The Party - Final Chapter

Sanji woke up, feeling completely relaxed and a little groggy. He glanced to the side, hoping he had at least a few minutes more to sleep before he had to get down to the kitchen. He was itchy too; maybe he'd take a long shower. He needed to smoke really badly, and that sound he'd been dreaming was still echoing in his head.

He focused on the nostalgic sound. It was the distinct sound of the ocean rising and falling around a ship, the lullaby that had calmed him through his entire childhood and up until he was sent to Impel Down. Calm seemed to wash over his entire body. It felt nice; he'd missed the ocean.

The alarm clock wasn't on his nightstand. His nightstand wasn't there either. This wasn't his uncomfortable Impel Down cot with its rough sheets either. Sanji gasped in shock, sitting up and glancing wildly around the room he was in. His heart was pounding in his chest while his brain caught up.

He'd escaped with Zoro. He was on the pirate ship, Thousand Sunny, with Zoro's crew, the Straw Hats. He was in the infirmary; he remembered Chopper, the little fuzzy doctor tending to his wounds, and Zoro barging in to see him. There wasn't anyone in the room currently, nothing but a sliver of warm sunlight and the faint scent of disinfectant and mint.

He calmed down slightly when he realized where he was. Sanji was dying to look over the ocean and feel the salty breeze on his skin as he smoked; some company wouldn't be bad either. Warily, he pulled the IV's needle out of his arm, rubbing at the puncture wound as he swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

"Ouch," Sanji hissed, feeling a sharp pain in his leg when it tangled with the covers. He peeled the sheets off and inspected the neatly wrapped bandages around his shin. That was where he'd been hit by Magellan's poison. Curiosity overcame the cook, and he glanced around the room before undoing the bandages just enough to take a quick look.

The bandages pulled on his wound as he unwound them, causing blazing heat to extend up his leg. He paused for a second, breathing in deeply before he yanked the top of the bandages off. It hurt, not too much, but just enough for him to grit his teeth. The red and pink area on his shin where skin had apparently been burned off throbbed at him. It looked bad, like he'd spilled hot oil on it.

Sanji was tempted to prod at it; the glistening ointment Chopper had applied looked thick and was cool as it lay on his wound like a layer of gelatin. There wasn't any sign of the telltale purple of Magellan's poison, so Chopper had apparently managed to apply a proper antidote. Sanji was impressed; there weren't many who'd be able to do that.

He tested his leg, getting up and enjoying the feeling of his bare toes on the wooden floor. He tied his bandages again, tightening them gingerly before he tried swinging his leg. The wound was just a little warm and uncomfortable while he stood. He smiled; it didn't look like his kicking was affected.

The Marine coat and Sanji's personal effects were sitting on a small chest in the corner furthest away from the bed. His shin stung a little, but Sanji didn't even limp as he made his way across the room, grabbing his only possessions off the small chest: his shoes, the ones custom made for maximum kicking power, and his lighter.

Sanji flicked the lighter open affectionately; it had been so much help through this whole ordeal. He tucked a cigarette between his lips, deciding not to light it until he was outside. He heard distant voices, laughter, and the loud clatter of metal coming from outside. He chewed on the filter and stared at the wooden door in front of him, which looked intimidating. What if he walked out there and the crew didn't approve?

Sanji shook his head to get rid of the negative thoughts. He had gotten this far by putting his faith into complete strangers who didn't know him; no sense in stopping now. He sighed in defeat as he pulled on the handle, opening the door a crack before he stuck his head out the doorway to glance around.

A kitchen.

Sanji's breath caught in his throat as he stared wide-eyed at the large kitchen. He could see a big table, large enough to hold enough food for a royal feast. There was a comfortable-looking couch by one of the further walls and a large service elevator like he'd always wanted for the Baratie.

Entranced, Sanji stumbled into the room. Like a zombie, he walked slack-jawed past the dining table to look at the counters and the huge fridge, trailing his fingers lovingly over the sleek surface of the giant oven. That oven looked like it could cook anything!

He could see crumbs of bread and other various things on the counter. He studied the crumbs; it looked like the crew had eaten sandwiches for lunch? Dinner? Breakfast? What time was it?

Sanji turned around, looking directly at the clock on the nearby wall. It was four hours past noon; he'd been asleep for at least six or seven hours. It had been a good dreamless sleep; Chopper's pills worked wonderfully. Sanji ran his fingers over the counter, absentmindedly dusting the breadcrumbs off the sleek surface as he glanced at the clock again.

How had he known where the clock would be? He hadn't hesitated for a second when he had turned around; it was almost a little scary. But he just figured it was the only sensible place to keep a clock in a kitchen. It was the place HE would have put it: in a good place so he could keep track of time while cooking, while at the same time being visible to everyone who entered asking when the food was going to be served.


Sanji froze up, clawing slightly in shock at the counter as the little doctor burst into the kitchen, terror and anger on his little reindeer face. Sanji stood still, embarrassed to have simply walked out of the infirmary without a word to the doctor who had saved his life.

He didn't know what he should say; the little doctor came running to him, worry on his face as he looked him over. "How are you feeling? You can't just walk away—"

"I'm feeling good," Sanji said earnestly, scratching at his itchy hair. "I was looking for you and then I saw the oven and I… " The blond trailed off, watching the little doctor run away to the opposite door and kick it open with a yell.

"Everyone!" The little reindeer clung to the railing with one hoof, little feet dangling from the height as he waved to the others down on the deck below. "Sanji is okay! He's awake!"

Sanji heard the voices outside become completely silent. He could smell the salty ocean air and decided that now would be the proper time to meet this legendary crew Zoro had told him all about. He made his way past the counter, chewing nervously on his filter as he walked towards Chopper.


Suddenly, a young man burst into the room, his smile gigantic and his nostrils flared with glee. Sanji stood paralyzed in the middle of the kitchen floor, watching as the young man jumped over Chopper's head, accompanied by so many others.

