A/N: Xellos's POV on Zelgadis, utterly shameless fluff, and some very out of character dialogue. I make no apologies! I regret nothing, NOTHING I tell you!

"Beautiful Fool"

You call yourself a monster

Shudder at your own reflection

Fear entering daylight

And unknown sections

Sometimes I think

You must be a fool to believe

That anything as lovely as you

Should ever have to grieve

Delicate face and

Brilliant blue eyes

Yet when you're called fair

You think it all lies

I'm barely holding back laughter

Barely holding back tears

I can't believe that you

Could ever have such fears

Beautiful fool that you are

Did you ever want me?

Because I've always wanted you

A thing you could never see

Idiot, fool, don't you see I need you?

I think you're gorgeous

So damn the rest of the world

All that matters is us

Lovely, lovely one

Cast from sapphire and stone

A beauty like you

Should never be alone

So I'll say my subtle hints

Help you see your appeal

So maybe someday you'll see

My feelings for you as real.

* ende *