Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, was busy weeding the neatly kept gardens of Number 4 Privet Drive, it was a sweltering 28°, but he dare not stop even for a short break because he knew if Aunt Petunia or Dudley caught him 'slacking off' they would inform Vernon, Harry's anger and violence prone Uncle. Harry shuddered to think what he would do if Harry defied him.

After finally finishing the gardening Harry headed indoors to prepare the Dursley's Dinner, this was the one chore that Harry enjoyed doing. Not only because Petunia always left him alone to get on with it, Harry was actually extremely good at cooking of all types, yes this skill even extended to Potions, which Harry Practiced in secret whenever he could.

After he finished making the both healthy and filling dinner he cleaned the Kitchen and then brought out the pudding. He got a nod of approval from his aunt and then headed up to his bedroom. Harry looked at the small calendar he bought in Hogsmead; tomorrow was Harry's 15th birthday. He smiled at his Snowy Owl Hedwig and gave her feathers a gentle stroke as he settled down to do the last of his summer homework.

The next morning at breakfast Uncle Vernon informed him that the family was taking a day trip and that Harry should make sure that the entire inside of the house was spotless or he would be very very sorry.

So for the whole day Harry cleaned the house only taking a break when he received some birthday presents after opening them and then storing them in his trunk, Harry continued to clean and then cook a dinner for the Dursley's, he finished just in time to catch the evening news, but there was still no sign of old Moldy-Shorts. Harry jumped a mile when the front door banged open.

Uncle Vernon had quite obviously been drinking which never boded well for Harry and this time was no different, "BOY!" Vernon roared when he saw Harry sitting on the couch watching TV, "How dare you touch our belongings!" Harry would have said that he had to in order to clean the house, but he was frozen in fear, Vernon had always terrified Harry, "You know you're forbidden to be on the furnisher!" He advanced of Harry and grabbed him by his hair, "I'll teach you, Boy! You useless excuse for a human being," Vernon ranted as he dragged Harry by his hair in to the kitchen, Vernon threw Harry across the floor as he headed to the cupboard under the sink, he pulled out the bucked of cleaning supplies. 'Oh, Shit,' Harry thought, 'this isn't just going to be a normal beating.'

Vernon sat on Harry's legs and placed the bucket on Harry's chest. "Now, Harry, I'm gonna make sure that the TV was the last thing your ever gonna watch, I do hope you enjoyed it," Vernon's voice was dripping with sarcasm. "Vernon snatched Harry's glasses off his face, "Open those eyes wide Boy," although Harry was scared almost witless he did the exact opposite and started to struggle free, but Vernon was heaver, stronger and angrier and Harry couldn't get away. Vernon pried Harry's eyes open and poured a random bottle of chemicals on Harry's eyes Harry couldn't hold back a scream as his eyes burned, he was almost certain that this was drain cleaner, which contains large amounts of acid, but Vernon didn't stop there, he continued to pour different cleansing agents into Harry's eyes, even after he passed out from the pain.