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Hazel's POV

We're waiting in line. I wear a black dress, it's tight at the top and flares out with silver netting at the bottom. That's when I hear it.

"Here's your master of hosts, Ethica!"

I go out on stage, to sit near Ethica, who has bright purple hair with orange streaks, the purple is frizzy while the orange is curly… the Capitol breeds psychos. Her eyes are silver, and shine like Seven's arm. Seven. I hate him and his perfect family.

"So, Hazel! How are you warming up to the Games? How do you like your partner?"

My eyes widen, I'm sure. "Seven… he's…" I make up my mind. The Capitol won't sponsor me otherwise. "He's so amazing and adorable! I mean, have you seen him?" Hey, if they sponsor him, they're also sponsoring me.

I play around with Ethica a bit, showing my childish yet devious side. Finally, it's over.

Thank God.

Nial's POV

My interview was so awkward! I said practically nothing!

"So, Nial… tough break on the score. How do you feel about your partner, Arachne? Will she help or hinder you in the Games?"

I laugh nervously. "Well, seeing my score, and hers, she'll obviously help. She's nice enough."

And that, folks, was pretty much it.

Arachne's POV

Nial was nice enough in his interview about me. I wear a black dress, and I walk in waving and smiling.

"So, Arachne, how's Nial?" "Oh, he's such a sweet kid." I say serenely. "Anything else?" "No, I just feel a bit bad for him. I mean, he's only twelve, and he was dumped into these Games so abruptly!" I watch as Ethica nods sympathetically, her odd hair bouncing.

"Arachne, sources – which won't be named!" she adds, smiling and winking at the audience, "sources have reported that you seem to have caught a certain tribute's eye!"

I blush. What is she talking about? How would she know – "Perhaps a tribute's beautiful, bright green eye? Wouldn't you just love to lace your fingers through his blond locks?" I smile, "Oh… you mean Alex? Well then… I may as well share. Perhaps I do have affection for him."

I'll give these lapdogs all the juice they want – even if what I say is true.

Charm's POV

This freakish being, she's practically drooling over me. Well, I don't suppose she can help it. I am me.

I'm wearing a beautiful purple suit, shirt, and pink tie. I'm the most attractive guy here. I don't know what Arachne's thinking about the District Four scum Alex.

"Charm… how are you?" I flash a dazzling smile that makes Ethica swoon. "I'm perfect, lovely Ethica." I take her hand and kiss it. I could swear she's blushing.

"What do you think of your partner, Kay Sudou?" I pause for a second, thinking of her flawlessness, her dark hair that's soft as my own, and her green eyes as fresh as new leaves. Her body would please a man for years.

"I see, then." "What?" I say, unaware. "You're doing the charming 'stare off into the distance'. You like her Charm, don't you?" "No!" I say suddenly. "I mean, I'm much better than her."

Ethica looks shocked. "You're very brave or very stupid Charm. You are saying this even though you got a three, and she got an eleven?" I nod.

"You see, she may have all the…" I pause, grimacing. "tactical and physical skills, but I have, well," I flash another smile. "The charm. No one will kill me!"

What can I say? It's true.

Charly's POV

I wear a strapless blue dress with two-inch blue heels that hopefully will bring out my electric blue eyes, and I wear purple eye-shadow and pink lipstick. So far it seems Ethica has been asking about our partners – though Charm was a bit different. I wonder what she'll ask me!

I walk out and we shake hands, sitting back on the chairs. "So, Charly… What do you think of Vic?" "Oh, he's nice enough. But he doesn't always seem very focused in the Training." "Why do you think that is?"

I really don't know. I mean, he'll space out whenever our alliance is meeting. I wonder… "Well, maybe he likes someone in the alliance?" "Are you hoping it's you?" I keep my cool for a second. "No, more likely Savera. She is from his District and all, I think they were close."

"But no one for you at all?" I roll my eyes. "I'm not such a big romantic, honestly… no."

Why do they even care?

Seven's POV

I wear a bronze blazer and black pants; I can't help but think Charly did well.

When I sit down, Ethica makes to shake my hand but pulls back, biting her lip. "Ah… so, Seven. How are you warming up to Hazel?" Hazel, what a liar. Amazing and adorable? Who is she kidding! But if I rat on her, we'll lose sponsors. "She's great." Ethica nods.

