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She opened her eyes and took in the room.

Hogwarts, she was back at Hogwarts. She was in bed, still dressed in what she was wearing that night she went to bed.

"Was it all a dream?" Ginny asked herself. There was nothing different. There was no sign that it had been more than a day since she had seen her bedroom. There was not evidence that she had been away.

Ginny pulled back the covers of her bed and moved to the mirror in the corner.

She was still the same Ginny she had always been at Hogwarts. There was nothing different...excect...

Ginny looked down at her hands. A plain gold wedding band still occupied her ring finger.

It wasn't a dream, she was really back, which meant that she had defeated the dark lord. She had saved the lives of not only her friends, but of witches and wizards all around the world.

She decieded to go and check on the others.


Ginny ran into Hermione's bedroom with out knocking.

"Hermione, Hermione, where are you, we are back, we are back" Ginny laughed as she pulled back the curtians to Hermione's bed. Hermione rolled over and rubbed her eyes.

"Ginny, i just had the strangest dream..." Hermione began, she sat up sleepily.

"If it was 16th Century Verona, it wasn't a dream" Ginny replied, holding out her hand and showing the ring that was still there.

"it wasn't a dream?...so you mean i really did break your brothers heart?" Hermione asked, Ginny nodded sadly.

"yes, but I got us back here" Ginny smiled.

"Are the boys ok?" Hermione asked

"I dont know, I was going to go and check on them" Ginny replied, Hermione got out of her bed and together, they ran out of her room to the boys room.

The door opened and the girls entered.

"Dont you two knock?" Seamus asked as he pulled on a shirt. "This is a very private place..."

"No time, this is urgent" Ginny replied and then moved to her brothers bed. Pulling back the curtians, she realised he was still asleep.

"Wake up Ron..." Ginny shook her brother.

"Where am I? Did it work?" Ron asked sleepily. He smiled as he saw where he was, the seventh year dormitory at Hogwarts.

"You did it Gin" Ron smiled and pulled his little sister into his arms.

"I know, I know, now we have to check on harry" Ginny replied. The three of them stood and moved to Harrys bed. Ginny gasped at what she saw on the other side of the curtians.

Harry was badly bruised, still curled up in a little ball. He looked as though he was shivering.

"Harry? are you ok?" Hermione asked, sitting on the bed and stroaking Harrys hair out of his eyes. harry continued to shake, but didn't reply.

"Harry, say some thing Mate" Ron said.

"Did...did...did we win?" Harry managed to whisper.

"Yeah, we did" ginny smiled and then kissed Harry on the cheek. "He is gone forever"

"Thank you" Harry whispered to Ginny. She nodded. Harry smiled, and stopped shaking. He slowly began to sit up.

"Are you ok Harry, maybe we should get you to the hospital wing" Ron said, concerned for his best friend.

"I am fine Ron, We have finally defeated him, nothing can stop me now" Harry replied, he swung his legs over the side of the bed, and stood.

"Lets go down to breakfast" Hermione suggested, the others nodded, and then all, slowly left Gryffindor tower.


The great hall was filled with people, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Ginny never thought that they would be this happy to see the school again. They were even Happy to see the Slytherins.

Ginny scanned the Slytherin table, looking for Draco, but he wasn't there. She sighed, and then moved to the gryffindor table.

The atmosphere between the four gryffindors that morning was sullen. They were all over flowing with emotions. They were happy to be back, estatic that Voldemort was gone...but deep down inside, they felt empty.

Since the begining of their Hogwarts years, each of them had been fighting their own personal vendetta's against the dark lord. But now they were all faced with the same question...

What do you do when you realise that every thing you have been working for has finally come true?

Ginny was watching the door, waiting silently for Draco to enter, she kept playing with her ring, remebering the day (which sadly, didn't happen in their time) that she had taken their vows and promised themselfs to each toher in two life times.

Dumbledore entered and sat at the teachers table. He smiled at Harry, Ron and Hermione (Ginny was still staring at the door), and then turned to speak with a few of the faculty members.