Sanji held his breath. There was Luffy, bouncing and grinning excitedly at him as Usopp and Chopper ran to him cautiously, looking at him with slight awe for some reason. Two lovely ladies entered as well—Nami and Robin Sanji presumed—both extremely beautiful and giving him a curious once over.

Sanji squirmed a little, suddenly feeling very self-conscious about his salty skin and hair, his torn and dirty Marine clothes, and lack of overall style. A very loud blue-haired man with massive forearms barged inside; Sanji remembered he was called Franky. The shipwright was accompanied by a super tall talking skeleton.

When they were all inside, the kitchen seemed much smaller, more like a home. Sanji couldn't help but wonder what everyone's favorite foods were and if they had any allergies. Sanji looked from one face to another; they were all staring at him, various sizes of smiles greeting him like a wall of good will.

Where was Zoro?

After a few awkward breaths, Sanji raised his hand casually, taking the abused cigarette out of his mouth. He smiled awkwardly, heat pooling in his cheeks. "Hey there; my name is Sanji. I'm a cook."

"We know!" Luffy bounced happily, walking right up to Sanji's face, blocking his field of view and almost causing him to go cross eyed. Their faces were so close Sanji could feel the brim of Luffy's trademark straw hat rub against his hair. "Hey, Sanji, join my crew."

The blond hesitated in shock and took a step back, trying to distance his nose from Luffy's. Zoro sauntered into the kitchen, taking his place at the back of the group, crossing his arms over his chest, and smirking as he watched the events unfold.

"Can I smoke?" Sanji stalled for time; he wasn't sure how to react since he hadn't expected to be asked to join the crew within a minute of meeting them. They all shrugged, nodding in approval. Sanji lit up feeling more than a little self-conscious. They were all staring at him expectantly; why did his hair and clothes have to be so dirty? He was making a pretty lousy first impression.

He took a long drag of his cigarette, glancing insecurely at the green-haired man at the back of the room. He felt so un-cool standing there, bandaged and filthy in the middle of the beautiful kitchen. Luffy was still looking at him, his eyes practically shimmering and his smile growing wider each second.

"Are you all sure it's okay?" Sanji had to ask; he just didn't understand. He'd heard some pirate crews had a trial or a test of some sort, but the group of people standing in front of him didn't even send each other suspicious glances.

"I have decided!" Luffy urged, puffing out his chest and pouting childishly. "Join us."

There was a slight silence; Sanji sucked on his cigarette, inhaling the smoke deep into his lungs before he let it out again. He glanced to the side, shoving his hands in his pockets as he looked back to the group of people.


The moment Sanji let go of the word, the crew cheered loudly, patting him on the back and dragging him out of the door. Sanji was rushed out by a loudly crying Franky and a laughing Brook, feeling Zoro's arm brush against him as he was pushed out the door and into the sunlight.

"We're going to have a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE party tonight!" Luffy exclaimed, laughing and spreading his arms wide to emphasize the magnitude of partying that would happen. "We're going to celebrate getting Zoro back and Brook and you joining!"

"Sounds great." Sanji smiled. "You can count on me for the food!" He bowed a little, grinning widely as the crew started cheering, excitedly talking about the food they wanted. The cook could barely hear the others over Luffy's screams for meat from the deck. So many dishes they wanted him to make, so much excitement to eat his cooking; he was so happy.

"Sanji-kun, can you make me a fruit dessert with my tangerines?" Sanji swooned a little when Nami caught his hand, smiling at him expectantly.

"I wouldn't mind some SUPER hamburgers to go with my cola!" Franky declared, posing with his forearms together to show off his star tattoo.

"Cake? Can you make cake? Something sweet? Like cotton candy? How about a cake made from cotton candy!?" Chopper was bouncing up and down, looking up at Sanji with shimmering eyes not a single living being could ever say no to. Even if cotton candy cake was quite impossible and definitely not dinner material.

"MEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!" Luffy barged into the group, drawing them all into a giant rubber-armed hug. Sanji heard Zoro's swords clatter and a groan from the swordsman from somewhere between Luffy's chest and Usopp; he couldn't help but laugh. His heart was fluttering madly; it had been so long since he'd felt so at home. The lonely days in Impel Down seemed so distant now.

"We should be on an island before dinner time." Nami said cheerfully, breaking free of the hug and looking over the ocean with a strangely knowing gaze. "Judging from the weather and humidity, it should be a spring island."

"BARBEQUE!" Luffy declared, throwing his hands up in the air with joy, freeing his crew from his monstrous hug. "SANJI! BARBEQUE! MEAT!" The captain was practically whining, but the giant smile and joy in his tone made him sound more like he was demanding.

"Barbeque and bonfire!" Usopp suggested, only to receive more applause from the captain, who added another demand to his list.

"Sanji! Barbeque! Meat! Bonfire!"

Sanji couldn't help but grin, watching the ocean breeze snatch away the ashes of his cigarette. He could get used to this. Franky grabbed hold of Sanji's upper arm, startling him from his thoughts of tonight's meal with a flashy wink.

"I built you a bunk earlier; come and take a look." The cyborg dragged Sanji with him, the rest of the crew following as Sanji made his way across the vibrant lawn of the Sunny. It had been months, even years, since he had last seen grass and trees.

The men's sleeping quarters were modest: the bunks were like wooden hammocks, complete with a small staircase to get into the top ones. There were a few lockers on the side and occasional dirty laundry on the floor around the beds.

"It's SUPER comfortable." Franky let go of Sanji's arm, flicking the sunglasses up to his forehead as he gestured to the bunk suspended above another one. "You'll be sleeping in the bunk above Brook, since he also recently got his."

Brook bowed a little, tipping his hat and causing Sanji to yelp out in shock. He had noticed the giant skeleton before, but now that the musician had his full attention, it freaked him out. He calmed down after a second, grimacing and clutching his dirty Marine shirt as he wiggled his cigarette between his lips. Brook and the others laughed, and Sanji frowned at them before he joined in.