"Anyone out there for you Seven?" I give her an odd look. "Are you kidding!? Fall in love, I'm only thirteen! Besides, no one will come near me because of my arm back at my District! And a relationship with someone in the Games? Highly illogical! I am not that stupid!" Ethica looks taken aback.

"So you must think you're pretty smart, then, Seven." "Well I'd have to say it's one of my only strengths. Brain over brawn, mind over matter, and the like." Obviously.

"I see. Would you mind showing the world your arm?" "Which one?" I say, sarcastically. Like I don't know. "You know, silly!"

I extend my right arm, letting it catch in the light. Ethica's eyes widen. "Oh lord, is that really it? May I touch it?" I give her a queer look but she just goes ahead and touches it anyways… creeper.

"It's so cold!" she murmurs. "Um, duh. It's metal, Ethica. It's not warm flesh with hot blood pumping through it anymore."

She looks taken aback. "So, what can your arm do?" I shrug. "It's more like what it can't do. It's an arm, Ethica. It does what arms do. The only problem is that…" I pause. It wouldn't be smart to reveal my biggest weakness to the world, especially when my enemies are watching. But what are they going to do, throw water balloons at me? "You have to tell us now, Seven, you've gotten us interested!" I sigh. I may as well.

"If it touches water, it will shock me. That shock could kill me, too. If it doesn't kill me, it would badly stun or injure me." She makes a pitying noise.

Pity everywhere. I'm strong enough to handle a little water!

Via's POV

I'm wearing a short blue dress; it's tight at the top and loose at the bottom. It's stunning.

I walk in, and Ethica immediately starts talking. "So, Via, what do you think of Manny?"

I hold my tongue this once, before saying, slowly "He's… confident." "I see. And he got a one?" "Yes… but I got an eight." "Does that make you better, Via?"

I smirk. "Of course! I'm not an idiot, actually, I'm the brains of this partnership!"

Truer words have never been spoken.

Alex's POV

I'm wearing a nice sea blue suit and a black tie. I hope Ethica doesn't grill me too hard.

But, wow. Arachne's interview… was mainly about me, not Nial. She… likes me? Like… that…?

As I walk out, Ethica's eyes immediately scan my face. She smiles faintly. "Alex… You are aware that you are blushing?" "W-What?" I stammer. Oh great, I'm blushing on National television!

Ethica has a smug smile. "We'll talk about that later. What do you think of your partner, Nyx?" "She's nice, and tough. She can get a little distracted though, sometimes."

"Distracted? How?" "I'm not sure. Once we were at the camouflage station with Alliance Seven – Sirch and Aermayliah – and she just couldn't do it right, kept getting distracted." Ethica puts on a thoughtful look. "I wonder why! But perhaps that is a question for her." "Yeah."

"But back to you. You seem to have quite a fan… do spiders ring a bell?" Oh. Arachne.

"Yes… I am now quite, quite aware of her affections." But Ethica leans forward, and whispers ominously, "But, Alex… do you return them? And you are blushing again, dear." Fabulous.

"Well… as Seven has already mentioned this is the Hunger Games…" Wait – no, no! Would my grandfather have done this? He fought in the war for Grandma! Am I just going to let Arachne go? "But that doesn't matter, Ethica. Maybe I do love Arachne. And maybe I'm going to fight not just with her, but for her."

Lots of 'ooh' and 'aw' noises come up from the audience.

This isn't so hard.

Andrea's POV

I wear a beautiful emerald green dress and matching sparkly shoes. I hope I look good enough – the thought of the interview is killing me.

Ethica smiles at me and I must assume that I give a rather weak one in return. "Andrea, dear. You look stunning! What do you think of your partner, James?"

"He's very nice, and his relationship with Jenny is adorable," I find myself saying. It sounds so weak.

Ethica laughs. "Oh, really? But do you think a relationship in the Games is smart, Andrea? We have already heard Seven Sizer's opinion."

I roll my eyes, my answer instantaneous. "I quite agree with Seven, it's a rather stupid and foolish thing to be interested in another tribute for the Games, they're your enemy and will kill you if you let them. Obviously."

Ethica nods, smiling again and bobbing her head, "I see! I wonder what our thousands of viewers are thinking on this popular topic!"

What. What?

Thousands. Of. Viewers…

I feel my breathing speed up and I can swear that my heart is beating in my ears, my palms get sweaty and I start shaking.

