Parakarry's Long Trip

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Prologue: Three Times The Trouble

Parakarry looked around franticly. No one had seen him lose the letter. With no one to scold him, he began to scold himself mentally. Parakarry, what HAVE you done? This is the second letter you lost in one hour! ONE HOUR! Ohhhhh, the boss is going to be so ma- He was interrupted mid-thought by a sudden call from below. "Ey Parakarry, is that you?" Had someone seen him? He was too busy panicking to realize it was his good friend Bobbery. "I didn't do it!" he shouted. "Do what?" came the reply from below. It was when the panic subsided that he realized who it was. "Bobbery? That you?" "Come down and I'll tell you!" he called to the worried mailman. Yep. Definitely him. Parakarry agreed with himself as he flew down. "There aren't any letters for you, buddy." said the flying Koopa mailman. "That's not why I'm here, Parakarry!" came the rather annoyed reply, "Did you REALLY think I'd come all the way from Keelhaul Key to save you a flight?" "" Parakarry said, embarrassed. "Aaaanyway, could you just tell me why you're here?" "I have a letter for you." Bobbery said, knowing Parakarry would complain. He was right. "But that's MY job!" he whined. "You just lost a letter. I suppose I'm a BIT more trustworthy than you." So he DID see me lose that letter! Grrrrrrr. "Alright, can you just give me the letter?" Parakarry moaned, sounding more than a little annoyed with the old sea captain. Bobbery handed the letter to him. The letter looked like it was from Mario! "Another mail duly delivered! A postman's work is never done!" said Bobbery, imitating the VERY mad postman's catchphrase. Parakarry sighed and thought No, I can't kill him. It wouldn't be good for my karma. He read the mail. Dear Partners, I need you to go to my house. This is very urgent, as it is a dangerous quest on which only me and you can on. Signed, Mario. "OH BOY! AN ADVENTURE!" Parakarry shouted, excited, and flew off to Mario's house. "Hmmm, it seems that I will have to walk...darn." sighed Bobbery, and he started to walk to Mario's house.

When Parakarry got to Mario's house, everyone was talking about a recent fan fiction. He only heard snippets of the conversation "-and then it says I bled to death-" That was Lakilester's voice. "-made me seem like a stupid blonde!" Goombella. "-said I fell out of a third story of a build-" That was Sushie. Wow. What is fan fiction coming to? Parakarry thought to himself Might as well see if I died in it. "Hey, everybody!" he called out. The group of talkative partners turned around and greeted him one by one. He asked Goombella "Hey, Goombella! I overheard part of your conversation, and I just have to wonder, did the author of said fanfiction kill me off yet?" "Not yet." the Goomba archeologist replied, "The story's not complete yet." The conversation was suddenly cut off by Mario walking into the room. Everyone greeted the elated plumber at once. Mario counted all the guests. Goombella, Koops, Flurrie, Green, Vivian, Ms. Mous, Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, Parakarry, Bow, Watt, Lakilester, Bobb- Wait, where's Bobbery! He thought to himself.

Bobbery was lost. Hopelessly lost. "I knew I should've asked the Lakitu on Seventh Street for directions!" He said to himself hopelessly.

Meanwhile, back at Mario's house, something big was about to happen. 14 previous partners were brought into a big room. Everyone gasped. There was a big case, obviously meant for holding something important. It was broken, and there was a giant hole in the wall. "The thing I'm the MOST surprised about is that we didn't notice this on the way," cracked Parakarry. "I know, and I'm a master thief!" replied Ms. Mous. "That's because... it was stolen while you were here!" Mario said, with all seriousness in his voice. Everyone stopped laughing immediately. "Um...Mario, did you say while we were, um, here?" Watt broke the silence. "Yes, I said that. This case HAD the Crystal Stars, the Pure Hearts, AND the Star Rod. They've been stolen." Green, the red Yoshi, fainted.

Mario, you've REALLY outdone yourself there. WOW. Parakarry thought to himself, knowing how much it took back then to get the Star Rod. Star Rod times three. Yippee. Half the room had their mouths agape in shock. The other half had joined Green on the floor. "What are the Pure Hearts, Mario?" asked Goombario. "They are entities of pure happiness that I got to save the world, much like in my second adventure." replied the slightly fat plumber. Goombella and Goombario scribbled it down in their books. "Hey, I'm not fat, or even slightly so! Those are muscles!" said the obese plumber to a narrator who was not in the room. "Don't worry, the narrator does that a lot." someone called from the doorway. Everyone turned. It was Bobbery! Everyone greeted him, and Mario gave him a short version of what happened. Bobbery was not amused, to say the least. "I have the Magical Map, which can at least get us one third of the way there. As for the Star Rod and the Pure Hearts, we'll have to find a way to get those later." explained Mario. All 15 partners looked at the map. The Diamond Star appeared on the map. It was in a new area. Bombette recognized the place immediately. "Hey! This is Bomb-omb Blast Zone!" she shouted "I know because Bru- Awww, darn. Bruce lives there. If you find him, can you distract him?" Everyone agreed, having seen Bruce before. "Oh, yeah, I forgot! You get there by using a warp pipe in Petalberg." The female bomb concluded. Koops' eyes lit up when he heard that. He could see Koopie again! Koops gets to see his family again. *sigh* I wonder if I'll ever see MY family. I heard they work for Bowser. Maybe one day... Parakarry sighed. That might not EVER happen. Mario and his party of 15 set off for Petalberg, Parakarry following behind, contemplating.


Author's note: Yes, this was a rather short chapter, but it IS the prologue.

Regarding the fanfiction being talked about, see if YOU can find the story being referenced. +100 Parakarry points to whoever finds it first. PM me to see if you're right.

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