Yep. I decided to make this chapter less depressing than the others. It's the same scene, but this time it's from Kairi's POV.

Yeah, I decided on this when I realised something. Sora and Riku see the world differently, Sora sees both the happiness and the sadness, Riku looks upon the happiness with envy but doesn't notice the sadness so much. I'll tell you what Kairi sees at the end of the chapter.

But until then, enjoy!

Note: I'm sorry this came so ridiculously late...

The day was going to be great! I just knew it. And how? It was a snow day!

With the schools all closed because of the terrible weather (and a few broken heaters), we kids had a day free to play!

Which was how Sora and I found ourselves in the high street of the town, a car having just passed us on tyres that really shouldn't have been used in this weather.

Once it passed, a snowball war went under way. The snow was pouring down on us, near a blizzard, the light playing around us throwing hundreds of reflections in all directions.

I scooped up more snow, forming it in my gloved hands, as I looked around for Sora. I ducked to avoid a stray snowball, and spotted him, staring into space. I took aim, then fired. The powder exploded over the back of his head, causing him to stumble forwards slightly in surprise. He turned, saw me, then scooped up more snow and ran towards me, already forming a snowball.

I ran from him, laughing, more so when I saw him being dragged away by his mother, who had appeared apparently out of nowhere. I had been sensible and had done the bare minimum possible for my parents to come out to get me.

As Sora vanished around a corner, I looked around for something to do, and I eventually decided to join the people making snow walls to defend their half of the battlefield. I threw snow over, piled it up on top of the existing wall and patted it down for a smooth, strong finish. It was fun, if slightly tiring. But it was certainly worth it. I rejoined the battle then, taking cover behind the wall and forming many snowballs for my own ammunition and throwing them one after the other in a continuous set, before repeating. My aim was decent, so I managed to land a lot of hits on the enemy.

I saw Sora heading over then, and a waited until he was close before pulling him down behind the wall. I surprised him, but he got my message when I passed him a few snowballs. He grinned, then peered over the top of the wall, taking aim, before suddenly throwing two at once. I smiled, and returned to the fray, realising something.

I knew that I would remember this time. I had faith that the snow, the happiness, and the memories would last for a long time to come.

I don't really like this chapter as much as the others, but oh well. This is the best I seem to be able to manage when it comes to happy things...

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