I hate the Games! Why are so many people enthralled with them! I feel my throat catch and my eyes blur.

"Andrea? You alright, hun?" is the last thing I hear before everything goes black.

Aaron's POV

Oh, my God. Andrea passed out; a couple of the Capitol camera guys had to drag her away. They could've at least carried her.

Anyways, my stylist picked out a black suit and red tie. I hope it looks okay.

Ethica welcomes me when she comes out, "Ah, Aaron so nice to meet you!" "And you," I replied politely, sitting down.

"We just had quite a scare with your District partner! Has she been acting strangely lately? Has she seemed ill?" "Oh, no, not at all!" I say pleasantly. I must assume Andrea simply caught stage fright. Wouldn't put it past her.

Ethica smiles at me, "So, what do you think of your new partner, Jenny?" "Oh, she's plenty nice. Very friendly with her boyfriend, James." "That doesn't bother you at all, Aaron?" "No, why would it? If they're in love, may as well let them be happy before they die."

"Yes, of course. Do you have anyone back at home, Aaron? Some special girl?" I roll my eyes. "I thought word had gotten around Ethica. I'm gay."

Ethica blushes beat-red. "AND THIS CONCLUDES THE INTERVIEW!"

I don't get it, why can't people accept me!

Andale's POV

Oh my God, my stylist must hate me. My dress is nice; it's long and blue and flows, but my hair… my hair! Okay, so I'm an orphan. We've established that. My brown hair hasn't been cleaned for a long time, and it's grown a lot. So what does my stylist do? She takes it – mind you, it's gotten down to my waist or lower – and she just chops it off! Almost all of it, she just takes these wild scissors and cuts my hair! It's a little past my ears now! Then after she brutally washes it, twice, she runs her fingers through it, fluffing it up. And then what you ask? She dumps basically a whole jar of glitter in it! You can hardly tell it's brown!

When I walk on I can hear happy murmurs from the live Capitol crowd and Ethica squeals in joy. "Dear, your hair is splendid! I must speak to your stylist!" I know back at my District everyone – including Ana if she found a T.V. or stood in the square – is cringing at the sight of it. I might be too. I know that Blaise flinched when he saw me.

"So, Andale! You're settling in well, I see! And as I said before, your hair is wonderful!" I grimace, "Yeah. Wonderful. I simply must speak to my Stylist about it!" I intone sarcastically.

"So, how's Nix?" Oh, yeah. Time to talk about partners. "I'm guessing there's a rather large communication problem?"

Even though Nix is my age, and he can take care of himself, I feel the sudden urge to defend him. "He's great, Ethica! He's nice and tough. I think he'll get pretty far in the Games! He already got a better score than me! He's got talent." Ethica blushes, and I get a satisfied smirk on my face.

But hey, it's the truth!

Blaise's POV

I wear a silvery black top, and black pants. Looks like I got off easy from Six, poor Andale must have been tortured by her Stylist. So much glitter… how is that legal?

I walk out and watch as Ethica nods at me, smiling. "Blaise. How are you?" "Fine," I mumble.

"Now Blaise, you must be seeing the trend here – what's your partner, Savera, like?" I shrug, and feel my voice shrink. "She's nice, and she's very close to Vic Lapworth." "I see," she says suggestively.

"Do you have anyone out there for you Blaise? Any lucky girl from Six?" I blush, and answer, looking at my feet, "Yes."

There's uproar. Ethica looks very excited and she clutches my arm tightly so that her long fingernails dig into my flesh. "What's her name!" She squeals.

I look away. "It's nothing, really. I just had a crush on this one girl… her name was Esme."

Ethica squeals again, and I feel her hand grip my chin and force my face at a camera, "You hear that Esme of Six? You're one lucky girl! It seems you have an amazing tribute in love with you!" she chirps. I feel my cheeks burn.

And Andale thought she had it hard!



One and Six: Blaise, Charly, Savera, Vic.

Two, Seven, and Ten: Aermayliah, Hazel, Jawnri, Seven, Sirch, Touko.

Three and Five: Andale, Charm, Kay, Nixie.

Four and Nine: Aaron, Andrea, James, Jenny.

Eight: Manny, Via.

Eleven and Twelve: Alex, Arachne, Nial, Nyx.

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