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Your boy is a supernova
Amorphous, ethereal, incandescent
You are scared he will blind you
Or burn you
You know he will

But you cannot turn away


"W-what do you mean?" Makka had to step back from Akashi's intense glare. Her stomach hurted like hell, and all of sudden there wasn't enough air. She couldn't comprehend what was happening in that moment, what did he mean, what was...what in the world?

"You know what I mean, don't you?" Akashi was calm, too calm. He crossed the distance between them in few steps, standing in front of her, still holding the bottle in his right hand.

'He knows...'

'he knows...'

'that's...that's...how did he know?'

'does he know?'

'it can't be, but...'

'he's Akashi afterall'

"I'm not really sure." she tried to sound brave. "Besides,we'll be late for the game. I mean you will be late. No one cares if I'm late."

'Damn, I'm so talkative all of a sudden.'

Hanamiya was painfully aware of the small beads of cold sweat forming on the back of her neck. The aura Akashi emanated was suddenly creeping up from everywhere, and even if Akashi doesn't admit it, she knows...that it's the end of the rope. He knows. He probably knew it for some time now, Hanamiya wasn't stupid. There is no other reason for him to act this way but being sullen.

"We have enough time for you to drink this, don't we?" he smiled offering her bottle of water.


She spared no time in reminding herself to keep calm. If anything, keep calm. She didn't do it. Did she? If Akashi intends to poison her, well he can go fuck himself. She was Hanamiya Makoto. Well, not Makoto anymore but...

"May I know why? I mean if this is your idea of a gift then you have dissappointed me." she took the bottle nonetheless.

'Keep calm.'

'But this...'

Akashi let out a small chuckle. " A gift." He stared at her for a moment. 'Don't stare at me like that.' She fought the urge to look down suddenly realizing it's...this situation is... There was Akashi Seijuuro in front of her, the perfect Akashi Seijuuro. The Akashi Seijuuro who was gentle and eerie at the same time, who was brilliant always and warm sometimes yet stone cold more often than not. The Akashi Seijuuro who hurted, and took breath away.

The Akashi Seijuuro whom she hated and loved all the same.

'I really fucked it up this time.'

She stared back at him. Hanamiya knew Akashi is expecting of her to say something if not start drinking. He liked to think his orders were absolute after all. 'But if he knows why would he still...why doesn't he say so?'

'Maybe he doesn't.'

"Is this some kind of test? Did you put something funny in there?" his eyes seemed to widen at her question, widen with amusement. Hanamiya thought it was quite ironic that she, who knows that Kazuya poisoned the water, managed to come up with retort that actually accuses Akashi of doing it.

"If I did would you still drink it? Would you trust me if I gave you my word I didn't? Even if you knew I did." He parted his lips slightly, daring.

Hanamiya looked down at the bottle "Even if I was 99,99% sure that you put something funny in there?" she asked confused a bit. She didn't expect Akashi to play it this way.

"Even if you were."

"Well..." she looked at his dischromatic eyes. Her heart started beating even faster at the scene of hidden expectation in his eyes. 'Maybe he doesn't know...if he still expects something from me.'

'Maybe if I try to think about this honestly without thinking which answer should I give...'

'Is there even a right answer to this sort of question? If I say yes that basically means I'm delusional and blindly in love. Only a fool would still believe a person after being presented with constructive evidence. If I say no however...that means I'd refuse to believe in Akashi.'

She had to think but there was no time to think. Would she believe Akashi? She shouldn't. He was manipulative bastard most of the time. He never played before tipping the odds in his favour. But did he not always managed to do exactly what he promised all the time? He told her she'll fall in love, all the way back, when Hanamiya laughed it off; he was an enemy. But now...

'I'd rather have it be drank by me than him. How low have I sank? I want to protect this bastard...'

"I'd trust you. In fact I'll trust you right now. In the meantime you can answer the same question." Hanamiya opened the bottle.

'Alright. Whatever Kazuya put can't be that bad. However I better drink it slowly, this is supposed to knock Akashi unconsios for some time. If I drink slowly maybe I'll have the time to hide somewhere before the effect starts and wait until it's over.'

'Let no one ever speak of this. That I poisoned myself for the sake of Akashi.'

She felt cold liquid dancing down her throat. One gulp, two, three...

Akashi couldn't hide his shocked face. However, he quickly calmed himself.

"Very well..." he started when she was done. " you can witness the answer to your question firsthand."

Makka stared as he took the bottle from her and brough it closer to his lips. 'BUT WHY?'


"DON'T." she almost yelled. She could hear voices from the court, the warm up was starting. Akashi stared coldly at her. "Is there a problem?"

"I...I..." she held tears from building up, stomach ache returning.

"I'm sick! Remember...my stomach's been hurting since the bus." weird thing was that it wasn't a lie at all. But Akashi merely chuckled. "I don't have time and I'm thirsty. My immune system functions properly and you're in pain because you eat food I do not approve of." he smiled that rare soft smile of his and started drinking.

The warm up had started judging from the noise coming trough the walls.


"Let's go. I'll show them Teiko's strength."


"I'm so sorry..." Makka looked down. "I'm so sorry, Seijuurou. I'm..." the tears. 'HOW FUCKING GREAT.'

"Now we both..." she could barely stand on her two feet anymore. Stomach was now like a black pit of hell and damn it it was hard not to close eyes.

'He drank it after me, he'll start feeling the effects soon.'

"So it was like that afterall?" she could hear his cold voice, her vision was getting too blurry. The undertone cut trough her like icepick.

"It wasn't...I didn't want to hurt you... at the beinning yes but now...it doesn't hurt much I promise." 'Oh shit' Hanamiya cursed holding the locker. 'I'll faint.'

Akashi was still standing straight without as much as wincing, which bothered Hanamiya. Was the poison affecting her more? "Why did you drink it...why Akashi...if you knew...I didn't want you to drink it."

"I trust you don't I? Or yet say, I trusted you." she saw him retreating. Where was he going?

"Since when?" she managed to murmur barely seeing red haired figure walking away from her. 'Since when did you know?'

He didn't answer.

"You can't go...you drank it, Akashi you idiot...sit somewhere...you'll faint." but she didn't see him anymore, she only heard footsteps stopping shortly before they started again, but they were coming back and then everything went black.

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* the reason Hanamiya sometimes percieves Akashi as gentle and sometimes stone cold is because,as we know, there are two Akashi's who aren't completely separate people (after Bokushi took control Oreshi (nice teiko akashi) was still there), but Hanamiya doesn't know that.

Also...there's something I've been wondering about since the latest chapter.

(it's spoiler if you didn't read it)

Akashi I've been writing about here is actually bokushi("2nd akashi, victory one") because when I started writing this story we still didn't know there were two of them yet alone that oreshi's been waiting to take back his life all this time and be free. But recent manga chapters really had me wondering about how should I write off Akashi's character as of now...

do I just: a) continue to write him as I've been until now, with bokushi in control and slight signs of oreshi (when he's for example relaxed and gentle with Makka because I've been thinking bokushi isn't exactly gentle, it's oreshi)...

b) I have him have major turn around character development as he has right now in the manga..?

I'm more for option a) since true Akashi's really combination of both and I got used to writing him as bokushi being dominant part of his persona, but will that be ignoring important parts of his character in canon ?(which sometimes does bother me) but tell me what do you think...