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It was meant to be a pre-christmas party. To get everyone into the holiday spirit. It was supposed to be fun. Harmless, clean, good old fun. But when you add a dozen teenage ninjas, sake, and raging hormones into the same room, things tend to get..wild.

It was everyone's fault, he supposed. We're all to blame.

So why couldn't the damn ANBU get it through their thick minds that none of them were planning on snitching. They were leaf shinobi, meaning they all go down together.

"If no one talks within the next minute, I'll have you all imprisoned."

Fuck. Oh well, as first chunnin of their year, Shikamaru guessed he should be the one taking full responsibility. It was him who passed out from the alcohol first. Raising a pale, slightly scrawny arm in the air and attracting the attention of the rest of the bunch, he cleared his throat. "I'll tell you what happened."

He could almost hear the insults and vulgarities in their minds, the feeling of Sasuke and Neji's fists colliding with his face, and the taste of blood in his mouth after Sakura was finished with him.

Asuma's face fell, and Shikamaru tried not to let his own falter, it was never a good thing to let your sensei down. "Get in the room, kid." Ibiki ordered.

He lazily staggered towards the designated area, hands tucked in his pockets. The others glared, snitch. Little did they know what his real motive was.

He blinked several times, trying to get accustomed to the blinding light. What was this? A dentist's office or the interrogation room?

"Alright, tell me everything. Tell me who was there, when they got there, how and why."

Stretching his back a little, he eased, "I'm not telling you anything. But if you want I can take the punishment and leave the others scot-free."

Ibiki's nostrils flared at the disrespect. "This isn't about who gets punished." he spat, "This is about information. And don't think you can call the shots here runt."

An irate groan was the only response he got.

One of the ANBU that was keeping watch sensed Ibiki getting impatient and tried another method, "Perhaps if the boys sensei was here, he might feel more comfortable and talk."

The tall man seemed to ignore him, scowling only at the boy in front of him he grunted, "Very well then, bring in Asuma."

Shikamaru breathed again when his sensei came in, instantly relieved. He could tell it pained him to look at his student, but he didn't even know the whole story. Asuma couldn't just assume they got drunk and wild because of the scene they displayed. "Goodmorning, Shikamaru."

He gave a halfhearted reply.

"This'll go a lot quicker if you just confess everything."

He cleared his throat, "I can only tell you what happened before I knocked out."

Asuma frowned, knowing his student, Shikamaru probably got drunk and passed out before the party even started. But some information is better than none. "Tell me."

Ino invited me, she said Naruto was throwing some jolly holiday party at some deserted house, I had no idea it would be Sasuke's. So I went. Late.

Everyone was already there, having a good time. I didn't want to disturb them so I took a cup from the table and drank it. Not really sure what was in there. Neji and Tenten were laughing about something, Sakura was decorating the tree, and Kiba was helping her. I think I remember Choji next to the snack table. Ino was dancing with Naruto, dirty dancing, I might add. I'm sure Hinata was hiding from someone, but I don't remember who. Lee was crying.

I was just really bummed about Temari not being able to make it, so I took another cup and sat down alone. I don't remember for how long, but I saw the others form a huge circle, a game of truth or dare, or seven minutes in heaven, I don't know. I sat out, and the last thing I can remember is Sasuke lifting Hinata.

"Thats it?"

"It's all I can remember before passing out." he shrugged.

Ibiki sighed, looking over what he wrote. Shikamaru was deliberately vague. And it was increasingly annoying. "Call the other kid in here, get out." he called.

Shikamaru stood and left without a word, getting a dirty look and rough bump in the shoulder from Naruto as he passed him and exited out the door and into the hall with the others.

"What?" he looked at them, they all glared and kept their mouths shut, traitor.

"Shut up and sit down brat!" Anko barked.

Sighing, he obeyed and sat down on the cold floor. Hoping the others were smart enough to forgive him.

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