Tori was home, asleep, it was 01:00 a.m, on a monday. The weather was hot, the windows on Tori's bedroom were all opened.

Her phone beeps and she wakes up, wondering who would that be. It's a text from Jade, saying:

- I have to tell you something...

Tori sits on the bed and stares the phone for a while.

- Jade, it's 01:00, tomorrow we have school. - Tori answers.

- I know but... It's very important

- Ok, tell me...

- No, I can't text you that... I have to say it

Tori gets a little angry, she wanted to sleep.

- Why did you wake me up, then? Tell me tomorrow, bye...

- NO! Wait, go to your window

Tori gets up, not happy with that, she looks out the window and sees Jade.

- What are you doing here? - Yells Tori

- I had to see you and... The thing I have to tell... I'd like to do it now. - Says Jade, looking at Tori like it was the last time she'll ever do that. - Can I come up?

Tori's bedroom was on the second floor, it was impossible to jump.

- How? - Tori asks.

Jade grabs a big garbage can, steps on it, grabbing Tori's window. Tori helps her, holding her hand.

Jade gets into Tori's room. She walks slowly 'til she gets on the bed, sitting.

- So, some problem with Beck? I mean, I know you guys broke up but... - Tori says, looking at Jade.

- No... I mean, kind of... You know, when you're with Beck... I get really jealous... - Jades bites her lips and looks down.

- I know, Jade, you still like him, right? - Tori wasn't understanding the point of this conversation.

Jade laughs and says:

- No, Tori... I think I like... You. - Tori gets scared, was Jade drunk or something?

- W-what? - When Tori says it, they hear steps outside the room, Jade enters into Tori's closet, quickly.

It was Tori's mother:

- What the hell, Tori... What are you doing? - Asks.

Tori was still holding her cellphone, she looks at it and says:

- Oh, Cat broke up with... Adam.

- Who's Adam? Oh, whatever, ok, you can help her but don't go to sleep too late.

Tori smiles, her mom closes the door and goes to her room.

Jade gets out the closet and Tori stares at her.

- Jade... What did you mean?

Jade was about to cry, Jade never cried.

- I love you, Tori... I'm sorry.

- I know, we're friends, right?

- No, you moron... I love you... In the way, i don't know, in the way Romeo loves Juliet.

Tori's heart was beating so loud, she was shaking. She got closer to Jade.

- Oh... That's... New.

Jade looks into her eyes, getting closer and closer.

Their lips were so close... Jade and Tori always had a huge sexual tension, they're about to break it now.

They kiss, hard, Tori wasn't sure about what she was doing, she likes Jade but her feelings were so messed up...

Jade grabs Tori's hips, still kissing her. They start making they're way to bed, Tori's shirt was already on the floor. Both fall in the bed, Jade over Tori, she kisses her neck, Tori takes off Jade's dress and stares at her body. She smiles and whipers on Jade's ear:

- You're so hot...

Jade puts one of her hands inside Tori's underwear. Tori moans, it was so good.

Jade uses her other hand to shut Tori up, her parents were sleeping. But it was hard to Jade not to kiss Tori, she laughs at the girl and kisses her, not stoping at all.

Tori takes of Jade's bra, and stare at her boobs, biting her own lips.

Jade was still over Tori, she takes off her pants and underwear, grabs Tori's legs, looks at her and starts licking her clit, Tori moans harder:

- Jade...

Jade doesn't stop, she kisses and bites Tori's vagina, puts her tongue inside it.

Tori breath was taken, she was still moaning, having an orgasm, I'd say.

Jade looks at her and smiles, she lays on Tori's side.

- Hey Vega...

Tori smiles and kisses Jade

- I love you too.