"Stop! I just wanna talk!" I yell after the cloaked figure that managed to stay a good 20ft away as we tromped through the Baraga woods.

The person ignored me and kept weaving through the trees at an inhuman speed. Twigs had only occasionally snapped and the sharp smell of a thunder storm tainted the cool air. Winds blew at an ear howling speed, mist had set closely to the ground, only to be disturbed by our feet carving our paths, then reclaiming out trails, mystifying our whereabouts to any possible followers. Tonight was a dangerous one to be outside-not because of the wolves, cougers, snakes or bears. But because this is storm season. A to e when winter was almost at an end and summer presses to take its place. The storms here could be anywhere from a light sprinkle to a murderous storm like this.

He stopped instantly, disturbing nothing, making no sounds. Stopping a few feet behi d him with the same grace I waited, looking for any movements or shifts that would indicate he was going to run off again. After a few moments have passed, of us catching the small breath we had lost, I spoke. "Look, I'm not going hurt you. I just want to talk." I spoke softly, trying not to provok the man.

"Good," He said, unable to hide the grin in his voice. "Because so do we." The man turns around, showing his face. Frosty pale skin, blue eyes, harsh, pointed features, black hair that looked like spines on top of his head, and mulberry lips. Now that I wears closer i could make out pointy ears coming from the side off his head.

I take a step back. Not believing my eyes. He looked almost, but not quite, just like me. Before I could think or react two more people just...Appeared behind him, looking similar to the one I had been chasing.

I take another step back, trying to back out of this none sense. The fact he had pointed ears threw me off balance, but the face that we look like sibilings threw me on my ass.

"Who..." My words fumble, not sure which path to take. Any path seemed to be whisked away.

The one who I had been chasing stepped forward to be heard over the wind. "My name is Prince Rowan, of the Unseelie Court, son of Queen Mab. These are my brothers," he motions to his right. "Prince Sage." He then motioned to his left, the youngest. "And Prince Ash. We are here to collect you by order of Queen Mab."

Thunder sounds in the area and rain began to poor through the trees that swayed in the heavy wind. The mist on the ground was now a rough carpet of waves and holes, no longer smooth and reclaiming.

Something caught my ear. A noise that was all to girlish and familiar. Riley, my little sister, had screamed my name, probably looking for me in this beastly storm. A small sense of panic sets in. "We can talk more after I get her home!" I yell over the wind and run off into the woodThree three strange men in tow.

My little sister is only 15 and she is my responsibility, now and until the day she dies. As long as I'm alive that day is no where in sight. But still, for some reason I never made it official by vowing to do so. Because as I have learned, anything can happen.

My name is Crystal Maskew, eldest daughter of three children, protector of the youngest in our trio.

There were four of us once, two boys and two girls. Riley, Jason, Carter and I. My adoptive mother and father, Sean and Hala, told me at a young age that I wasn't there actual kid, but that Hala found me in the woods when she was hiking.

A half of my lice has been spent searching for my birth parents, or any blood related family. No success. Never any success. I could never find out why I had pointed ears, frost-like freckles, Snow White skin, black eyes, or why I'm inhumanly fast, strong, and why iron hurts when I touch it and why I can see and smell people's emotions... Why I lack emotion and morals everyone else has.

We were as close as could be, my siblings and I. As kids from Baraga we grew up in a world of family, drugs and drama. I stayed away from drugs and most people, keeping Riley away from as much of the poisons as I could, making sure she grew up right.

When drugs and pain finally killed Carter I made sure my older brother Jason didn't follow. But unfortunately I couldn't stop him from turning rotten, because he led Carter to his death and he would have done the same to Riley.

Sean and Hala had not only blamed follow for the death of there favored son but blamed me as well, claiming that I was a number of fowl names and that I was no longer a child of there's. So now they have lost both a son and a daughter because of there own stupidity.

I am dead to them, and always will be.

Riley had also fallen, in a way. Dispute my best efforts she became manipulative, cold, meaner, more socially dangerous. And I felt an odd sense of pride in that. She still shows me the same amount of affection but its much more bitter and twisted. Now she revels in chaos, heart break of others, twisted games that involved back biting and gossip. Even now I try to protect her, hope she will come out of her hole of hate because only she can save her self.

But the. I started to see the effects of her anger on not only the once simple , drugged town but on me as well. I started watching by back ten times as much as I usually did, enjoyed others mystery, and start to play my own sick games on those who, even for a second, dare to turn on Riley or make her hurt worse. And I love the tragic endings they come to.

My small group of friends at school turned on one another, eating at the years of trust and friendship we had. When Brittany spread a rumor about me being a whore I had an instinct to get revenge, to make an example out of her. Killing her was on the top of my list but it wouldn't make the taunting and harassment stop. So I beat her HALF way so death and made her admit the lie In front of the entire school. Then, for fun, I secretly shared all of her secrets.

Aleah was the only one who had tried to keep us together. Dana and Skye had become loners to avoid all of the games played. Brittany had betrayed us all and become to Lanse, and Aleah turned to me. She claimed I had always had an ability to influence people and that I could help her get our group back and asked me to stop making everyone's life miserable.

After that, my love for anyone else besides Riley had vanished. All of those years of compassion, noble choices, moral building, had bees waisted. I was left with the cold walls too keep me from going completely insane. iI had even abandoned my quest to find my birth family.

And it will remain that was unless these 'Princes' have anything to say.

