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Shaunee opened her eyes to make it seem like she just took a long blink.

"Thank you" she said softly he didn't reply so she pushed the plastic bag at him surprised he took it.

"This is for you" she said quickly.

"A phone, a laptop and an internet connection box which you can figure out since I have no clue if you have trouble ask Damien he'll know"

"What were you thinking?" he asked.

"I know I shouldn't have summoned my element but she really ticked me off!"

"I'm not talking about that, I mean what were you thinking letting it go and just walking away?" he asked his eye boring into hers but she didn't back down, of course he thought everything was won by fighting Shaunee rolled her eyes.


"Because she wasn't worth it and if I had hurt her I would have been no better than her" she said Kalona could not argue with this so he sighed running a hand through his black hair.

"How'd you know I was here? How long where you here and listening?" Shaunee suddenly asked firing off questions at him.

"I saw you leave the deport tunnels, when you did not return I went looking, I heard most of the conversation, I stayed close knowing trouble was about" he answered her feeling he had to.

"Why didn't' you stop me I could have hurt her!" she cried.

"And she would have deserved it" Kalona said Shaunee let out a frustrated noise and walked away from him, leaving Kalona alone with his new equipment and the strangest urge to go after her, which of course he ignored…for three seconds.

"Wait!" he called walking after her, she stopped but didn't turn so he moved around her so they were facing each other, she had a stubborn look in her eyes her jaw was clenched shut probably to stop yelling at him, Kalona felt the now familiar smile on his lips.

"I took you advice" with those words her eyes softened and as did her jaw which Kalona found he was watching, her lips were small not ugly full as humans seemed to believe where beautiful she was naturally beautiful, her dark skin unblemished her brown eyes held warmth when she was happy, they shone when she was angry they burned Kalona wished she would gift him with her warm smile, what was he thinking standing here staring at her?

"I have two hundred and eighty six sons exactly" he said to cover himself and as if she read his mind she smiled.

"That's good, have you told them about Rephaim?" she asked still smiling.

"Yes they are in a manor called 'Ravenswood' I didn't choose the name, they know about Rephaim and I told them I chose light, I also gave them freedom to do whatever they wished they chose to stay close to protect their brother and Stevie Rae"

"That really good of them" Shaunee said with a small smile.

"Yes it is" Kalona said softly but she heard him.

"Well school starts in a few hours and the sun is setting so better get back I'll see you in class" Shaunee says after a minute of silence.

"Yes you will" Kalona says with a smile launching himself into the air and flying off knowing Shaunee was watching as flew, Kalona closed his eyes what was going on with him?


Shaunee sighed as she made her way back to the tunnels, she was crazy it was the only explanation, she needed to forget this feeling she kept getting, he was Kalona and he would always be Kalona 'but he chose light and gave his sons freedom' a small voice in her said not helping her confusion at all.

Shaunee dropped on her bed again when she got back and summoned her element to her for comfort, in all her thoughts she had forgotten about Erin and when she remembered she shut her eyes 'Nyx help me' she thought

"I hear you my daughter" Shaunee jumped up at the goddess's voice, Nyx was here in her room!

"Nyx!" she gasped about to bow when Nyx took her hand.

"It is okay Shaunee, I know you are confused and scared but you are strong the most worthy of my children to control fire"

"I don't feel worthy" Shaunee says Nyx smiles.

"Shaunee many difficult decisions are approaching not only with Neferet but with something much more powerful and possibly much more dangerous"

"What should I do? I'm not really smart like Damien, though he says I'm a special kind of smart"

"And you are my child, do not worry I know you will make the choice right for you, just remember Shaunee the greatest gift I gave to my children was free will do not think I will ever stop loving you, you shall always be my child not matter your choices, you will have love always love"

And with that the goddess who had not stopped her beautiful smile disappeared, leaving Shaunee in her room wondering what decisions she was talking about, she had the feeling they weren't going to be easy and there would be tears before this was over Shaunee sighed shaking her head .

"Nyx give me strength to be strong" she whispered into her empty room.

"Shaunee!" Kramisha called Shaunee exited her room Kramisha was running to her.

"What?" she asks suddenly afraid something horrible had happened but Kramisha stopped in front of her and held out a piece of paper to her, Shaunee swallowed dread sneaking up on her she took the note and opened it,

Fire's fight has begun

Dancing with danger

Shall show her strength

Water turned to ice

Her weakness

Shall show her pain

Fire burns with love

Though doubt and disbelief shall stand between them

Ravens caw to the soul mates plight

The eternal lover's first embrace shall mark the world

But heartbreak stands should one not fight

"It isn't very rhythmic" Shaunee finds herself saying Kramisha snatches the paper.

"I know but that's what came out so sue me" Shaunee puts on a smile but she's sure it just reinforces her nerves.

"It's about you" Kramisha says.

"Obviously but it doesn't make sense I don't have a soul mate, I don't even have a boyfriend!" Shaunee says desperately.

"What's this about?" Zoey asks suddenly coming up behind them Stark, Rephaim and Stevie Rae behind her Damien also came from the other direction.

"It's nothing" Shaunee says trying to grab the paper but Kramisha's to fast giving it to Zoey who reads it, Stark reading it over her shoulder Stevie Rae next to her also reads it.

"Ooh Shaunee you have a soul mate!" Stevie Rae squeals Shaunee glares at her trying to take the paper but Zoey throws it to Damien who reads it a lot faster Shaunee again goes after it but he throws it back and Stevie Rae catches it giving it to Rephaim who also starts reading it Shaunee groans.

"So Shaunee" Damien says Shaunee turns to him.

"Is there a guy we don't know about?"

"No I don't know what its talking about I don't have a bloody soul mate"

"Everyone has a soul mate" Zoey and Stevie Rae say together Shaunee looked at their soul mates Stark and Rephaim and sighs.

"Well I don't and if I do I haven't met him"

"Didn't you just ask me this morning about a connection to someone that you couldn't explain?" Zoey asks

"It is definitely not that person" Shaunee says shaking her head Zoey and Stevie Rae share a look.

"Not in a million years it couldn't be I mean…well let's just say I wouldn't give my heart to someone like that"

"Someone like what?" Aphrodite asks suddenly next to Damien with Darius.

"Nothing the poem is wrong let's just go to school" Shaunee says annoyed pushing past Zoey and Stevie Rae she almost runs to the bus, but then remembers who's at the school and freezes.

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