A/N: Ukyou to Ryouga. I'm rather proud of this one; I like the mood it sets. They're pretty much hands-down my favorite couple for Ranma 1/2, and I suppose that shows in the poem.

"Get Over Them"

Hey, I know you think you love her

And yeah, I guess you do

But she doesn't love you back

And she doesn't have a clue

Okay, yeah, I know-

I'm probably worse than anyone

When it comes to love

But I know what I should've done

Wasting time's a waste of time

Let's you and I go out some night

Just run around a while

Go out clubbing; pick a fight

It's time you and I got over them

Even if we have to get out of here

So come out with me tonight

And dance with me, dear

I can't say that I love you yet

Not even sure if I like you

But maybe if we knew each other better

I'd find out that I do

So come on, come out tonight

I'll wear a nice dress

If you bring me flowers

And yes, oh yes

Take me dancing just one time

I'd be glad to go

Together we'll get over them

If the music's sweet and slow

You be my sugar

And I'll be your sun

Together we'll get over them

And while we're at it, have some fun.

* ende *