Well, a winter three-shot. One each month. This was originally a creative essay (which I got full marks for!) but turned into Fanfiction because… Well… It worked with Riku. So, yeah. It's Rku's POV in this chapter. And I don't wn Kingdom Hearts so…well, that's everything for now.

I stare out of my window. The early morning sun shining, its light reflected a million times off the coating of frost that iced the town like the icing on a cake.

Children run, screaming, as they slide over the smooth surface, falling, only to get back on their feet. I smile, and feel a tear run down my eye. I could never feel like them…

A car slithers through the streets, its tyres unable to find grip. It slides round the next corner, then is lost from sight. The children resume their play, having paused to let the car though. From my vantage point, I gaze over the rest of the town. Further down the street, I see children throwing snowballs, obviously having found a deposit of the frozen powder nearby. I could hear their laughter. Their song of joy.

One child looks up. His hair is brown, and spiky. He smiles at me and then gestures for me to come. I shake my head. I am shocked he has seen me, up where I am, the second floor of the building. He looked upset until a girl threw a snowball at him. He turns, laughing, and starts to chase her down. I had been forgotten so quickly.

I sigh, wishing that I could be down there, with all of the children below, playing in the frozen city. That I could slide on the ice that blanketed the ground, the frost that looked so fun to play in out of my reach forever. I would never feel that pure, boundless joy that they obtained from a simple coat of ice on the street.

I tear my gaze away from the window, only to find myself drawn back to it. The boy I'd seen before is still there, oblivious to my suffering, the unending torment that he is helping to subject me to. I carry on watching.

The snowball fight had spread, the entire street now a giant battleground, children darting for cover as they are fired upon with bullets of white. The sun had risen further and the light that was reflecting off the frost was brighter than ever. I closed my eyes as they adjusted to the levels of light. I could see that some children were being dragged away by adults, one of which being the boy from before. He is pulled around a corner, then out of sight. But I am sure that he was looking right at me.

I returned my gaze to the battlefield. It had started to snow just a little before the parents arrived and it was growing thicker, the white powder covering the frosted streets. It was like icing sugar, showering a cake in sweetness. While the war raged on, some kids split off and started to make a snowman, while others made a wall out of snow to shelter the other people on their side, groups having formed in the fight.

Further down the street, some other kids were using plastic basins to make bricks, building up an igloo, the snow constantly rejuvenating their supply. It was interesting to watch, but I bet it would be even more fun if I could go and help them.

If only I didn't have this problem, my illness… my curse. It stops me from going outside, unless I wear a mask that had been made especially for my needs. My lungs are delicate. If anything got into them that shouldn't be there, they could be severely damaged. It would be dangerous in here, if it wasn't for the dehumidifier. It had the handy side effect of cleaning the air.

I hear the doorbell ring, and then open. Then I heard voices, one of which I could identify as my mother's. The other though, I did not know. Soon, the door closed. I look down, and see that brown haired boy trudging through the snow, away from my front door. He looks back at me, and waves. I wave back, then look back towards the war being fought on the streets.

I notice that the frost on the ground had been fully hidden. But the frost on the walls of all the buildings remained. I knew that described me. I was hidden away from the world, but I was still there.

Just like that cold, hard frost.

An, there it is. No names mentioned, but see if you can guess who they all are. If you can't…well, it depends on who you are really…

Anyway, part two will come out on the first of January. Part three is for the first of February. Sorry, but I do want it to span winter, so… See you then!