Chap 1

It all started at the zoo some Zombie's bit a

panda and a ostrich. Then the animals bit me (Austin) and Ana were going to the store to get milk then we heard screams and heard gun ran to the store and went in and saw the casher being eaten by a zombie panda.I took action and grabbed my colt 1911 and shot the panda but the casher was a zombie now and I had to kill her.I took my gun and shot her in the did't have a gun. Me and Ana ran out of the store and drove to the gun shop.I ran inside with Ana and she bought a machine gun and AK47. I also bought a AK47, as well as other hand guns and more bullets. Also some grenades

"we have to do something" She told me cocking her gun. "I know, if we don't alot of people are going to die" I say while looking around for any dumb ass Zombie's. I turn around looking for any suspicious signs. I heard a couple of gun shots and turned around seeing that Ana had shot two Zombie's in the head. "Fuck..." she said quietly lowering her gun. "We need to escape" I hear her say. "But what about the people here?" I say shocked that of all people she my sister a brave girl who never gives up would want to escape. She rolled her eyes "Austin where going to be KILLED if we stay here, i would want to fight until the end but" she looked around "if we stay where going to turn into a zombie. We have to find some help too"

I nod In agreement understanding wha

t she's trying to say. "Whats your plan then Ana?" I ask sarcastically hoping she has some sort of a plan. "I don't know, but for now let's just get out of town" I roll my eyes "okay" I say that plan may not be the best but it's better than nothing. "What about mom and dad?" i ask. "we can't just leave them here" Ana sighed, "I know but there going to be fine they have tons of body guards" I nod "okay let's go" I say while grabbing all the things we just bought.

"wait" Ana told me "we have to find a safe place to hide until the zombie's leave. They don't come out in the morning and it's starting to get dark out" I look around and spot a tall building "let's go inside the building" I say thinking that the building would be safe to stay for the night. "yeah, we should be safe there" she told me.

We ran inside the building not believing what we saw.

There where people hurt and hiding from the zombie's. They had NO good weapons whatsoever, and they where all bleeding. "please help us" a young girl cried out tears going down her cheek. I sighed at the figure, I had to help the poor girl out. "Don't worry" I said taking out my colt "Me and my sister are going to protect you" me and Ana stood and watched over them to make sure no harm would come there way.

It had been about an hour of watching when I heard bagging on the door and manny weird noises. "shit.." I said quietly. The zombies had knocked down the door and there where over a hundred of them. Me and Ana shot a couple of them in the head, my revolver had ran out of bullets and so I grabbed my AK47 and shot some more of them. Ana grabbed her AK47 and started to shoot more of them to, but we where starting to run out of AMIO "What are we going to do?" As I say that a Damn Zombie grabs my wrist tightly and almost bites it but I smash his face.

"I don't Know" Ana said backing up from the zombies "we...have to escape" I looked to where the girl was but I saw a Zombiefied version of her. "no.." I said horrified. I turn to Ana who was thinking. "we have to jump" she said looking out the window. I saw her shoulder womb where a Zombie had clawed her. Then I looked out the window It was about thirty feet down, but it was better than becoming undead. "okay" I took a deep breath "let's do it"

I jumped out the window (along with Ana) and landed on feet. There was a beeping noise that was going off. Ana limped over to him "what's that noise" she asked me. I shrugged "I don't know" I said moving to get a look at where the beeping was coming from. I found a thing that looked like an IPod but it was different in a weird way. "Ana...uh whats this?" I ask her. Thinking that she knew about this type of advanced technology. She looked at it confused then her eyes widened "it's a rare time machine" she said.

I gasped realizing that I may have accidentally just activated it.