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We're getting married

Chapter 2

The re-action of everyone was something to see.

(Smile: *smacks Jellal* DON'T LIE, IDOIT)


Everyone just said about time or I thought he'd never propose or Aww, why couldn't you propose here and stuff like that. Then everyone started paying Cana Alberona. Why on earth you wonder? It's because Cana won the bet. SHE ACTUALLY FORETOLD EXACTLY HOW I WOULD PROPOSE! She must be physic or she can read minds or she can see the future. (Smile: OR she has a good relation with Ultear and heard the entire plan from her and kinda cheated. But all is fair in love and war. Yes, Cana considers bets, war.)

Master immediately threw a pre-pre-pre-engagement party. (They didn't count my proposal in the forest as engagement). The next day we had the pre-pre-engagement party.

Then the pre-engagement party the day after that; and finally the engagement party. Of course, the guild was destroyed.

I don't know how they managed to get it ready for the post-engagement party. And the guild even held together after post-post-engagement party. But the 2nd floor crashed after the post-post-post-engagement party. Boy was master mad! But Erza didn't really seem to mind so…. I don't really care.

So after all the parties Mirajane, the white haired bartender made us all sit together for wedding plans. Honestly, I can swear she was more excited about the wedding then Erza and I. First it was just Erza, Wendy, Natsu, Lucy, Gray (he was in his boxers only by the way), Mira and myself who were doing the plans. But then Juvia and Levy joined us. Soon, Gajeel and master butted in. sooner rather than later, the entire guild was part of the "Operation: ATMPJWITW." Full form- Operation: Arrange The Most Perfect JeRza Wedding In The World.

(Smile: I'm not letting Jellal tell you about the boring planning. Jellal missed most of it any way. He just listened to what Erza said and stared at her) Smile-chan, I did not stare at Erza. Okay, fine maybe I did. But I listened to others too. (Smile: Jellal, dear, I'm the author so I decide what you do and do not. Just go along with anything I type or I'm writing another story torturing you. *giggles* you don't want that, do you?) N-no, I'm v-very s-s-sorry, f-forgive me. (Smile: go back to the story now, and pretend this never happened. Okay?) Aye, sir.

Erza chose three of her best friends, Lucy, Juvia and Mira as the bride's maids. Asuka would be the flower girl. Then I had to choose the best man.

I really would like it if I could have Sho, Erza's little brother as my best man. But I couldn't. Wondering why? Reason no 1. He was he-knows-where in the globe along with Wally. Reason no 2. He hates my stinking guts. People if you're reading this story and wondering why oh why does Sho hate Jellal because you haven't read or seen the tower of heaven arc in the original series, may I ask…. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE? GO READ THE MANGA OR WATCH THE ANIME! If you did you would already know.

But now I'm gonna have to choose among these more monster than human beings and make one of them the best man. Their hearts were in the right place in the right place, they were all wonderful people. But when it came to parties and daily life let's face it, they are all monsters. How can I choose a best man among monsters?

Elfman had man in his name, maybe I should…. Nah, he might scream man in the middle of the marriage ceremony or tell Erza she looks manly. All hell would break loose in my wedding at the courtesy of my best man and my wife. And I would regret it, all my life.

It was a very, very bad idea to tell them to decide it themselves. Because …

Natsu roared, 'That's me. I'm all fired up.'

'Huh? You? Best man? Hahahaha. Jellal here definitely doesn't want his wedding ruined.' Gray commented, 'It's me. I will make sure that the wedding is perfect.'

'Um, guys do any of you actually know what being the best man is about?' Lucy asked. Yeah, guys do ya know what it's about? Well, do ya? The boys paid no attention to Lucy, or my nod of approval.

'What did ya say, droppy eyes?'

'Ya heard me, squinty eyes?'

'You wanna go underpants Popsicle?'

'Bring it, flame brains.'

Too bad Erza wasn't around to stop them. She and Mira went to talk with master privately a while ago. (Smile: That's why Jellal noticed the fight at all. If Erza was around he would too busy staring at her to notice any thing.)

Soon, Gajeel joined the fight claiming he wants to be the best man. Jet and Droy couldn't sit and watch while their biggest love rival, make a move to impress a certain bookworm (in their opinion). Max and warren also wanted to be best man even though they barely know me. And soon all the young man in the guild joined in the fight. They had such a big fight about it that the 2nd floor, which was repaired to the courtesy of Ultear, (She said that was our engagement gift) crashed yet again.

Well, the fight ended after Erza stepped in. she roared and half the fight stopped immediately. She and Mira (who changed into demon form) had stopped the others with force. My Erza managed to do it with so much grace. She gracefully slammed Natsu's and Gray's head together and shouted in at the end of her voice, her voice was music to my ears. (Smile: only to Jellal's of course.) She was so perfect.

In the end the only un-harmed man in the guild besides me and master, Laxus was chosen to be the best man. I knew him well enough too. He and I became good friends in the short time we spent together in the grand magic games.

But to say the truth … it really didn't matter who the bride's maids or the best man were. It was only about Erza and me in the end. It was about the eternal commitment to love and cherish each other forever between us. Erza and myself were the only things needed to make this wedding perfect. And both of us would be there. Our wedding would perfect no matter what.

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