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Shaylin had obscured her Mark and she was going to try driving again. Once we were outside, in open air, I felt so much better. The two of us got into her car, and drove to a nearby coffee shop, Shaylin driving slightly closer to the speed limit this time. Shaylin looked tense, obviously still getting used to being at the wheel. She was wearing a long red shirt, which had little ruffles of silky-looking red stuff along the edges and a pair of leggings. She looked beautiful, not to mention the way she'd saved me. The car came slowly to a stop and she looked at me.

"Have you been watching me the whole time?" she asked

"No," I replied, wondering if it would annoy her that I had.

Shaylin stared out the window for a moment, trying to decide which lane to get into, finally, she decided and looked back at me "Are you okay?" she asked

"Can't you see that with your True Sight?" I asked, wanting to know what she'd see

"Not while I'm driving." She explained "or we're going to wind up wrapped around a tree."

I burst out laughing, more to release the tension than because I found death funny. "I feel much better. I have no hard feelings towards Zoey; the pain was just… unexpected. Now, it's gone, I'm just worried about remembering any more."

Shaylin's facial expression was sympathetic as she started to drive again. "You shouldn't be. I mean, you don't have to remember anything more. You're a new person. It doesn't have to be relevant to you." She made a turn, muttering to herself as she did so.

I thought about what she'd said, and how powerless I'd felt when the memory took over "What if I can't control it?" I asked, barely realizing I'd spoken aloud.

"Then we can." Shaylin replied "I have the True Sight to see it. Water can stop things, we've proven that." She pulled into a parking spot and turned to look at me "do you want to know what I see, Aurox?"

I nodded, taking a deep breath to steel myself for whatever she'd see. "Well, you're shaken, kind of afraid, kind of angry, the light is sort of flashing, like a strobe light, but more on than off, and when it's not on, there's this sort of scary looking thing. It's like a sandstorm, with Darkness creeping out of it. But it vanishes when your light flickers back on." She met my eyes "and, I still trust you, because the light can fight that other stuff off." I opened my door, getting out of the car. Shaylin followed me out, and then led me into the coffee shop. The whole place seemed strikingly familiar.

"Where are we?" I asked, trying to determine why I remembered this place.

"Starbucks." Shaylin explained "It's in Utica Square." She added

I still didn't know why I knew this place, but chalked it up to déjà vu. Either that or Heath. The place had a really short line, so Shaylin got to the front and ordered the same stuff we'd ordered last time, though this cashier was far nicer. She looked like a twenty-something version of Stevie Rae, and acted like I would expect, not treating us as friends, but not acting as though we were foes either.

Shaylin took the two beverages and a little bag down to the tables outside. She sat down, while I stood there and questioned why the hell this place seemed so familiar. Particularly the table.

"Is there something wrong?" she asked

I sat down and took a drink of the steaming beverage before me. Part of me considered saying that I was fine, but I couldn't lie to Shaylin. "Yeah, actually this place seems familiar. Like I've, or he's been here before."

Shaylin looked alarmed, and after the last flashback, I didn't blame her. "Do you need to leave?" she asked

I pressed my mind for details. I remembered talking here and going into Zoey's car. I remembered taking a razorblade to my neck and having her drink from me. That was it, and I only remembered vaguely, like I was watching a television that kept cutting out, the images were disjointed and fuzzy at best. I also didn't feel it like last time. "These memories aren't clear, and what I can remember isn't bad." I added

"What can you remember?" Shaylin asked, looking like she didn't really want to know.

"I remember seeing Zoey at the table we're at now. Then, nothing until I took her to her car. After that, I remember Heath letting her- no, making her- drink from him. And I can remember he seemed to enjoy it. Although that's a bit of a guess, because I couldn't feel, and I couldn't really see, it was blurry at times."

Shaylin froze up a little "I can hear the way he felt about her in your voice. He loved her, Aurox." Shaylin explained "I'm just worried that these memories might make you more Heath than Aurox." She said the last part quietly enough that I was certain I wasn't supposed to hear it.

"I know he loved her, but he's a past life. I don't know for sure, but a present life probably doesn't have to be the same person." I moved my hands to entwine in hers "and I know that the memories of loving someone else don't change the fact that I might-" I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted to say there. I didn't know how to end the thought.

Shaylin nodded, reaching into the bag and revealing two round objects "Do you want a cake pop?" she asked, quickly changing the subject.

I took one, and savoured it. The taste was incredible, from the smooth, chocolaty icing to the sweet, moist cake inside. Shaylin sure knew her desserts.

Then, her phone rang. She fished around until she found the pocket that she'd crammed it into. "Hello?" she asked, and the mouthed the words "my mom" to me

"Yeah, it's weird for me too" she commented and then paused "yeah, they're all real nice. There's nothing to worry about. Neferet's just, well, Neferet. She didn't like being fired." There was a longer pause, and Shaylin started blushing "yeah, actually he's here with me now."

Was she talking about me!? And what had her mom asked anyways?

"Mom!" she cried indignantly "it's not like that! We've only known each other for a week. Seriously!" then she noticed I was still here and started blushing even redder. "Well, he's really nice, and it's great having someone who I can count on." She smiled "But I'm ignoring him right now, so I'll call you back." She hung up.

"What did your mother want to know?" I asked

"If I was safe, had friends, and if I liked any of the guys there." Shaylin explained "I told her that I liked you, so she was trying to pry into what was going on between us. I personally didn't think I should tell her that I'm dating a shape shifter who was created by Darkness, and I especially didn't want to tell her about any past life stuff, so I only told her a little. She wants to meet you." Shaylin quickly summed up her conversation

So, we are indeed dating. I realized. I was glad to know that I wasn't reading too much into things. "Do you consider yourself safe?" I asked "You know Darkness will return. And, I am slightly similar to a time bomb."

Shaylin only put her hand on my shoulder and whispered "I feel safe when I'm with you. None of the rest of that matters."

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