"This one is mine." Usopp pointed to the lowest one at the edge. "Luffy sleeps in that one, and Franky in this one." The sharpshooter pointed to the respective bunks as he spoke.

"I sleep in this one!" Chopper trotted over to the bottom bunk beside Brook. "I wanted to sleep on the top bunk, but going up and down the stairs to go to the bathroom was a problem," the little doctor added, his ears lowering in slight sadness. "So I traded with Zoro."

Sanji looked up; Zoro stood there, holding onto the top bunk right next to his. The swordsman was grinning, patting the wooden edges teasingly. Sanji grinned back, running his own hand over the edge of his new bed. It was extremely well made, sturdy, and the exact height needed to be comfortable even during a storm.

"Ah, since we're giving you a tour"—Usopp stepped between Zoro and Sanji, pointing down a doorway with an excited expression—"you need to see Usopp's Workshop!"

"And the aquarium bar!"

"And the study!"

"The observatory next!"

One hour later, Sanji's head was spinning; he'd heard Zoro talk about the Sunny, but he hadn't gone into detail about how well it was made. There was so much on the ship Sanji had never heard about on any other ship. It was amazing, Franky had so much talent, even if he didn't look like it.

"Now the crow's nest." Zoro grabbed onto the ropes leading up the main mast, smirking as he hung from them casually. "It's where the gym is. That's where I train and where we stand lookout." The man climbed over to the other side, more agile than Sanji would have thought possible for someone so muscular.

Sanji walked to the ropes, jumping onto the side of the ship before he climbed onto the ropeway, giving Zoro a suspicious glance when he wondered why Zoro wanted him to go first. It would be more natural for Zoro to go up the ropes first, then him. Sanji started climbing, realizing a second too late that by going first he had missed out on a magnificent view of Zoro's rear.

"It's sort of Zoro's territory." Usopp sighed from the deck below him, clearly not in the mood to follow them up the shrouds. "No one else ever goes up there unless they are on lookout." The younger man was shaking his head in slight disbelief, feet firmly on the ground. Sanji looked down to smile at the sharpshooter and then stealing a glance over his shoulder, only to catch Zoro's lopsided grin and those dark eyes flicking from his rear to his face.

Damn, the Marimo was such a sneaky pervert sometimes.

Undeterred, Sanji continued climbing, trying not to think about how much his hips were moving as he scaled the almost vertical ropes towards the top of the mast. Luffy was following them and so was Franky. Sanji felt the rough ropes in his hand as he leant over to open the hatch to the crow's nest.

He pulled himself inside, staring at the extensive collection of weights and training equipment. No wonder Zoro was this buff: there were weights for every single imaginable exercise! Sanji heard Zoro grunt as the swordsman grabbed onto the sides of the hatch, the top of his green head appearing as he pulled himself inside the crow's nest.

Sanji waited until Zoro was halfway inside before he swooped down to kiss the completely occupied man, leaving the swordsman groaning in annoyance when he couldn't pull himself up properly or use his hands without losing his balance.

Sanji pulled back, grinning as he walked across the room and out of Zoro's reach. The bastard Marimo wasn't the only one who could tease. "Can I smoke?" He waved his packet of cigarettes, watching the annoyed swordsman enter the room.

"Yeah, whatever." Zoro huffed as he glanced at Luffy's rubber grip extending towards the inside of the crow's nest. He arched a brow when Sanji lit up, smirking arrogantly. "You'll be having plenty of post-sex cigarettes in here anyway."

"Is that a threat or a promise, you green bastard—?"

"SANJI!" Luffy bounced into the room, landing with a massive grin. "Nami said that you can see the island we're spending the night at through the telescope!" The captain ran to the telescope at the front end of the room, looking around wildly as Franky stuck his head inside the crow's nest.

Zoro walked to the far side of the room, grabbed onto one of the training poles, and started doing one-handed chin-ups with an extremely nonchalant expression. Sanji watched Zoro from the corner of his eye, admiring the sight as Franky's technical talk kept distracting Sanji from the show.

"WOO! Barbeque on the beach!" Luffy was drooling at the thought, staring at the distant island on the horizon. "We'll light a fire on the beach by the ocean! And dance and drink and eat lots of meat!"

"Ah!" Sanji puffed his cigarette, running his hand through his filthy hair. "That reminds me, I really need to take a shower!" The blond walked to the cyborg, getting ready to leave the crow's nest. "Hey, Speedo-man, I want to see the shower room in this ship next."

"SUPER! Leave it to me!"

The trip down the ropes was much easier and less distracting as they took a few good jumps down the ropes and landed on the grassy deck. "Before I start preparing the barbeque sauce for the meat"—Sanji grinned, watching as his new crew's eyes lit up—"I want to take a shower; I can't cook while I'm filthy like this!"

"It's over here!" Usopp pointed towards the back of the ship. "What kind of barbeque sauce are we going to have?! Will it be spicy?"

"I'll make a few kinds." Sanji smiled, hands in his pockets as he walked with his crew to the observatory, surrounded by excited faces. "Oi, Marimo, you can't follow us." Sanji stopped, turning around to point his cigarette at the confused-looking swordsman.

"Oh? Why the hell not, curly bastard?" Zoro frowned, eyes narrowed in annoyance. The others in the crew were glancing between them, some of them confused, others a little shocked, but Robin simply looked amused.

"I'm not going to wear these dirty Marine clothes after I shower! I'll need to borrow your ugly rags, since we're almost the same height." The cook breathed smoke through his nose as the people around them laughed. "Try to find something a little stylish for me and bring it over."

Zoro huffed, rolling his eyes in annoyance as he turned on his heel. "There's nothing wrong with my clothes! Be happy I'm ready to lend you some, idiot cook." The swordsman made his way down to the male bunk room, ignoring the stifled giggling of his crew mates.

Zoro would have lent Sanji one of his favorite white shirts, but that had been completely torn apart on Thriller Bark, reduced to bloody rags. He rummaged a little further until he reached the back of his locker, pulling out clothes he'd forgotten he even still had. How long had it been since he had worn that blue sleeveless shirt? Skypiea?

