (though I've improved in leaps and bounds for that), it's the fact that I can get such a better grasp on those characters than what I could when I was 12-13. How I wrote Annabeth and Percy just seems so fucking flimsy compared to the depth and lack of OOC-ness I could write them in now. Though I do tend to fall back on my old ways of imbuing characters with my ideas too heavily if I get too bored with the story.

So my stories are, as of now, officially abandoned.

I'm not in the slightest bit sorry.

If I write more to post on here I just dunno. Anyways, a friend of mine (yes I have friends outside of the internet *dramatic gasp*) just started on FF. Her username's "miskunn" and she's posted like, 3 one-shots I think? She's not as big into PJO as I am though so none are from that fandom but there's some anime like Fullmetal Alchemist and a HP crossover if you're literally that bored.

Her writing's pretty sweet so go, shoo, go read.

Again, not fucking sorry. There's some things you just can't help.

Elmo out.