Okay well this is my first try at a fanfic so go easy on me but I do appreciate feedback please here it goes


I can't believe the change in Erin, no it's not the change really, there isn't any; this is who she really is without me…

I chose to ignore her faults because well she was all I had at the time we met, we were both new, both just been marked by the goddess, we were both nervous, unsure of what our lives had turned into and suddenly there was someone else exactly the same.

Even though we are opposites in appearance I'm a dark skinned Jamaican descendent with brown hair and eyes, while she is a blond haired, blue eyed beauty we are both smoking hot (me especially since I can control the element of fire). We were known through the school as 'the twins' since that was what we were like, Aphrodite the former hag from hell used to say we were brain sharers but it was more than that we shared a soul or I thought we did.

We mostly loved the same things music, fashion and guys though we never fought over one we always dated guys who were friends so we could double date, we shared the same dorm room, the same cat chose us and we were never seen apart we were always together, nothing could separate us. We never talked about our parents because I knew Erin didn't want to, I realise now how much of my life revolved around her habits, schedules and ordinary life. Out of habit I sometimes don't finish a sentence used to Erin finishing for me. I no longer pretend that I don't like something because she didn't, I don't not speak about something because she would disapprove, I no longer have to be careful what I wear in case she wanted to wear it no, finally for the first time in my entire life…I was free.


Kalona wasn't used to this feeling of being confined, except when he was buried underground with A-ya not a memory he wanted to dwell on. He was used to being able to do whatever he pleased but now Kalona was stuck, here in Tulsa Oklahoma's House of Night as the Swords Master and personal warrior to the High Priestess Thanatos.

He did not regret his decision, not yet anyway he had done it for his son Rephaim to keep him safe as he was now very vulnerable as a human boy, which is what he was at night but during the day he was a raven. Kalona pushed down the chocking feeling he always got when remembering Nyx had forgiven his son and accepted him into the light and gifted him with a human form but was punishing him for his own crimes.

When Kalona had first witnessed his son as a human boy he was frozen so many emotions swept through him, his feet felt unsteady but later on he had seen his son turn into a raven the sound his son had made while turning into the raven, the sound of pure pain hurt Kalona he had watched his son all day as he flew and as the sun set and he painfully transformed back into the human boy he had landed and cursed Nyx for what she was doing to him.

Rephaim was his first born son the one he always knew had his back, habit had become hard to break to search for him in the skies still it was habit though, he knew he would never see Rephaim fly to him again and if so only as a raven, a mindless beast. Kalona's thoughts shifted to his other sons a few days ago the young fledgling Shaunee had told him if he wanted to make amends and be a good father a good place to start would be to know how many sons he actually had. Kalona let himself smile softly for it was slightly amusing the girl had not been on this earth for less than a blink of its eye yet she was giving him advise, advise he was going to take. Kalona stretched out his huge black wings and flew up into the night sky letting the moon bathe him in it light as he flew to the ridges south-west of Tulsa where his sons awaited.

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