It was another ten minutes before Draco entered. Back in his normal clothes and Slytherin robes. He glanced around the room quickly before moving to the Slytherin table.

He had avoided looking at Ginny. he didn't know why he had avoided looking at her.

Draco was not in the least surprised when he woke up that morning in his bed at Hogwarts. He knew Ginny could do it, he knew Ginny had what it took to defeat Voldemort.

It was a surprise, however, when he looked down at his hand and saw that he still had his wedding ring on.

That seemed to be the only thing he had brought back form the 16th century. He had lost the sword, he had lost his tights (A/N: Damn) but he still had the ring.

He had to talk to Ginny. Did she still have her ring? Was she still wearing hers? Did she still want to wear hers?

Draco would totally understand if she didn't want to be married to him any more. Draco wanted to stay married to Ginny, but he understood if she wanted to break up.

Draco was also feeling guilty. he had let her go out there all by herself to defeat Voldemort. Draco knew he should of gone with her, but he didn't know how much help he could have been to her.

But she had managed on her own, she had saved them all. And for that, Draco would always love her.

Dumbledore, at the front of the great hall, had stood, looking out over the students of the school.

"Students, it is with great pleasure that i can announce the end of a very dark time in Wizarding History...Last night, The dark lord Voldemort was defeated, for what is believed to be the final time..." Dumbledore began, but his speech was cut short by excessive amounts of cheering from the students and teachers.


Classes for the rest of th week had been cancelled. And everyday had been declared a Hogsmade day. Large groups of students, even those younger than third year, tracked into town that morning to join the celebrations of the townsfolk.

Only a few students stayed.

Harry Potter sat at the window of his dorm, over looking the school grounds.

He had finally faught his demons, of course, he had not done it alone, but they had finally defeated the dark lord.

Harry thought of His parents, he had finally had his vengence over their death. Harry thought about his friends, how they were all now able to live a normal happy life. They were all free to live, to love, to have children and bring them up in a world free of the danger that they had all faced.

Harry thought about those who didn't make it. He thought about Cedric Diggory and a few of his other school companions who were killed in Voldemorts reign of terror. Their deaths were now avenged also.

And Harry thought about Tom Riddle. So many things that Voldemort had said to him over the years came flooding back to him. Voldemort had always said that Harry and himself were so much alike. But Harry didn't believe it, or, Harry didn't want to believe it.

But Harry now sat, watching the sky over Hogsmade, listening tot he cheering and drunken shouts of both Hogwarts students and Hogsmade villagers alike, and he began to compare himself to Tom M Riddle.

Both orphans, both with shockingly amazing green eyes, both parsletongues...there was really alot that they had in common.

But it was in that time, in that dreamlike time when the world was safe and Harry felt content, that he made himself a promise.

"We may be alike Voldemort, but I will never be like you"


Hermione was watching him from the stairs. He had been laying on the lounge chair for two hours, and she had been watching him for almost as long.

Ron had hardly said two words to her since the time in the greenhouse when he admitted his true feelings. Hermione had to admit that she honestly didn't expect him to. She had hurt him, She knew that she had.

Hermione didn't want to hurt Ron. Truthfully, she did love him, he was her best friend, and he had saved her more times than either of them knew. There would be times when he would save her with out him realising it.

But she had never thought of him in a relationship way, or maybe, she had never wanted to.

When Voldemort had been around, it was risky to even be friends with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. If Voldemort had a hit list it was a widely known fact that Harry Ron and maybe even Hermione were on the top of it.

And that made it hard for them to make other friends, or even start relationships. No one wanted to be in a relationship when there was a risk that the other would die.

And that was why Hermione never let herself think romantically about Ron or Harry. She told herself they were like brothers, It would hurt less to love them like friends than what it would tho love them like lovers.

But now Voldemort was gone. And there was Ron, a boy who loved her, and a boy that she loved. She had been fooling herself all of these years. But she wasn't going to fool herself any longer.

Her feeling for him were no longer brother and sister type feelings. It was no longer dangerous to be with him.

