This is Dec 2 of The Calender of Awesomeness, directed by Hades Lord of Death

My prompt is from The Inner Titan: all caused by one stopped watch...

I am pretty sure my characters are out of character, sorry if they are, I'm still learning how to write Sherlock Holmes.

As Holmes and Watson carefully maneuvered the minefield called their house, on the way to the window, where they watched for Vlack Von Dorm, who was expected to appear in the building across the road at ten to four post meridian.

It was, at this present moment, quarter past four, and there was still no sign of the criminal. "Watson what's the time now?" Holmes asked impatiently.

"Still a quarter past four," Watson said looking at his watch.

"It was a quarter past four ten minutes ago," Holmes complained.

"Well he's either late, or we've missed him."

"We haven't missed him."

"Why do you say that Holmes?"

"He is to leave a parcel on that doorstep, for one of Moriarty's operatives to pick up later. The parcel is not there, therefore we have not missed him."

"My watch isn't moving!" Watson exclaimed, holing his arm far away from his body, while still staring at his wrist.

"Of course!" Holmes exclaimed, practically jumping out of his seat, "Tell me Watson, where did you get this watch?"

"I bought it at the markets last week."

"From a man who was eager to part ways with it?"

"Well not too eager, but he still sold it at a good price."

"Watson, was the man who sold you the watch, Russian?"


"That is the contents of the parcel, the one which Von Dorm is using is a fake. They all want that watch, that is the reason for the murders."

"This was all caused by one stopped watch?"

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