A.N.= I'm using vampire anatomy closer to that in True Blood or Vampire Dairies than Supernatural; those ginormous anglerfish teeth don't fit some of the later themes.

Day One: Holding Hands

"Why not?" Sam watched Benny drum his fingers on the tabletop. "Because, Sammy, it's not safe; what if someone hurt you?." He resisted the eye-roll he could feel coming on. "I can take care of myself; it's just a meeting!" Dean glared at him and Sam could see the way his lip was raised slightly where his fangs were trying to show. "A vampire meeting, Sam. I'm only going because I have to."

Sam lowered his head. "But, I wanna go, just… in case. I'd stay near you and Benny, I promise!" Sam caught Benny's head moving back and forth between them in his peripheral vision. "And how are we supposed to protect you exactly?" Benny snorted. "Speak for yourself, brother, I could take anyone in the nest on." Dean rolled his eyes. Benny went back to drumming his fingers on the table.

"I don't want you there, it's dangerous." Sam actually did roll his eyes this time. He'd listened in the classes they gave on self-defence in school. He'd taken extra ones at the karate place near the shop when Dad had asked. Dean had been teaching him how to one up vamps in fights ever since he'd become one and Benny had been helping for a while. Sam knew how to look after himself and Dean knew it.

"Anyway, you have to be someone's plus one, and I sure as hell ain't taking ya." Sam's gaze moved defiantly towards Benny. Dean glared over the table at his creator. "You wouldn't." Benny smirked. "How do you know what I wouldn't do?" Dean started to look like a sulking kid.

"Please, Dean. What else am I supposed to do, sit at home and worry?" Dean shot a glance over Sam's shoulder to the counter. "Hang out with Cas." Sam shifted 'round in his seat to look at his colleague. "Cas doesn't 'hang out'. He's not the type." Dean slumped back in his chair, taking a swig from the plastic coffee cup. When he put it down, there were small red stains on his lip and between his teeth. "Hang out with someone else then."

"I don't have anyone else! No one wants to hang out with the guy with the vampire brother!" Sam felt horrible for playing the guilt card the minute the words left his mouth. "The answer's still no." Dean raked his chair back loudly and headed to the counter, not even bothering to ask if anyone else wanted anything. Sam placed his hands on the table, spreading his fingers out and contemplating the abstract pattern of the coffee shop table's top.

"He hates me when I say that." Sam said quietly, so that Dean wouldn't hear. Benny's fingers stop drumming and suddenly they were pulling Sam's up off the table, wrapping around them, and Sam was struck again by how careful Benny always seemed to treat Sam, like he was breakable. Maybe to Benny, he seemed like he was. "He doesn't. He hates me for turning him, but he'd never hate you, you're his family. He'll be fine Sam, he's just not used to being a vampire yet."

Sam threw a glance over his shoulder; Dean was the only person at the counter, and he was talking (probably complaining) to a slightly confused-looking Castiel. "I guess." Sam muttered, squeezing Benny's fingers. "You'll look out for him, won't you?" Benny nodded at Sam and quirked up one corner of his mouth at Sam. "Dean?" Sam said. "Dean's head whipped round, hearing Sam even from the other side of the shop. "I have homework to do anyway."

Dean's face lit up and he smiled this huge smile back over at them, ignoring the way Benny's hand wrapped around Sam's carefully.

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