Do you remember me? It's me, the boy who sits next to you biology, the one with the white hoodie. Do you remember me now? I never liked talking to people, so I want to say I'm sorry for not answering your "Hello." or "How are you, this morning?". It's not like I hated you something like that, but If your reading this note right now, it means that something has happened to me but nobody else was noticed and they never will. Everyone had made fun of me, just because I had two Dads. It was hard to make friends... It always made my day when you said "Hello." so on other words I'm trying to say thank you for being so nice to me. Remember when you and your friends looked at the missing people on side on milk, and just laughed? I do... I remember the times when I looked down at my milk carton at the face of the missing person and where their from... they getting closer and closer to our home town, as the days passed by and guess what? ... What? What do you mean by you don't want guess? Oh well, I'll tell you anyways The people where never found and that they last seen by vast forest, scary isn't? I have question "Do you believe in Sl-"

You where confused, what happened to the rest of the words? why did they just cut off like that? You looked around only to notice that you had walked into forest and pasted your house a long time ago, you sighed in annoyance and pulled out your phone. It had only a small amount of battery left, and no service. "Great just great." you thought to yourself bitterly. You're stuck in the middle of no where and you have no way of getting back ... without realizing it you walk farther and farther into the forest. After a few minutes of walking you had found a fence, you had only one choice try to find some to help you get home. You had jumped over the fence and had found a path it was hard to see in front of you, slowly you started to see someone lying on the ground. You had started to towards the person... as soon as you had reached them, you wished that you hadn't run towards the person, it the boy from your biology class the one with the white hoodie or was it red? you couldn't remember... but you had noticed he had flashlight in his hands and piece of paper that had said


You weren't sure on what that meant but now that you look more closely he had looked he had snapped his neck and had died right there. But you made the choice to find the eight notes and find a way to get home, and that's how your hellish nightmare began. But little did you know that not only the one named Slender Man was following you but the boy in the red hoodie was as well. Making sure you made it out alive and okay, unlike he did.