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Saito paid them each a healthy bonus after Peter Browning, CEO of Fischer Morrow, announced three days later that he would be splitting the company in two. Browning would continue to control Fischer Morrow, while Robert Fischer would head the spinoff, Maurice Energy, until he could find somebody else to take over. Although still impressive in size, Fischer Morrow was no longer in position to become a monopoly. Proclus Global, and the rest of the world, could breathe a sigh of relief. In the meantime, there were no unsavory rumours swirling around Fischer's sudden change of heart. After all, it would only be temporary.

"I know it was a win-win situation and all, but I can't help but wonder how Robert is doing," Ariadne mused, sipping her coffee.

"Fischer Morrow's stock continues to soar as shareholders welcome the impending split, which analysts say will offer more opportunities for faster growth –"

Arthur turned off his television. "It's our job not to."

"So it is," agreed Eames, although secretly he could not stop imagining Fischer mulling over every single moment he'd had with Browning with new eyes. Usually the forger dealt with business, which was cold and straightforward, and he only took on extramarital affairs when his cash flow dried up. Emotions and family matters were too messy.

However, Eames could not deny the immense satisfaction and pride he had gotten from "fixing" things. He had received a text on his work phone the other day from Fischer, containing a simple Thank you. Robert Fischer had clearly been able to reconcile the two clashing loyalties he held for Maurice and Peter.

Eames knew that Robert would somehow find it in his heart to forgive his Uncle Peter. After all, even with the empire dangling in front of him, Fischer still managed to honour both his guardians.

Fischer wasn't just a son. He was a leader – a prince by character, not blood.

"Don't worry, Ariadne," said Eames. "He'll be just fine."

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