I know I should be updating In Between or New Divide, but I read about this online and I couldn't resist the challenge.

NOTE: in the chapter titles, TC continuation continues this, Falling continues the next one, AU continues off chapter 7, if it's in the chapter titles, it makes more sense.

Day 1: Favorite Book


(This is an extended scene with the mirror at the end)


"Heath was my humanity. And now it looks like he's become your humanity." said Zoey

I looked at the boy in the mirror. He looked happy. "What does this mean?" I asked

"It means that you're not just Neferet's vessel." The girl named Shaylin spoke "Heck, you're not really a vessel because you have a soul. That's how it works, right?" She asked Thanatos

Thanatos smiled at her "Use your gift, child. You're the only one who can know."

"Stark and I have to take Grandma home now." Zoey announced. Before Grandma left, she gave me a hug and told me I was always welcome to visit her.

Once Zoey and Stark had driven off, Thanatos decided to take us all back as well. Shaylin excitedly volunteered to drive.

"Why does driving excite you?" I asked

"Because I couldn't see until I was Marked, and I just got my licence, so it's new to me." she replied

"Nyx restored your sight?" I asked perplexedly. Why would one human's ability to see be important to a goddess?

"Nyx gave me the True Sight." She responded "I can see things about people. Like colours around them."

"What do you see when you look at me?" I asked

Thanatos heard my question. "Shaylin, you drive Aurox, I'll make arrangements for everyone else."

"Thank you Thanatos." I whispered

Shaylin and I got into the car. "When I look at you, I see a light. That's everything good in you, and it gets brighter as time goes on."

"But" I guessed, knowing there were other things that I wasn't going to like to hear.

"But, the other colours around that are… confusing. Sometimes you seem like a good person, other times it scares me. The thing is, when you saved Zoey, you shifted, but you were still that good person. The elements were enough to keep you in control." Shaylin explained "And the other thing is, other people's colours leak into yours. So, you have to be careful who you spend time with."

A truck zoomed in front of Shaylin's small car, screaming profanities. Shaylin 's eyes widened "Either they're fifty miles over the speed limit, or I'm going seriously slow." She looked down at the speedometer and gradually accelerated.

"So, are you staying at the House of Night?" She asked once she got used to going at this speed

I shrugged "If Thanatos will let me."

Shaylin pulled over "She will. I told her what I saw and she decided to let you stay." She got out of the car. "Let's get a coffee or something. I kind of need a break from driving."

"I don't have any money" I admitted sheepishly

Shaylin shrugged "I didn't expect you to. From what I've heard you haven't existed for all that long yet."

That was an odd thing to say. True, but odd. I nodded "and getting a job hasn't really been a priority." I pointed out

She smiled "plus, it's a beverage, not a life-debt."

"But you told me what you saw. That changed my life. If I had any money, I'd owe you at least this." I explained .

"And I'd do it any number of times again." She smiled

I could feel her happiness at the fact that everything had been fine. It was like a cloak, enveloping me in warmth.

She looked around the room and then grinned "I think my colours are rubbing off on you."

The happiness was amazing "Is this what your life is like?" I asked incredulously

"Not always. Like now, I'm extra-happy, because we won, and no one died. But I tend to be the happy type" she explained "particularly now that I can see."

This must be incredible, living like this. We neared the front of the line. The cashier was short, with dark hair and grey-blue eyes. He exuded hostility.

"well, well, well. Shaylin Ruede." He commented "walking without a cane now?"

She stiffened, and my cloak of happiness lessened. I could feel stabbing fingers of hostility coming off the guy.

"Who's he, the guide dog?" The cashier teased. His name tag read Tom Fletcher.

"Tom." Shaylin greeted him "This is Aurox. He's one of my friends from the house of night. It's nice to see you." I smirked at her comment

He tilted his head "You can do that now?" he scoffed. "How many fingers am I holding up?" he mocked, flipping out his middle finger.

"Only the one that describes your personality." She replied coolly. "Now, I'd like to order." She looked at the menu and ordered.

"Nice trick. Somehow you're boyfriend has to be signalling to you" Tom replied

"I'm not-" I started

"We're not together. Aurox is just a friend I'm driving home." Shaylin cut him off as he passed her two paper cups and a paper bag. Shaylin handed him a bill, I didn't see the denomination, and he handed her a handful of pennies. She smiled and handed me the fistful of change.

"What's to say I'm letting you leave. I can't forget-"

"The face that you tried to take advantage of a blind girl?' Shaylin completed his sentence, and the barrier of happiness fell entirely.

"Now, Shaylin, let's not twist facts." He walked around the counter. "I'll carry your stuff out. You, watch the till." He gestured to the till. I didn't trust him, but I watched as he carried Shaylin's stuff out to the car. He stuck her possessions into the car and then pushed her against the doors. I felt her fear hit me. Trying not to shift, I sprinted out.

"Get away, Tom!" I pushed him down and out of the way. I can tell you're freaking Shaylin out, and I'm not going to let you do that."

He laughed "Shaylin is none of your business"

I turned to her. "Get into the car. This isn't going to be pretty."

She got in, and I saw her light her water candle. I pushed Tom back "We're leaving now, and you aren't going to mess with my—well Shaylin."

I opened the passenger door and Shaylin and I sped off, her driving faster than before and less predictable. She pulled over at the House of Night and handed me a beverage.

"Thanks. I think we're even now." Shaylin smiled, and I took a sip of my drink.

"This is good," I commented "we should go again, but somewhere less dangerous."

Shaylin looked back at me "I'd like that." She unlocked the doors and motioned for me to get out of the car.

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