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These are the worst Christmas ever.

Kise was sitting on a park's bench, sighing.

He was wearing a dark blue coat with snow white jeans and black knee-high boots. This helped little to blend in, as he was being stared at by the entire female population, but he didn't care. Usually he would smile and greet them, but not today. Today Kise has a date with his beloved Kurokocchi. Or at least that's what he originally planned, but Kuroko cancelled at the last minute.

And Kise worked really hard to open up the Christmas Eve for his long awaited date with his Kurokocchi, and now… What is he supposed to do now?

The blonde sighed.

It's cold.

He looked at his watch again. He's been sitting like this for over an hour.

"I wanted to see you, Kurokocchi.." Kise muttered under his breath.

"I wanted to see you too, Kise-kun."

The model's eyes widened. No, it can't be.. He slowly raised his head still in disbelief. His dear Kurokocchi was standing right in front of him, panting quickly and covered with sweat, which was streaming down his red face. His clothes were a total mess: his jacket was unbuttoned, sweater was inside-out and his long scarf was almost touching the ground.


"I'm sorry for being late, Kise-kun." Kuroko briefly apologized, still panting greedily.

Kise shook his head, his mouth slowly widening into his usual toothy grin.

"It's ok, I'm super glad you came, Kurokocchi. But I thought you cancelled?"

"I thought I wouldn't make it, and I didn't want for you to sit here all alone, so I thought I'd cancel it. I'm sorry."

Kise couldn't believe his ears. Kurokocchi was actually looking after him! He couldn't bear how cute his Kurokocchi looked. Kise pat the bench beside him.

"Here, sit, I'll bring us something warm to drink." And Kise strode off, grinning happily.

Kuroko followed him with his eyes until Kise vanished behind a corner, then stared at the spot Kise was sitting on, and he sat down to the same warm spot on the bench. Kise's comforting warmth started to slowly envelop his body, making it hard for him to stay awake. His body was just so heavy.

Kuroko sprinted all the way here in hopes of Kise still waiting for him and when he saw the blonde still waiting on the agreed bench all this time, his heart clenched. Although his strength had left his body a long time ago, but he couldn't stop himself from running to Kise's side. And when he heard his name slip from the other teen's lips, he was just so happy, that he wanted to hug him, kiss him, say that he loved him. As much as he wanted to do it, he couldn't. He didn't want for Kise to think he's gross or even start to hate him when he learned Kuroko's true feelings. No, he won't let him know this. No, never. Its better this way, he can be by his side all the time just like this. Yes, this is how it should be.

When Kise finally showed up with two cans of warm coffee, he teal haired boy was already asleep, making small puffs of warm air slip out of his mouth. Kise smiled and sat down beside the smaller boy, letting him rest his head on his shoulder. Kuroko murmured Kise's name and Kise curiously put his ear near his beloved's lips in order to hear the rest better.

Red roses bloomed on the model's face as he listened to the sleeping boy's whisper. Kise burrowed his reddening face in palms.

"That's not fair, Kurokocchi!.."


So.. How was it? It's my first time writing a fanfiction, or anything not related to school essays, so I hope it's readable, at least. Might add more in the future.

And since its December and all, that means Christmas.. right? Anyway, I might draw a comic for this instead.

Also, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it~