Elword(Rune slayer),Aisha(Void princess),Eve(Code Nemisis),Raven(Blade master),Rena(Grand archer),Chung (Deadly chaser)

Elsword,Raven,Rena,Aisha and Eve were getting ready for war they all rested in a tent waiting for the battle horn to looked outside the tent and saw about 30 rows of armed soldiers standing outside waiting for the battle horn to sound,''There's a lot of soliders..'' Elsword whispered to himself.''Well it is a war idiot''.Aisha rolled her eyes.
''Shut up!''Elsword demanded,and within a few seconds they started to argue not really a big suprise to anyone who knows them.''You both be quiet!''.Rena yelled so loudly it felt asif the whole tent shook ''Where's Chung?''Eve looked around.''Oh yeah where is Chung?''.Rena gasped the battle was about to start and he wasn't anywhere to be found.

close to the camp site was a small area filled with trees and lakes,Chung was sat at the edge of a river in his battle gear he looked at his reflection in the closed his eyes and sighed to soaked up the silence and the gentle cool silence was interrupted by a loud sound followed by drums he had quickly forgotten about the war,how could he forget such a thing?.He quickly stood up and ran to the ound of the drums.
''There he is!''Aisha sighed in ran to them ''Sorry I forgot..''.He soldiers started followed them quickly it took a while but they finally got to the battle zone a large area with no saw the enemy on the othere side waitting for them a army of dark creatures liches,sorcerers,necromancers,undead warlords,dark elves and soldiers from each side walked to the centre and faced each othere.''If you give up now you'll be saving over thousands of lives''.A lich commander looked back at his army ''Never..''He grinned ''Then so be it! Let the war begin!''.The two sides rawred and ran at each othere within seconds the battle field filled with blood and dead bodies the air was covered with the smell of had finished about sixty of them,he looked up and saw a sorcerer that was killing anything and everything in his way enemy or ran up to him and raised his sword,but before he could do anything the sorcerer blew him away,he landed on his feet ''What do you think you're doing El!''.Chung shoutted at completely ignored Chung and tried again and again and again ''Idiot! If it doesn't work the first three times it wont work a fourth time!''.Aisha looked at them all ''If all six of us try we might be able to beat him!''Elsword breathed heavily ''It's worth a try''.Raven all leaped at the sorcerer not knowing he was casting a spell.
A white flashing light blinded next thing they knew they were in the middle of a field ''This...isn't the battle zone!''Aisha paniced.
''Eve where are we?''Chung's head was aching.
''I don't really know..''Eve looked around.