He'd stopped wearing it after they'd returned to the blue blue sea; it had become uncomfortably snug, riding up his stomach at every chance. It was still long enough, but just much too tight. He had a feeling Sanji would want to wear a buttoned shirt, but it wasn't like the bastard had a choice. Zoro grinned; it might be the only chance he got to force Sanji to wear something like this.

Figuring that Sanji was in no position to argue about the selection of clothes he would bring him, Zoro grabbed his blue tank top and his tightest pants. If they were tight on the cook, he'd be fun to look at. If they weren't, then they were as close to fitting him as possible; both would result in profit.

The swordsman made his way up to the deck, squinting his eyes against the sunlight as he listened to Usopp and Luffy scream about fishing. Everyone seemed to be busy: Nami was talking to Franky about their heading and Robin was reading, eyeing him joyfully as he walked past.

"Cook-san is taking a shower," Robin murmured, smiling softly. "Doctor Chopper said it was allowed as long as he came for a change of bandages afterwards." She eyed the clothes Zoro was holding, giggling in amusement. Zoro hummed something in agreement, deciding not to ask about it before making his way up to the observatory to get to the bathroom.

"Oi, cook!" Zoro could hear the shower running at the top of the stairs. He threw the clothes up before climbing the staircase that led to the smaller room before the bathroom proper. "Cook, I brought the clothes." He collected the clothing from the floor as he walked to the bathroom door.

"Bring them inside!" Sanji's voice was teasing and a little garbled through the distant flood of water. Zoro grinned, not one to be asked twice to barge in on the blond naked. He turned the handle, shouldering the door open as he stepped inside. The bathroom was rather misty; the shower was running and the cook was grinning at him from under the flow. Zoro could feel the blood in his body heading south; the arrogant look Sanji was sporting was just making him more attractive.

"Lock the door," Sanji demanded, water dripping down his chin in a steady stream.

Zoro smirked, closing the door and letting his fingers linger on the lock. "You're not in any position to boss me around, cook; we're not in Impel Down anymore."

"I'm in an extremely good mood right now." Sanji crossed his arms under the shower as the water beat his hair flat against his head and plastered it to his face. "If you play along, I'll reward you."

Zoro twitched, arousal creeping up his spine. He locked the door, watching Sanji's face carefully.

"Good. Now put the clothes you brought over there." The cook pointed to something behind Zoro, who reluctantly trailed his eyes away from the naked and soaked man to glance at the chair behind him. He took a step towards it, dropping the pile of clothes unceremoniously on the chair.

"Now put the clothes you are wearing on the chair too." Sanji commanded, using the same tone he'd used so often in Impel Down, icy and tinged with authority. The mask wasn't there though: he was smirking through the water. "But make sure to fold them; you're an adult."

Zoro grumbled, rolling his eyes as he put his swords carefully into the corner and started taking off his shirt. He reluctantly folded it with an overly dramatic gesture before he dumped it carelessly on the chair. He kicked off his boots, only to look up at an overly dramatic cough from the blond.

"Put your boots away neatly, Roronoa."

"Don't push your luck, curly-brow." Zoro frowned, pushing his boots against the wall with his foot as he undid his pants. He reluctantly folded his pants and underwear as well, tossing them to the side dismissively as he stood naked in the center of the room. "Now what?"

Sanji laughed softly, uncrossing his arms as he stepped aside in the shower. "Come over here." He gestured to the vacant spot he'd just created. That was an order Zoro would gladly comply with, stepping under the showerhead and sliding his hands down to Sanji's hips.

"So, cook, how does being a pirate feel?" Zoro couldn't resist teasing the blond, licking at the cook's bottom lip as water hammered the top of their heads. Sanji groaned at the teasing, wrapping his arms around Zoro's shoulders and closing the gap between their lips hungrily.

They kissed for a few seconds, hot water flowing over them, pooling in places where their bodies met. Sanji was clawing at Zoro's back, moaning in approval into his mouth. They parted for air, water slipping into their mouths.

"It feels… free." Sanji grinned, tracing Zoro's scar thoughtfully with a finger. "I haven't felt this much control over my life for a long time." The cook licked at Zoro's jawline, sucking up the hot water and nibbling on the spot hidden behind those earrings.

"They seem to like you; I knew they would." Zoro groaned, running his blunt nails along Sanji's lower back as he suppressed a shudder. "You should have joined a long time ago, back on East Blue."

"Mmm…." Sanji moaned in approval, arching his back and teasing Zoro's skin with his teeth. "I like them; the ship is better than you said it was." Sanji breathed against Zoro's mouth, their lips barely touching as he spoke. "The kitchen is amazing Zoro: it's so big… and well equipped…"

Zoro wasn't sure if Sanji's half-suppressed moans were because of him massaging his lower back or from some kind of kitchen utensil fetish. He grinned; both were fine, as long as the cook was happy. Raking his nails up Sanji's back, the swordsman leant down, nibbling on the slender neck, enjoying the way the blonde head rolled back and the soft mouth opened slightly to catch the water from the shower.

"Zoro…" Sanji hissed in a needy tone, grinding his body against the swordsman. "Did you bring lube?"

There was an awkward pause as Zoro mentally cursed himself from East Blue and back. As the silence grew, so did Sanji's agitation. The blond sighed, turning off the shower as he gritted his teeth in annoyance.

"You didn't bring it?" Sanji snapped, frowning at the swordsman in disbelief.

"How was I supposed to know I was supposed to bring it!?"

"What else did you think was going to happen when I asked you to bring me the clothes,you idiot!?" Sanji huffed, pouting in annoyance as he glanced around the room. "We're going to have to start keeping bottles of lube all around the ship if we don't want to have to carry it on us all the time."

"That's just going to cause trouble," Zoro argued as the moment rapidly slipped away. Even if the water wasn't running anymore, the steam inside the bathroom was keeping them warm. "The others are just going to find them and—" His rambles were silenced when Sanji took his hand, licking at his index finger.

