Chapter 1

"C'mon Matt," Mark was begging his brother, "you have to believe me." Matthew turned around, "I've looked in your closet exactly fifteen times. This time would be no different." Mark sighed. He had been right. His family hadn't believed him. When he fell into Deltora, he had been gone for a full week. When he had come back, his mom and brother could not believe he had went to a fictional place from a book series. His mom had grounded him, allowing him to only go to school. She had been sure he had ran away for a week. She had taken away the grounding when he kept to himself. They were sure he went into a depression because of a traumatic experience.

Matthew became worried when his brother bought several journals. Mark would spend hours writing, drawing, or looking at a drawing. While eating dinner, Mark would jump up and run to his room. At first, Matthew and their mom would follow him, but they only found him writing in a journal. They quit worrying about him. When he would leave, they would put tin foil on his food and put it in the refrigerator. He would come down in minutes or time he didn't come down for a full day. Matthew and their mom went to his room, worried he had done the unthinkable. They only found him looking at his journal. A couple of minutes later, he came down and fixed a sandwich.

Matthew looked at a journal once, and he was amazed by what he saw. The drawings were so detailed. One was a grave. Another was a dragon destroying a palace. There was a collection of drawings Mark had labeled, "The Prophecy of Me." Matthew read the writing too. He read about four people Mark had met. He read about a kiss from a girl named Jasmine. He read about Mark staring a dragon in the eye as death crept into it. The drawings and writings were so vivid, Matthew felt that he was there.

He was jerked back into the present by Mark begging him. He sighed and continued to walk through their house. After Mark didn't stop, Matthew whirled around again., "Give me one good reason why I should look again for... Pandora. Mark said, "It's Deltora. Not Pandora. And if Dad was here, he would believe me." Matthew stopped walking. Their dad had died when Mark was four and Matthew was eight. Now at seventeen, Matthew was determined to keep his brother safe and happy. "One more time," Matthew said. Mark nodded enthusiastically.

They headed up to Mark's room. Mark grabbed a bag off his bed that had food and the Deltora Quest series. He turned on his closet's light and shuffled his hands around the floor. Just as Matthew was beginning to get impatient, Mark stood up triumphant. "Look down there," he said. Matthew got down on his knees and looked where Mark was pointing.

At first he found nothing, but, at Mark's persistance, he kept looking. As he was getting up, his leg hit something hard. He looked and couldn't believe his eyes.

It was a trapdoor.

He opened it up but could see only darkness. "Now do you believe me?" Mark said with a smirk. Matthew nodded his mouth open. Matthew saw a tiny light and leaned in closer. Just then, Matthew fell in the trapdoor along with the crumbled floor. He fell yelling. Mark fixed the bag on his shoulder and jumped in the trapdoor. The trapdoor vanished again, this time having both brothers. They could not time how long they fell. Mark landed on Matthew inside a palace. Matthew jumped up, "Where are we?" Mark said with a smile, "We are in Deltora." All of a sudden, many guards came toward them with their swords out. "Who are you? You have fell into the court of King Lief. We will kill you if necessary."