Thankfully, despite the broken down power lines and lightening we managed not to get electrified on the way home after I found Riley in the swamp, stuck in the mud. But it took us nearly an hour to make our way back to my house in the projects.

In the live of identical houses stood one with a huge tan van parked in the drive way of a single story house. Wires snaked at the edge of the drive way, crackling with red sparks. The wind had already picked up so much speed it almost took me with it, but Sage had placed his hands on my shoulders, hovering behind me to prevent me from taking a forced flight.

We made our way to my house, crouching In a huddle where we clung to each other to stay on the ground. We cross the slippery brown lawn and danced around electric wires, trying not to touch them.

Finally we grab onto the brood between the garage and the house and with a heavy push we tumble inside, soaked with ice-water rain. The door had closed from the suction of the wind. Everyone had fallen to the ground in a pile, with me and Riley at the bottom. I pushed up with all my remaining strength to keep the full weight of us from crushing her delicate form.

After a moment we stand up, readjusting to the new atmosphere. The house was dead of electricity and had none of Halas candles lit.

"They must be down stairs." I open the basement doors, carrying a sleeping Riley in my arms. "Come on."

The stairs were wooded and creaky, but stayed silent as we made our way down the steps. That was another thing. No matter how creaky a place was I never disturbed it. And apparently they have the same talent.

We ignored the sounds of crazy thunder and lightening and the obnoxious sound of wind. At the bottom of the stairs I could make out Jason sleeping in a corner, holding a can of beer in hand. My adoptive parents slept soundly on a couch in the opposite corner. The cancel light down here was dull but enough to see.

i get a flash of anger at Riley's parents. Here they were, sleeping, while there little girl ran around in a killer storm!

I set her down with her parents and turn to face the strange men. "Okay, who's Mab? One of you said something about collecting."

Rowans eyes were fixated on Jason, but he turned his attention back to me. "Queen Mab is the ruler of the Unseelie Court," he says as is stating the obvious. "She has requested your presence and has sent us to assure her request is granted."

"Why has she requested my presence in this 'Unseelie' Court?" At the name a memory comes alive, standing just out of reach. I think I have read about it in English Class. "Besides, collecting someone doesn't seem like a job for Princes." If they are even Princes, which they're probably liars, this is just to unbelievable.

"Normally we wouldn't bother with such tasks, but since you are our sister, one who could easily be manipulated into a thousand deals and contracts, it is best we, your BROTHERS, come to take you home." He says with distaste, emphasizing his sibling lie.

"You..." I stopped, analyzing the rest of his story. They want to take me home. We look so much alike we could be siblings... But no. It's to good to be true. "How am I suppose to believe you? This is pretty far fetched."

Rowan looked offended. His body language had shifter from all mighty to something that put off a bad vibe. Ash still kept his stone face and for a moment I woundered if he could talk at all. Sage kept a calm focuses and turned to Jason.

"Does this seem fake to you?" He extended a hand to Jason. The air shifted with something, and then Jason was quickly encased in ice.

"What," quickly I reach into my back pocket and pull out a bronze switch blade, then ready myself for an attack by standing protectively in front of he couch. In front of Riley. "Are you?"

Ash grabbed the hilt of his sword. A silent dare to do something with the knife.

"You mean, what are WE, sister." Sage turned to me again. Those sharp green eyes cornering me like a mouse. "We are Fey." While I was distracted by his eyes he grabs my wrist and twists it so my hand deliberately dropped the knife. As the sharp metal falls he catches it in his hand. "Born by mortal dreams and imagination."

If I try to do something all he has to do is bend my wrist and it'll snap. But if I do nothing the who's going to stop him from hurting my sister? I hate him for putting me in such a defenseless position. If it were anybody else I would have stabbed out there eyes by now. But they aren't anybody else. They are the ones who put me in this position and I hate them for it.

But I do remember studying the Fey in a literature class. In most stories they were allergic to Iron, couldn't lie, and had this stuff called glamour. The Unseelie were the winter ones, very mean and had a good sense. As I recall more and more of the research I did I begin to feel so stupid because it took me until now to figure it out.

I relax and Sage releases my arm. He gives me the blade back, too.

"So you can't lie, right?" Its a stupid question. If they can lie then they will lie and say they can't.

"No. Everything we said was true." He confirms. "Once the storm calms then we'll leave."

The idea sounded wonderful! But the feeling was crushed as soon as I remembered why I stood between them and the couch. "I can't just leave them." I could. Physically, there's nothing to stop me. It's where my priorities lay. My blood family means as much to me as Riley, even if I hadn't gotten a chance to know them yet. Its was what I had always wanted anyway. To meet my parents and live with them. But I loved Riley. She wants me here and I love her.

Rowan gives me a dull expression. "You know, if you won't leave by choice, we'll just drag you along anyway. So say your good-byes, or don't say them at all."

I almost hissed at his tone. As if I couldn't kill them where they stand. And if I couldn't I would die trying. They only had swords, trained magic, a crap ton of muscle and a half a foot on me. I could probably take them as long as I can still run to the hospital.

Something in the air shifted. My head felt heavy and I felt drained. Was I going through PMS? No. Could it? The sudden mood change compelled me to think that, but I got the strangest sense one of them was causing it.

Ash's presence felt more solid then the other two. Like this was a dream. "Sleep on it." His deep voice commanded. I tried to fight the sleepy feeling that followed, but my will to stay awake withered away.

I tried to glare at him because I knew he was doing something, some how. Then, I gave in. My body fell to the wet floor and everything went black.

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