"Since you're a complete moss-for-brains, we'll just have to do this the old-fashioned way." The cook slipped out his tongue, taking three of Zoro's fingers into his mouth and sucking on them earnestly, his tongue sliding against the pads of his fingertips as he coated them with saliva.

Zoro's breath got heavier, heat pooling at his groin as he watched the blond work his tongue along his fingers, water dripping from his hair and his eyes half-lidded with arousal. This was different than before; Zoro couldn't help but wonder if Sanji wanted to top this time. If that was the blonde's intention, shouldn't Sanji's fingers be the ones currently coated in saliva?

Just when Zoro was about to ask what Sanji wanted, the blond looked up, staring right into his eyes as he opened his mouth. Zoro fell silent as Sanji pulled back, strings of saliva connecting his lips to Zoro's fingers. It was at that point that the swordsman decided not to bother with asking; it didn't matter at all anymore.

"What are you waiting for, you idiot?" Sanji frowned, stepping closer and guiding Zoro's slicked fingers to his back. "I don't have all day, you know: I need to start making three kinds of barbeque sauce—ah! One at a time, you bastard!" Sanji hissed in annoyance, gripping Zoro's forearm vengefully as the swordsman spread his fingers.

"I thought you wanted me to hurry up?" Zoro whispered, feeling Sanji's back arch and their chests flushing together as he spoke. "Or did I maybe hurt you?" He teased, feeling the tension in Sanji's body melt away as he prepared him.

"No. Don't flatter yourself, you idiot." Sanji hissed as Zoro added a third finger, his breath hot against Zoro's ear. "A little warning would have been nice. You really are a tactless bastard." The cook caught one of Zoro's earrings, sucking on the golden bar as he moved his hips to the rhythm of Zoro's hand.

It was driving Zoro crazy, the hot breath against his skin, the tight grip the cook had on his shoulders and the way the blond was grinding their groins together—the friction was almost painfully good. He groaned, kneading Sanji's backside with his free hand as he worked his fingers inside to the knuckle.

"Ah… Okay, that's enough time wasted on preparation." Sanji pulled back, pushing Zoro forcefully against the wall. "Sit down; I'm not going to let you stall me anymore with your teasing, Marimo." Sanji groaned, running his fingers along Zoro's scar. "I have a lot of food to prepare."

"Fine." Zoro huffed, sliding down to the floor where he sat down, staring up at the blond before him. He ran a hand up Sanji's leg, feeling the coarse hair and strong muscles under his fingertips. Those legs seemed to go on forever, powerful and deadly. The bandages wrapped around Sanji's shin were soaked, the familiar sight of Chopper's minty ointment easing Zoro's concerns.

Sanji crouched, grabbing hold of Zoro's shoulders as he straddled him. Leaning against him with his knees resting on the floor tiles, he arched his back and positioned himself. The blond made sure to shield his injury, the bandages not even touching the floor. Zoro took hold of Sanji's hips, enjoying the sight of the cook's flustered expression as he lowered his hips onto Zoro's.

Zoro groaned loudly, fingertips digging into Sanji's flesh as the tightness pulled at his sanity. The saliva lubricated enough, but the cook was still moving slowly, almost too slowly. Zoro wanted to buck up into the heat, to meet Sanji's hips halfway, but this time the cook was in charge.

"C-cook…" Zoro groaned, leaning his head back as their bodies met with a grind. The man straddling him groaned too, victoriously, smirking at Zoro's overwhelmed expression. Zoro's hands trailed from Sanji's hips to his thighs, feeling the strong muscles twitch under his fingertips.

"You like that, Marimo?" Sanji mused, leaning forward to kiss the swordsman as he gave himself time to adjust. The kiss was hot and wanting, almost desperate. "How about this?" Sanji leant back, letting his arms linger softly on Zoro's hands. His strong legs easily supported his weight without the use of his hands as he rocked his hips, grinding in slow circles in a smooth motion.

"F-Fuck…" Zoro gasped, gritting his teeth as calloused hands clung to Sanji's hips again, fingertips digging into the pale skin as the swordsman groaned loudly. The sight of Sanji's body rising slowly above him as the blond smirked confidently down at him was hypnotic.

Sanji was completely in charge now. The cook had the upper hand when it came to leg strength, and both men knew it. Strangely, Zoro was enjoying the loss of control, knowing that Sanji wasn't about to abuse it in any way he'd resent. What mattered was that the cook was riding him; had there ever been anything as erotic?

Sanji let out a grunt as he let himself slide back down, feeling Zoro's tight grip on his hips as he arched his back. The swordsman seemed to be enjoying the ride almost as much as he was. Sanji couldn't help but moan at the look in Zoro's eyes: hot and burning, almost reverent. He moved his hips around, making sure to keep the movements flowing and erotic as he tortured the man below him.

The cook was enjoying how vocal he was making the swordsman, lowering and raising his hips slowly to coax all sorts of guttural sounds from the other man. His own need was burning hot inside him, urging him to go faster. He tried to hold back as long as he could, doing his best to touch Zoro as little as possible to torment the swordsman more.

"Z… Zoro…" Sanji hissed between his teeth, moaning protractedly when their hips met again and again, grazing that spot inside him. He could feel Zoro throb against his walls when he spoke, nails digging into his hips as the swordsman groaned in return. "Zoro…" Sanji picked up the pace, not pausing in between thrusts anymore.

"C-cook…" Zoro growled low, arching his back against the wall as he stared up at Sanji, eyes half lidded with arousal as he stared right into his eyes. The eye contact haunted Sanji's senses, sending chills down his spine as he tried to resist the other man's mouth. He felt so full, and the pleasure was tightening inside him like a coiled spring.

Sanji arched his back, letting himself fall down onto Zoro and grinding against that spot that made him see white. Eventually, it was like the swordsman's plentiful patience ran out as Zoro started bucking up to meet Sanji's hips. "Zoro… you.. bastard…" Sanji moaned loudly, leaning onto the tile wall for support as he got closer to his limit with each thrust.

