A/N: Touya to Yuki- implications of off-screen naughtiness. *tee-hee*

"Sleeping With You"

It's a cold morning,

And you shiver in your sleep.

I'm about to pull the covers up

When my alarm starts to beep

You stir awake and silence it,

Yawning like a cat,

And stretching out your body

(I can't help enjoying that)

"Hi," I greet you breathlessly,

Face reddening against my will.

And you smile so happily, saying:

"I'm glad you're here still."

So I wonder as I blush again,

Does that mean that you still want me?

Now that you've seen my heart,

Do you still think I'm lovely?

I meet your eyes and smile

Just a little bit.

Your whole face lights up

And I want to drown in it.

Maybe we'll be on time for school;

Maybe we won't go at all.

Maybe we'll both be late

And get sent out to the hall.

I don't really care, do you?

As long as we're together.

So I lean over you and smile;

My silent promise of: "Forever."

* ende *