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Day 11: Wearing Kigurumis

"What on God's green earth are you wearing, kid?" Sam made a noise of surprise (not a squeak, he would swear later), trying to hide what he had on behind his closet door. "Err… it's laundry day?" Benny shook his head. "Not fooling me, I know when laundry day is." Sam sighed and drummed his fingers on the door. "Jo bought it for me as a joke for my birthday and it's pretty comfortable."

Benny nodded and carefully prised Sam's fingers away from the door, twining his own fingers with them and pulling Sam out from behind it playfully. The sight of Sam's entire body encased in the brown fluffy garment, antlers sticking out from the hood, was just too damn adorable to pass up. "I'm not complaining, sugar, just a shock, is all."

Sam wrapped his arms around Benny's neck, and for a second Benny noticed the lack of height difference between them these days. Well, for the second before Sam actually rubbed his nose against Benny's and gave this cute little laugh. Benny's hands moved down from Sam's waist, ghosting over his butt before grasping his thighs, easily hoisting them up to wrap around his waist.

Sam gave another little laugh, forehead propped against Benny's. "Bet you'd look adorable in one." Benny raised an eyebrow, steering them towards Sam's bed. "I never look adorable." Sam rolled his eyes and resisted the urge to comment on what an immensely manly man Benny had looked in the cat's ears, instead dropping his legs out of Benny's light grip, causing them to hit the bed.

Falling back onto the bed, Sam dragged Benny down with him, wriggling them both further onto the bed, causing the moose hood to fall over his eyes. When he pushed it back, Benny was looking down at him and to Sam his smile was one of the goofiest, cutest things ever. "Bet you'd look cute as hell in a bat one." Benny rolled his eyes and booped Sam's nose with his. "Yeah, yeah." Sam grinned up at Benny. "When's your birthday again?" Benny shook his head. "No, no way, kid."

The scuffle for Benny's tag that followed ended with Sam pinned to the bed, Benny's large hands almost engulfing his wrists. "You don't wanna try that, sugar." Sam responded by wrapping his legs around Benny and murmuring "I think I do, actually." against his lips, leaning up to kiss him. As Benny urged Sam back down into the bed Sam snaked his hand up to Benny's neck, grabbing the tags' chain in a sudden movement and pulling them out from inside Benny's shirt. Benny barely registered the tinkling sound of the red metal tags as he pushed Sam further into his oversized pillow and, once he had, it was too late.

For the next few days he resisted the urge to check Sam's internet history for searches on bat onsies. At least his birthday wasn't for a few more months; maybe Sam'd forget.

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