But it was still risky. Now the only risk she was playing with was her heart.

Ron sat up and looked around the empty common room, and saw her on the stairs.

"How long have you been standing there?" he asked kindly. SHe smiled at him.

"Not long" Hermione lied

"Would you like to come and sit with me?" He asked. Hermione nodded and made her way around the couch. She sat beside him, neither really knowing what to say.

"Can you believe that Ginny defeated him...I mean, Ginny of all people..." Ron began with pleasent small talk.

"Yeah, I always suspected that Harry would be the one to end it all" Hermione nodded. They smiled, but then looked away from each other. It seemed they had run out of things to say.

They sat in silence for a few minutes.

"umm" They beoth began together. They smiled at each other.

"You go first" Hermione told him.

"You sure?" Ron asked

"I insist" Hermione replied. Ron nodded and then took a deep breath.

"I am sorry about what happened when we were in the 16th century." He began, Hermione went to say some thing, but Ron cut her off. "There is only so long you can live with a secret before it begins to eat away at you. And I am sorry that i told you, and I am sorry about how I told you and when I told you, And I am sorry that I just walked out when you said you didn't feel the same way. I understand the friendship is alot to you, it is to me to but..." Ron ranted, but Hermione had cut him off...

...by pressing her lips to his.

Her lips were soft yet firm on his as they explored. Ron was taken so much by surprise that he didn't even think to kiss back. She pulled away, smiled nervously, and then looked away.

"I am sorry..." Hermione mumbled.

"You...kissed...me" Ron said, shocked and plesently surprised.

"I know, iam sorry" Hermione replied.

"You kissed me" Ron repeated. Hermione sighed.

"I think we have already established that Ron" Hermione stood, but Ron took her hand, pulling her back onto the chair bebside him. He ran his fingers over her lips, which seconds before had been on his.

"You kissed me" He said, his vocabulary had seemed to be stumped by the kiss. Hermione smiled. He was cute when he was confused.

"I did" Hermione smiled, she was sitting close to him, her hand laced in his.

"Do it again" Ron mumbled, Hermione grinned and bridged the gap between them again. Their lips pressed together in a comfortable kiss.

"I do love you Ron" She whispered to him.

"I always have, i always will" Ron replied.

And together they sat in each others arms, in silence, occasionally kissing, but just basking in the freedom that is love. (A/n: Hoe corny does that sound?)


Ginny explored the endless halls of Hogwarts, just as she always did. She enjoyed looking at the beautiful paintings, each one with wonderfully coloured costumes.

But there was one painting in particular that she loved so much. It was in a deserted hallway on a desserted floor of the castle. She had found it by accident in her first year at Hogwarts.

She liked the painting so much because it reminded her of Herself. There was an uncanny resemblence between the woman in the portrait and Ginny.

Ginny never realised before, but the painting looked very 16th century. It was a muggle painting, because the girl in it didn't move.

There was something else about the painting. There was a carving along the bottom. It was in a forgien language she was yet to decode, but there was one word the stood out in the sentence.

Frau Virginia, Frau eine Drachen.

Her name was in there. Her name, the name Virginia.

Ginny turned the last corner and found the beutiful portrait. the girls eyes seemed full of hope. That was what always effected Ginny . The girl that looked like her always had a soft, gentle look in her eyes, a look that she was happy, and that she always would be happy.

Ginny stood for a few minutes, before she heard footsteps moving down the hall.

"Gin?" a voice asked, Ginny turned to him and smiled softly.

"Hello Draco" She replied. He smiled at her softly and then stepped up beside her.

"What are you doing here?"he asked.

"I am looking at this painting...what are you doing here?" Ginny replied.

"I..umm. I went looking for you at Gryffindor tower, your brother and Hermione were making out so I decieded to leave it go...this is the way to the second enterance to the slytherin quarters." Draco explained Ginny nodded.

"So..." She sighed.

"So...How have you been?" He asked, she smiled.

"I ve been good" She replied, laughing slightly at their nerves

"That is good" he smiled and then looked at the painting again. "I have passed this painting everyday for seven years, and I dont think I have ever really looked at it" Draco told her.

