I hate Klaus, and I don't like that the show is kind of hinting that Tyler and Caroline may break up, but the last few episodes were the best for their relationship because it was more than just throwing them in bed together, it's been giving them substance, and reminding me a lot of season two... they are a real couple now, who has problems and working through it... I'm thankful for Klaus' involvement, for taking them out of that funk.

The air was warm and the sun shined bright. It was another perfect day, another small town function, another script to memorize. It was dresses and hairspray and radiant blondes with the wrong guy. It was dozens of strangers in and out of his home, and it was never, ever feeling safe.

The wind tossed her hair, the sun cascading over her body, bathing her in a radiantly vibrant light that Tyler Lockwood was convinced came from the deepest core of her. He watched his girlfriend throw her head back and laugh at something Klaus said, watched as she caught her breath, steadied herself with his stone arm, and watched as more and more of himself got lost in his rage, the thing Caroline helped him forget, to control.

Tyler had only ever felt completely helpless a handful of times in his very short existence. The times his father humiliated him, the day he killed Sarah, his first transformation, and every single moment being sired to the monster that was currently after his girlfriend.

The whole day he bit his tongue. He watched Caroline with Klaus, watched the monster say pretty things, and give wicked smiles and have far better conversations inside his head. He watched all of it with a sinking heart, but what was worse, was that he saw his girlfriend actually enjoying it.

Hayley told him to get over it, she brushed this off like everything else, and Tyler enjoyed that up to a point. Caroline sentenced his friend to die, Caroline had no regard for Tyler's feelings. It wasn't so black and white, but the Lockwood heir couldn't convince his werewolf companion of that. He wasn't sure he even wanted to.

Caroline was feeding into everything Klaus was dispensing, they exchanged smiles, shared laughs, and was it all at Tyler's expense? He wasn't completely sure. Caroline was doing this for him. If he hadn't wanted to free all the hybrids he had met from their disgusting ownership, his girlfriend wouldn't be throwing back drinks with the enemy.

He knew he hurt her, and she knew she hurt him. It was so far from where they were only a few weeks ago. They had been in a good place, and looking over her now, watching her, protecting her from a distance, he slowly felt the threads weaken, he was being pulled away from her, and Tyler felt helpless to it.

But apart from feelings helpless, Tyler felt and underlining consciousness of hope. He had always overcome the obstacles, and he had always done if for his love of the eccentric blonde. He smiled to himself, sensing her eyes on him not for the first time that afternoon. He knew she hated that Hayley was there with him, and he hated that she felt like it was more. But Tyler was willing to sacrifice a few blimps of happiness in their endless existence if it meant doing what was right.

And until then, he'd bite his tongue and eavesdrop on silly conversations that in Tyler's opinion were far more fabricated than all the Miss Mystic Falls court dresses combined, and he'd do it all because he knew that what he and Caroline Forbes had, was something much more powerful than lust and a few imitations of humanity.

She was the hope to his helplessness. They'd make it through.