"I'm… coming…" Zoro huffed against Sanji's neck, biting down as the blond clung to the wall and Zoro's shoulder, both men gasping in pleasure as they came. Zoro clinging desperately to Sanji's hips as the blond clawed at his shoulder in turn. Both shuddered as they came down from their high, panting loudly.

"Ah..ha…" Sanji huffed, reaching up to turn the shower on again, laughing when Zoro twitched in shock when the cold water hit. Reaching down to kiss the other man, Sanji groaned in pleasure, letting the water wash away the evidence of their actions as they kissed. They sat on the floor for a few moments, kissing and cursing each other lovingly for minor personality flaws.

"Tactless moss brain."

"Perverted cook."

"Directionless idiot."

"Are you up for round two?" Zoro grinned against Sanji's lips, chuckling softly when the blond yanked on his cheek in indignation.

"No! I told you I don't have endless free time like you!" Sanji poked the side of Zoro's head, getting to his feet and reaching for his cigarettes. "I need to get started on the sauce for the meat and the desert for the ladies~."

"If you start spoiling them, you'll just be made into their servant." Zoro huffed as he got up, scratching his jaw casually. "Nami plays SMART men like Brook plays the violin—she'll make a slave out of an idiot pervert like you."

"That's fine! Lovely women are meant to be served!" Sanji lit a cigarette with a grin, fluttering over to inspect the clothes Zoro had brought him. He examined the pants, pulling them on while carefully shielding the soaked bandages and frowning at how baggy the clothing was around his waist.

"Oi." Zoro grumbled, donning his own pants and securing his swords to his hip before he pulled on his shirt. "I already told you what Nami can be like; just don't let her trick you into anything weird!"

Sanji snickered, pulling the sleeveless blue top over his head. "Are you jealous already, Marimo?"

"Who would be!?" Zoro grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest as he admired the way his blue top barely clung to Sanji's thinner shoulders. Sanji did have beautiful slender shoulders and right now, there was a bite mark gracing his neck.

Zoro's eyes widened slightly; the blond didn't seem to have noticed it, trying to smooth out the top as he pocketed his lighter and cigarettes. Sanji looked up, arching a curled brow questioningly when Zoro visibly jolted and blushed slightly as he looked away.

"What was that, you bastard?" Sanji frowned, poking Zoro's scarred chest demandingly. "What are you blushing about? YOU were the one who lent me these rags!" The cook frowned, blowing smoke out his nostrils.

"It looks good on you." Zoro grimaced, deciding to NOT tell the cook about the bite mark right above his collarbone. It was revenge after all: Sanji had left a hickey on his shoulder back in Impel Down, so 'forgetting' to mention the mark that the cook had been awake and willing to receive didn't seem like a crime.

"It does NOT." Sanji frowned, dusting off his hip. "But it's better than walking around naked with your grubby fingerprint bruises all over me. I have to go see Chopper; the bandages are soaked."

The island the Straw Hats decided to lay low on was just barely inhabited. Because the island was located this close to both Marineford and Impel Down, the people of this island felt pretty safe. Despite its size, the island still had a small selection of stores and a population of about a thousand calm and relatively rational people.

The crew anchored the Sunny on the furthest end of the small island, shielded from view from the village. Nami graciously 'gave' Sanji money needed to buy some ingredients and extra supplies for the party, with a little extra to purchase himself clothes or other necessities. Naturally, he had to pay her back with three hundred percent interest at a later date.

"Even if you didn't buy anything and gave her back the money, she would still have demanded that you pay her interest," Zoro argued, pulling a cart full of bizarre ingredients he had never seen onboard the Sunny before.

Sanji was whistling happily, examining the new shirt he had bought. "Ah, Nami-Swan was wonderful enough to lend me money after all!" he sang happily, trying to figure out which of the three ties he had bought would fit with the screaming orange and white flower patterned shirt. It was slowly getting darker, stores were closing their stalls and doors, and taverns were lighting their welcome signs and lanterns.

Usopp was trailing along, carrying a single bag that he was too polite to add to the overflowing cart. The long nose had insisted on tagging along to go shopping, claiming he wanted to buy some new spices to experiment with. It would have bothered Zoro if he wasn't still happy to have the crew's sharpshooter around him again. He'd missed the damn bastard.

"Ah, hey, Sanji!" Usopp grabbed the blonde's arm, dragging him towards a brick wall so the cook almost lost his balance. "Look at this!" The sniper posed dramatically in front of the wall, smirking mysteriously as he gestured grandly to the wall.

Sanji tilted his head slightly, grimacing a little as he adjusted his cigarette. "What am I supposed to be seeing?" Sanji was eyeing multiple posters that decorated the wall; so many wanted posters everywhere, yet he somehow managed to locate Zoro's frowning face and stupid green hair in an instant.

"Take a closer look!" Usopp said in annoyance, patting the wall impatiently. Sanji took a step closer, hearing Zoro come up behind him with the cart as he narrowed his eyes on a poster labeled 'Sogeking'.

"Is that—?"

"Yes, it is." Usopp chuckled darkly, grinning into his fist. "That is the bounty they put on my head as the mighty Sogeking, back after we bravely fought the World Government at Enies Lobby."

"It doesn't look like you at all." Sanji pocketed his hands, tilting his head a little more. "Oh, I see the nose. It IS you." Sanji grinned, only to have Usopp grab onto the blue shirt Zoro had lent him and shake him in indignation, tears streaming down the sniper's face.

"Come ON! It's awesome! It's such a big amount for the first bounty!" Usopp argued, slapping the poster, demanding some respect.

"Yes, yes, it's wonderful." Sanji laughed, walking over and snatching Zoro's poster clean off the wall.

"Oi, why did you do THAT?" Zoro groused, crossing his arms as Sanji folded and pocketed the poster. Sanji sighed and flicked the ashes off his cigarette.