"I love it...I found it by accident." Ginny smiled.

"It looks like you" Draco said softly.

"I know, and the carving has my name in it" Ginny replied, pointing at the carving in the frame "I wish I knew what it said. I have been trying to translate it for a while now...I thought it was in latin..."

"It's not latin, it is german" Draco told her, she smiled at him.

"Do you speak German?" Ginny asked

"A little" Draco replied, looking at the frame again.

"Can you tell me what it says?" SHe asked softly, he smiled at her and then read it again.

"Well, Roughly translated it says...Lady Virginia, wife of a dragon" Draco smirked.

"Wife of a dragon" Ginny repeated. "Interesting"

Draco smiled and then looked at her hand, she was still wearing her ring. He grinned and took her hand in his.

"Are you still the wife of a dragon, lady Virginia?" He asked softly. She blushed, but smiled at him.

"Of course, I would never give up the honour, or the responsibility of taming a wild dragon" She smirked at him. He smiled and hugged her.

"Good, I love you" he replied, burring his head in her neck.

"Always and forever" Ginny mumbled in his ear.

"Over two lifetimes" draco added. Ginny kissed his nose softly, and then took his hand in hers, draging him down the hall.

"Where are we going?" Draco laughed.

"Slytherin dungeons...you, Mr Malfoy...Owe me a wedding night" Ginny giggled.

"Mrs Malfoy" Draco exclaimed, mock horror at her fowardness, but he allowed himself to be dragged off down the hall.


The Hogwarts express came to a complete stop at platform nine and three quarters. People were hanging out of windows, smiling at their family members. Soon the students began to emerge from their carrages.

Harry jumped off of the train, his trunk and birdcage being levitated behind him (Legal wizard...yay) and moved to where Sirius was standing with the Weasleys. (When Voldemort was destroyed, Wormtail handed himself into the authorities.)

Harry grinned to himself as he saw Lucius and Nacissa Malfoy standing on the other side of the Weasleys. There was going to be a showdown to end all showdowns. Harry just hoped no one would get hurt.

Next off of the train was Hermione and Ron. They had a death grip on each others hands as they walked towards their families.

Ron groaned as his mother hugged him. But deep down inside, every one knew he was loving it.

Finally, last off of the train was Draco and Ginny.

Arthur Weasley and Lucius Malfoy had simultanous heart attacks when they saw their children holding hands. Molly Weasley was smiling at her daughter.

The two teenagers stopped in front of their parents.

"I will owl you every day" Draco told her "Some times twice"

"Is that a promise?" Ginny asked

"Promise" Draco replied

"Maybe you can come and visit me at the burrow" Ginny suggested.

"And you can come to Malfoy manor some time over the summer" Draco replied.

"Then we can make future plans" Ginny grinned, Draco nodded and kissed her cheek. They could hear both their fathers gagging on the fury.

"I love you" Draco smiled

"I love you to" Ginny replied.

But that was enough. Arthur Weasley had heard enough.

"Ginny, Home, now" He said as he took his daughters arm and dragged her away from Draco.

"Arthur, hush now, let them be" Molly Weasley replied.

"But she is pledging her love for a Malfoy" Arthur replied.

"So let her" Molly told him. "If they love each other, let them have that much"

Arthur turned to his daughter, then to Draco, and then to Lucius Malfoy.

He sighed loudly.

"It seems our children have seen past their fathers faults" Narcissa began, Molly smiled at her softly. Narcissa, reluctantly, returned the smile.

But Arthur and Lucius still stood. Like two dogs in a fight, both was waiting for the other to break the stare.

"Daddy, please" Ginny said from Arthurs side.

"Yeah, dad, get over it all ready" Draco replied.

Their fathers gazes softened slightly, and Lucius Malfoy extended his hand.

Arthur took it, and shook it firmly

"So..." Draco whispered as he watched their parents "Do you think it is a good time to tell them we are married?"

Ginny just laughed.


The End



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