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"This foolishness is over."

The drums rung out.

"The Capitol has regained control, after twenty more years of war."

The crowds roared.

"I, President Scorch, hear by dub this the start of…"

The people in the Districts watched their T.V.s in horror.

"The 130th Hunger Games!"

People around the nation of Panem groaned. Parents and frightened youths wept. It was their old nightmare coming back to haunt them, though few people alive had witnessed Hunger Games. They had all, however, passed down the stories.

President Scorch, a tight-lipped lady with long orange hair up in a bun, and cold green eyes, smiled cruelly at the cameras. "We have taken this time to rebuild. We killed the war 'heroes' Katniss and Peeta Mellark. We killed their children. And their grandchildren. The Capitol has complete control. There will not be another uprising. There will be no more wars. Tomorrow we shall draw names for each District. Good luck."

She ended sarcastically, and gave a little wave before the cameras turned to the cheering Capitol crowds.

Everyone in the Districts of Panem sunk into despair. It was over.

The Hunger Games were back.


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