Still Chapter 1

No idea about the fanfic reference yet? Here's a hint. The title of the fanfic is the name of a song Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz sings. I only own Bomb-Omb Blast Zone and ?.

Parakarry heard the screams of "OPEN THE DOOR!" first. He quickly flew over to the spot and pushed on the wall. It flipped and Mous sprinted out. She tripped, fell, then lay there, shivering. The group ran over to her. "What happened?" asked Lakilester. The mouse responded. "" she pointed at the flipped wall, then slumped down, unconscious. Everyone looked into the room. Empty. What could have happened? Flurrie volunteered to carry Ms. Mous, and the group moved on.

Meanwhile, at Koopie's house, Koops gasped. In the center of the room was an unconscious Koopie Koo. Before Koops could help her, something knocked him down. He only saw a tall, dark figure looming over him before everything went dark.

The group went down a long corridor. At the end, they found a pipe. Everyone sighed with relief. It was the pipe to Bomb-Omb Blast Zone. Bombette confirmed it, and everyone went in, with Parakarry last. As he went down the pipe, he could have swore he saw something dark and tall flash by. He rubbed his eyes, and it was gone. Hm. Must've been my imagination, with all of this 'tall figure' business. he thought, and went down to the next area.

When everyone got out of the pipe, Ms. Mous woke up. When Parakarry asked for specifics, she stuttered "I...I don't want t-to talk about i-it." "Oh... I understand." Hearing Ms. Mous stammer made the rest of the group understand that it was pretty serious business, and they left the topic alone. The first thing they noticed was that they were in the middle of a bomb-omb town. The houses had been made to look like bomb-ombs. Ugh. And we think Bow is conceited! thought Goombario.

Author's is now a new feature in this story. At points, the story will switch to a certain character's perspective. To warn you of this, I will put, for example, Bow's Perspective. When it ends, I will put End Bow's Perspective.

Koops' Perspective:

I woke up in a small glass tube. Around me were 16 others, all looking the same as mine. As I examined the tubes I noticed the final one. Koopie was collapsed on it's floor! The glass was too thick to break through, so I decided that I would be here for a while. Just as I was getting comfortable, though, the platform I was on started to descend. As soon as I got to the room below the tubes, I blanched. It was Hooktail.

End Koops' Perspective. Author's note. Oh yeah, and these things are most likely going to end in cliffhangers. I have a bit of a mailman mean streak.

The group took in the sights until an all-too-familiar Doogan walked up. Goombella tried to hide, but he noticed her. "Honh Honh! Eet eez my only beloved, Goombella! You came here to see mua?" said Dupree. "EWWWWW! Go away, you freak of nature!" shouted Goombella, as she ran away with the group. "Don't hide behind ze denial, mademoiselle. You know you feel the amour for mua!" He called after her.

Goombella was shivering in the Toad House, with Bombette patting her on the back. "I know that feeling. It's like this with Bruce." "I-I-I had f-forgotten about h-him." Bombette patted Goombella one more time, and then went off to join the group. Parakarry had noticed another newsletter, that said: Four of Bowser's minions were murdered today by a psychotic Hammer Bro. named Crash. Local psychiatrists say that his brother Stryker was killed in a raid earlier that day. If you see this Hammer Bro, please call the authorities. Parakarry sighed, wondering what the world was coming to. Meanwhile, Lakilester was asking the house owner if he had heard of a Crystal Star. "Nope, but I saw a Bob-Omb militia division head that way." The toad pointed to a giant military base off in the distance. Lakilester thanked him and went back to the group with the news. "Definitely looks like a place the boss would be-" Goombella announced, already recovered from the encounter with Dupree. "Aw, did I just break the fourth wall AGAIN?" "Yep. Maybe you can set a world record for Most Fourth Walls Broken In One Month." replied Green. Wow. This kid has more smart aleck remarks than I have lost letters. Speaking of lost letters... Parakarry walked over to Bobbery. "Hey, Bobbery!" he said. Bobbery turned around. "What is it, old boy?" he asked. "How did you find out I lost that letter?" "It was actually an educated guess, seeing as you ALWAYS lose letters." Bobbery smiled evilly, knowing how mad Parakarry would be. "Gah!" he shouted as he flew away in a huff. Bobbery called after him "You sound like Marilyn!"

After Parakarry calmed down a bit, the group moved on. Eventually, they got to the giant military base. They decided to sneak in, seeing the hundreds of Bob-Ombs inside. "Awwww, you guys are no fun." groaned Green, "I wanted to beat 'em up!" "Trust me. You do NOT want to mess with angry Bob-Ombs." replied Bobbery. "How would YOU know that?" Green retorted, not realizing how stupid he sounded. Bobbery shot him a are-you-kidding-me look and said. "How would a Bob-Omb know about Bob-Ombs? Seriously?" The Yoshi looked away in embarrassment. The group was discussing their plans on how to get in when they heard a rustling in the bushes. "Who's there? Show yourself!" called Bombette. The rustling got closer and closer. The 15 tried to make menacing poses, which was rather hard for Parakarry, who was in a t-shirt and shorts.

The figure jumped out of the bushes. It was... a cliffhanger. I snuck a reference in here too. 100 PPs to whoever can figure this one out. HINT: Check the newsletter.

Mail Karrier, out

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