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I own nothing but my bag of marshmallows.


They know they're going to get in trouble for it. It's inevitable, given the nature of the game.

Doesn't stop them from doing it anyway.

Jack plucks a marshmallow from the plastic bag and puts it in his mouth, tucking it as far back as he can without gagging. "Chubby bunny." He says, easily.

Sandy grabs one of the sweets and pops it into his mouth, before producing a picture of a fat rabbit above his head.

Jack shakes his head. "Doesn't count." He mumbles around the confection.

Tooth is hesitant. "This can't be good for your teeth, all the sugar!" She almost whimpers at the thought of the sugar coating her teeth, and coating Jack's too.

North waves his hand dismissively. "Bah! Brush teeth later."

Tooth still looks at the marshmallow warily, but Sandy elbows her and she sighs. "You better brush your teeth for a full two minutes!" She says before picking a marshmallow up gingerly and tucking it into her mouth. "Chubby bunny. Hey, that was easy! This isn't bad at all!" She smiles as much as she can with the sweet in her mouth.

North takes three at once, despite Jack's exclamation of "Cheater!" and shoves them in. "CHUBBY BUNNY!" He booms. "This is simple game. I will win!"

"I'd be willing to bet on that." Jack smirks. "Winner gets to skip helping Bunnymund paint eggs."

There's a collective wince as they think about how nit-picky their fellow Guardian is with his eggs, but they all look at each other and nod.

Jack pops another marshmallow in his mouth. "Chubby bunny." He declares, taking care to enunciate. It's getting more difficult to talk around the melting sugar.

They skip over Sandy, who's content to eat some of the extra marshmallows instead.

Tooth's pronunciation isn't as good as Jack's, but she manages to squeak by.

North, already having three in, decides to go with two this time. His face is triumphant as he says "Chumfy Bunfwy."

Jack laughs as much as he can with the marshmallows in his mouth. "You're out!"

"But I said it!" North protests.

Sandy makes a move like a referee calling the player out, and shakes his head at North.

North grumbles, but proceeds to swallow the marshmallows and watches as it comes down to Jack and Tooth.

The winter spirit and fairy look at each other. Jack smirks. "Ready?"

Tooth nods enthusiastically. Baby Tooth, torn between cheering for her mistress and cheering for her best friend, decides to nibble on one of the spare marshmallows instead.

Jack grabs another marshmallow, and is about to put it into his mouth when the door slams open.

"There ya all are-" E. Aster Bunnymund pauses in his track, taking in the sight of them with their cheeks bloated and the bag of marshmallows on the table. "What the bloody 'ell are ya all doin'?"

"Chubby Bunny!" Jack declares before anybody can stop him.

Bunnymund freezes, and glares at him. "What did you call me?"

Jack's eyes widen as he realizes his mistake, but the damage has already been done.

He barely has time to swallow before he's being chased out of the room by a livid Easter bunny.

"Did you just call me CHUBBY?"

A series of crashes, thunks, and protests from the yetis follows their exit.

Tooth looks at North worriedly. "Should we go help him?"

North shrugs. "He knew consequences of game. He deserves it." He holds up another bag. "Play again?"

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