"Because, moss brain, you're WANTED. Standing right next to your poster like an idiot will only ruin tonight's plan for a party." Sanji grimaced, rolling his eyes at his lover as he listened to Usopp do the same to his poster. "It's fine for Long Nose: he doesn't look like his poster at all."

Usopp whined comically.

"HEY! BRATS!" A local police officer, clad in brown overalls, walked over to them with a frown on his bearded face. "Don't rip down the posters unless you're gon' be claimin' the bounty!" The man huffed, snatching Usopp's wanted poster out of his hands and gluing it back on the wall, not seeing any similarities.

Usopp silently cried.

"If you ARE bounty hunters, you should take a look at these; I got some new ones I'm about to put up. Shame it's not gon' be much use to you, since no criminal ever makes it all the way up here!"

"It's okay; we're going." Sanji nodded to the man, eager to get Zoro out of there before the police officer realized who the green-haired man with a perpetual scowl and three trademark earrings and swords was. The police officer shrugged, smacking various posters onto the wall, multiple men smirking at the camera: Trafalgar law, Kidd, XDrake and—

Sanji stared.

"Black Leg Sanji." The blond huffed as his cigarette fell to the ground, staring at the poster on the wall. Usopp wrenched his neck to look over Sanji's shoulder as Zoro's sudden outburst of laughter startled the police officer into a shriek.

"W-what is so funny!?" The police officer chided, frowning at the swordsman who was half buckled over and holding his trademark haramaki as he leaned against the giant cart for support. "He's dangerous; he joined the Straw Hat crew this morning! The Marines just sent me this, said it was vital to get it up immediately! They say he outwitted twelve warships!"

"W-WHY IS HE THE ONLY ONE WITH A DRAWN PICTURE?!" Sanji cried out in outrage, hitting the poster repeatedly as he screamed at the startled police officer, both Zoro and Usopp laughing breathlessly beside him.

Sanji sniffled, pulling at his hair as he stared at the poster; right there between Trafalgar Law and someone called Basil Hawkins was his poster. It was hideously drawn and barely resembled him.

Couldn't those bastards in Impel Down have used a picture from their endless supply of footage!? Was it maybe because he'd been wearing Impel Down uniform the entire time or was this maybe Hannyabal's final cruel joke!?

The large amount of the bounty was little comfort, knowing that everyone on the Baratie would laugh off their asses when they received his poster.

"Hey, old man." Zoro managed to contain himself, walking over to the police officer. "Do you have a copy of that one I can have?"

Sanji snarled, kicking Zoro in the stomach and yanking on his ear. "NO, you Marimo BASTARD!"

"Yes, I do." The police officer nodded, eyeing Sanji suspiciously as he ran his hands through the stacks of posters, flipping casually past Zoro's poster TWICE without realizing anything. "Here you go." He handed the poster over, just to have Sanji snatch it violently away.

"Oi! Cook! Give me that!" Zoro frowned, grabbing onto Sanji's shoulder as he tried to grab the paper without ripping it. The blond lodged his leg in Zoro's chest, keeping him as far away as possible as Zoro struggled to reach the paper.

"NO! NEVER! IT'S HIDEOUS!" Sanji argued, contemplating EATING the poster rather than allow Zoro to keep it. "I'm going to set it on fire!" Sanji rummaged for his lighter, trying to keep Zoro at a safe distance as Usopp laughed uncontrollably in the background.

"Hey!" The police man's tone was suspicious, dark even. "Don't I know you?" He arched an eyebrow at Sanji, and the blond paused, grimacing awkwardly as Zoro snatched the poster out of his hands.

"N-no. We need to go." Sanji huffed, lighting himself a cigarette as he pointed down the trail. "Marimo, get the cart!"

The entire crew had a roaring laugh at Sanji's expense, passing the poster around as the blond rolled around with his wounded pride on the sand. They all congratulated him on the huge amount for a first time bounty, and Luffy earned himself a kick to the face when he asked why Sanji was so upset, since the picture looked just like him.

While Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp had been gone, Franky, Brook, and Luffy had managed to collect an impressive amount of firewood from the forest. Sanji watched them stack it, taking the best looking logs for his cooking fire and making Zoro cut the wood into the appropriate size.

The fire was burning bright just as it got dark, chasing away the cold air with its crackling. Luffy and Usopp had already begun dancing, with Franky and Zoro were setting up the tables and chairs for the evening as Sanji prodded at the slight flames of his cooking fire with a branch to even out the heat.

"Alright, the fire is almost ready." Sanji declared, earning loud cheers from most of the male crew members as he gave his new crew a thumbs-up. "Who wants to help me carry the extra food from the kitchen?!"

Franky, Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper all cheered, running to Sanji, who stopped Luffy with a flat palm to his rubbery face.

"Not so fast, captain!" Sanji frowned, flicking ashes off his cigarette. "You're not allowed to touch the food until I've cooked it! I've heard what you're like from Nami-swan and the others!"

"But SANJI! I'm HUNGRY!" Luffy whined, collapsing onto the beach with a pout as he drew disturbingly bad pictures in the sand. Zoro laughed from across the fire, bottle in hand as he watched the scene unfold. Nami and Robin seemed amused, with Brook grinning his perpetual skeleton grin as he played the guitar softly. Sanji smiled, gesturing to the three remaining volunteers to follow him to get the ingredients. This was so perfect in all possible ways.

They got aboard the smaller boat; apparently it was called Mini Merry, and Sanji remembered Zoro talking about their first ship that they had lost just after Enies Lobby. He remembered how Zoro bitterly had spoken about "the fight" and that the subject was very sensitive for Usopp, who was stroking the hull of the small ship absentmindedly.

It hurt a little, knowing that he'd never be able to share that pain with the crew. He felt like he should, and he got a little ache in his heart when he watched the sharpshooter stare distantly at the sheep's head at the front of the small ship.

Franky of course had a special "SUPER" raft to hook onto the back of the Mini Merry, designed to transport food and drink to the ship without making multiple trips, so they only had to pile the massive amounts of food onto the raft and the drinks onto the Mini Merry.

