It's not my fault

If in God's plan

He made the devil so much
Stronger than a man

Sun was already high up in the sky when Hanamiya Makoto stretched on his bed, yawning. It was terrible night, to say at least. Those bastards winning was a constant thing on replay in his head during nights. He hated them, more than he hated anything else in this damned world. Managing to destroy every one of his schemes, Teiko High school's generation of miracles were his mortal enemies. He had never experienced such disastrous headache, every single breath hurt, every single thought sliced trough him like scalpels.

'Weird' He thought, now feeling much better. Quickly getting up from the messy bed (not that he would ever make his bed, someone as intelligent as him shouldn't waste his time on such trivial things. That was the other thing he was good at- justifying his actions), Hanamiya suddenly felt something was terribly wrong.

Window was somehow looking higher than usual. 'Did I shrink?' he panicked. In an instant, he noticed something was actually tickling his broad shoulders. ' They're kind of thin..' he widened his eyes 'and what is... Holy cow, is that a strand of hair?'

Makoto almost fell on his ass after witnessing what none should ever in his life. He slowly stood up, wondering why his legs looked different too...'They look female...' he thought. 'What in the hells name happened to me? Is this some kind of sick joke?' He was furious and answers were to be given.

'Maybe it's a karma.' He flipped hair from his face and walked in the hall to check himself in the mirror. Maybe he was hallucinating. ' Maybe, they set this up, little sick vengeance...not that I never deserved to get any.' Makoto was well aware that it this was something as unfounded as natural force that will make you pay for your misdeeds, he would be the first victim on her list.

He was devilish, from toes to the last strand of hair. And he f*cking enjoyed every minute of it.

" WHAT THE /##$ ?" In the mirror, that was him. But no. That was some girl who stood there in the mirror repeating every one of his movements. No matter how high Makoto jumped, or what kind of trick he did, the girl just did the same.

'I'm dreaming.' he smiled. 'Okay...I should wake up now, this is starting to scare the shit outta me.'

But nothing as that happened.

It wasn't long before Hanamiya saw what kind of bottomless,black hole he fell. He was genius and all but this was going way against every hint of reason and logic.

"I..turned...into a girl."he stared blankly at the mirror.

Girl he saw looked kind of like him. "I'm definitely shorter." he narrowed his eyebrows. It wouldn't be such a big deal if he wasn't a damn basketball player. Hanamiya stared at his long pitch black hair. 'Now I regret ever wondering how would I look with long hair.'

His dark eyes darted to his chest. Trembling hands touched what shouldn't be there. 'Boobs.' he gawked.

Truth to be told, he would notice them sooner but he still had his shirt on which was now way to big for him.

'What do I do?' not even his all-famous smirk looked the same with those rosy, full lips.

'One thing is sure..' he paused and looked and his watch. 'I can't go back to school, or training.'

"What if this is permanent?" terrifying high-pitched scream escaped his throat.

' voice sounds disgusting.' he sealed his mouth shut.

His already fast mind was now working 300 times the normal human could think. He already deducted all possibilities how could he turn into this. None made sense...' Well, maybe because this whole thing doesn't fucking make any sense at all'

Now he was concentrating on how to deal with the situation. Hanamiya was never the one to sit down and cry, he would always come up with something that would benefit him. Genius mind was a weapon that was always at his disposal.

'I must transfer schools.' was the first thing he decided. Sting. 'How will I ever get my revenge against those Miracle bastards, now. I can't play basketball for Kirisaki Daiichi anymore. Hell, I can't play in any guys team anymore.'

But everyone Generation of Miracles had to have a weak spot. If it's not on the field...

He looked himself again.

'I'm still devilishly handsome.' he tried to wink. 'This is embarrassing.' he mentally slapped himself. If I'm stuck like this, those bastards won't have it any better.

'I'm going to destroy their little castle from within. One by one.'

Hanamiya typed the number in his telephone.

"Uncle? I want to transfer to Teiko high school."