Disney Stories

An One Hundred Acre Wood Story

Kanga and Tigger

By Sierra McCarthy

Once upon a time, in the hundred acre wood lived a tiger and a kangaroo with the occasional bear and pig. Tigger the tiger was bouncing over to his friend Roo's house and ask if Roo could play. In Roo's house, Kanga was finished giving her son a bath. "Hurry mama! Tigger will be here any minute!"

yelled Roo."Hold on Roo dear." said Kanga franticlly as Roo bounced around the house. Suddenly, Tigger opened the door and stopped Roo in his tracks. "Oh thank you Tigger. You're a lifesaver." said Kanga. "No problemo miss Kanga, ma'am" said Tigger blushing. "Oh Tigger" Kanga said with a smile. "Come on Tigger, let's go do some racin'!'' said Roo. "TTFN, Kanga.'' said Tigger. ''Goodbye dears. Have fun!" Kanga hollered. Tigger and Roo bounced along the path. After hours of bouncing, it got dark and cold. Roo was tired and Tigger was hungry. They hopped over to Roo's house and had something to eat. Kanga put Roo to bed. Before Tigger left, Kanga had something to say. "Thank you for being such a good friend to Roo. You are like a father to him." "Aw shucks Kanga. Anytime for my buddy-boy, Roo." said Tigger. Kanga kissed Tigger on the cheek and Tigger bounced away happily. Christmas Kiss and a wish

It was christmas and everyone was getting ready for the holidays. Kanga and Roo especially. Christmaas was one of Roo's favorite holidays. Kanga and Roo gathered all their stuff to celebrate christmaas at Pooh's house. They arrived and everyone was there including Tigger. "Merry Christmas Kanga." Tigger said as he bounced around. ''You too, Tigger." Kanga said smiling. When Tigger stopped next to Kanga, they were under mistletoe. "You know what that means-" Tigger stopped abruptly as Kanga covered his mouth with her finger, leaned over, and kissed him. "Gross." Roo said as he watched them kiss. "HOOHOOHOOHOO! I gotta kiss from the miss!"said Tigger. Kanga stopped Tigger. "Tigger, I wanted to tell this to you but, what if you became a father." Kanga wondered. "A father? That's a big responsibility, Kanga. But, it will be my honor." Tigger thought for a moment. "Kanga, I've always wanted to say this but, will you marry me?" Tigger whispered. Kanga hopped with joy with tears in her eyes. She hugged Tigger and agreed she will do it. When they told Roo, he couldn't believe it.

Roo's Surprise

Roo was playing outside when he saw Kanga and Tigger hop by and kiss each other. The mariage already happened and Rabbit helped them along with everybody else. "Ugh, enough with the kissing." said Roo. "Roo, we have something to tell you." said Kanga happily. "Your father and I have news for you." "You're going to have... a baby brother." said Tigger hugging Kanga. Roo cheered and bounced around happily. The next day, Christopher Robin, Owl, and Rabbit helped Kanga out while Pooh watched over Roo. After that, the baby finally came home. "This is Trevor. Your new brother." said Tigger. Roo thought that his hands were so tiny and his tail so short ready to grow. And they all lived happily ever after. The end.