"Before we go, I'm going to change into my new shirt." Sanji hummed, pointing to the bunk room. "Could you get the rest of the boxes I put on the dining table?"

"Aye, aye, sir!" Usopp saluted, with Franky giving Sanji a massive thumbs-up as the blond walked off to the bunk room. He unfolded his shirt, deciding to skip the tie for the night. There was a full-length mirror at the back of the room; Sanji figured it wasn't used very often judging from the clothes hanging off its sides. He yanked Luffy's vest and Usopp's bandana off the mirror, freezing in shock when he looked at his reflection.


Sanji stretched his neck out, running his fingers over the evenly spaced bruises as he reddened from the neck up. He'd been so invested in the afterglow he'd completely forgotten that Zoro had bitten him! The bastard! Sanji chewed on his lower lip, realizing that he'd been walking around with the bite mark on display the entire day.

He tore off the blue shirt, tossing it into his new bunk as he pulled the new shirt on, buttoning it up as he stormed to the Mini Merry, which was waiting by the ship. He jumped down, landing on his feet and lighting a cigarette. He was frowning, glaring at the beach as the small vessel sailed onwards.

When in reach, Sanji jumped from the ship, dashed across the sand, and drop kicked the swordsman without warning. Zoro managed to dodge, howling out in outrage and annoyance as he frowned at the cook.

"WHY DID YOU ATTACK ME!?" Zoro demanded, blocking Sanji's second kick with the blunt side of the Wado. Sanji's red-faced anger and embarrassed grimace spoke volumes though, and Zoro quickly caught on, laughing as he dodged blow after blow. Both men enjoyed the now casual fight more than they would admit.

"Get your lazy ass to the Mini Merry and help us carry the food, Marimo!" Sanji growled, resisting the urge to yank the bastard forward and into a kiss. He instead kicked him over the head, which was almost as satisfying. "If you don't at least carry your drinks, I'm not letting you have any!"




The party began with loud chanting, glasses bashing together with bottles, laughter and arguing overpowering the soft splash of the ocean on the sand. Sanji had never been at such a fun party before, listening to outrageous stories as he cooked with ingredients he'd only read about in Zeff's Grand Line cookbooks.

The food was delicious, made even better by the fresh air and company they had while they ate it. Sanji couldn't stop smiling, preparing plate after plate for his new crew, cherishing every single bit of praise and scream of "DELICIOUS!" he got. Brook and Franky were playing music while Usopp and Chopper danced; somehow they had forced chopsticks up their noses, cavorting like idiots in the sand, kicking and screaming as they stuffed their mouths.

The freedom and warmth seemed to seep into Sanji's bones, and he couldn't stop laughing. He cooked until everyone was stuffed, Luffy's stomach bloated outrageously so Usopp and Franky could roll Luffy around on the sand as the captain screamed for mercy and held his mouth.

Sanji sat on the sand, watching the group of people he felt like he'd always known bustle around and laugh. Zoro was there, grinning and teasing Chopper, looking like he had no cares in the world, and they didn't. There were no worries for the moment, just excitement and a rare moment of relaxation.

Sanji couldn't suppress a weak chuckle; less than twenty-four hours ago, they had been in Impel Down. For the first time, Sanji felt free. He had no idea what the next day would bring, but he welcomed it. As long as he was with these people, it didn't matter. Tomorrow was undecided, an adventure.

Their adventure.

I´m doing it, old man. I'll find it for us both.

"Oi, SANJI!" Luffy screamed, breaking Sanji out of his trance by jumping up and regaining his slim figure in a single sigh. "Hurry up; we're going to break a barrel to celebrate!"

Zoro had rolled a large barrel of alcohol onto the beach and stood it upright as the crew gathered around it. Sanji joined them, grinning with excitement at participating in this strange pirate ritual he'd only heard Zeff describe. He walked up by Zoro's side, glancing over to admire the stupid lopsided grin that seemed to be bigger than ever before.

Zoro felt warm beside him, steady, always there. Each one of his new crew took their place, standing in a circle around the barrel. Chopper had to change to his human form, unable to reach high enough in his normal form. They had to stand close to fit around the barrel, exchanging happy grins as they settled in a circle.

Nami began, placing her foot on the barrel with a big smile. "To make a complete map!"

"To sail my ship to the end!" Franky smacked his foot down, grinning as he pushed his sunglasses up to his forehead with a smirk.

"To become the perfect cure!" Chopper proclaimed, placing his fuzzy brown foot on the barrel.

"To find the Rio Poneglyph." Robin said softly, giggling as she joined in with her slender leg on the barrel.

"To become a brave warrior of the sea!" Usopp declared, smacking his foot down and almost losing his balance, catching himself and smiling awkwardly.

"To see Laboon again." Brook said softly, his thin foot taking up almost no room on the barrel.

"To become the world's greatest swordsman!" Zoro grinned, brimming with confidence.

Sanji's breath was caught in his throat; he felt like he was trying to swallow a rock. Tears gathered at the edge of his eyes, his heart at war as he looked at the barrel. They all had such huge ambitions, such outrageous dreams; his dream fit right in. Just like Zoro had said it did.

Was it really okay to just scream out his dream like they did? He clenched his fists in his pockets, raising his uninjured leg and bringing it down with an air of finality.

"TO FIND ALL BLUE!" Sanji screamed out for the first time in years, smacking his leg onto the barrel right next to Zoro's. No one laughed; no one mocked him. They just smiled, and Sanji felt the painful doubt that he'd had since he had left the Baratie fade away.

He was home.

This was where he belonged.

"TO BECOME THE PIRATE KING!" Luffy placed his leg onto the cask, grinning widely as he swore his giant dream on the barrel. "TO OUR NEXT ADVENTURE!"


They all raised their legs in unison, smiling widely as they smacked them down, shattering the top of the barrel and splashing alcohol all over their grinning faces.

The start.

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