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It was definatly a challenge.

I tried to write it as a 221B, but I can't come up with the B to go with it, so it has 220 words. If you have any idea on what the B could be, please tell me.

I must say it is not exactly fantastic, bit I gave it my best shot, hope you enjoy it!

James Moriarty,

The adventure of the Dignified Clergyman was an adventure indeed. It all started last week, when the clergyman visited, he was a tall skinny man dressed all in black with the usual white around the neck. He leisurely cantered into the living room, a limp in his stride. But it was not just the man who intrigued me but what he asked Holmes to do. He was an unusual man aware of all things around him, but unaware of the feelings that followed him, reminding me strongly of Holmes.

But as I was saying, as he entered the room he was closely followed by Mrs Hudson their faithful housekeeper. As he opened his mouth the words came freely, opening their eyes and exciting my senses. I could tell this was a case that Holmes wanted. I cannot tell you the details of the case for I have little time.

Therefore I will tell you what I can, as the case started out they investigated many places you never would have guessed, from the sewers to the palace, for what they were looking for, I never would have guessed. But it seems that they were looking for a hat.

My paper is running out, therefore I will stop now, and tell you more in my next letter.

Colonel Moran

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