Chap 2

"I think I activated it" I said upset. The beeping got louder and more faster. "of Fu-" a blue light had surrounded us and took us to a desert looking area. Me and Ana looked at each other. We where at a desert? Why a desert? "where the hell are we" Ana asked. Looking around I see a tall man with brown hair. He was looking at us like we where aliens. He pointed a gun at us. "who the hell are you" he asked us.

I gulped."Great first Zombie's now a cowboy, what else is next?" I look at a Mexican man that came beside the tall man "great now we have two cowboys!" I said sarcastically while limping to Ana who was just starring at them. God I ached my hand had been grabbed by the zombie and it had a tight grip. "you two look like you got beat" the mexican said studying us.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. "yeah, we were fighting some Zombie's." I said looking at my wrist realizing that it had now become red and the skin was pealing of with bruises on it. They still looked at us like we where Mental. "what year is this?" I asked them. "1865" my eyes widened "we got sent to the wild west!" I said looking at Ana.

She looked at the time machine "yeah it says that" the two men looked at me and Ana. "your not from here." me and Ana nodded "where from the future" Ana said "the year 2020" I said. "I'm Austin" I said awkwardly "and I'm Ana". The two men looked at Each other then back to us. "Im Blondie" the tall one said and then the other one spoke up "I'm Tuco" I nodded but sat down on the ground and Ana did the same.

"you two don't look so good..." Blondie said looking at us with concern. "yeah we just fought against like 100 zombies." I said. "What the hell is a zombie" Tuco asked us. "Undead people that walk around and bite people turning them undead mindless slaves that eat people" I say. "we need help fighting them" Ana said while looking at them. I aspected them to call us crazy and just walk off.

"okay we can help you" Blondie said. They looked at my wrist and saw the red imprint on it "are they really that strong?" Tuco asked. Ana nodded "yeah they really are that strong" she said while rubing her shoulder that a Zombie had grabbed. Before I knew it we where getting into a stagecoach. "where are you taking us" I asked laying back and realaxing. "where taking you to the civil war medic" I smiled "thanks" I said closing my eyes before I knew it we where there and sent to a room. Me and Ana had people healing our injuries,by putting wet cloths on them and lightly rubbing them. After they where done I looked at the injurers that where now bandaged up.

After a little bit more of resting me and Ana where good as new. I stretched feeling a lot better than I did before. Tuco and Blondie watched me and Ana. Which was a bit awkward, but I didn't really care. They where looking at our guns like they had just came out of the ground or where fake. "uh they have guns like this in the future." I say realizing that there not used to these types of guns. "it's a AK47" Ana said. Ana looked at the time machine "we can't go back in time until it recharges" I sighed "when will that be" I asked

"uh your not going to like it." she told me. I scowled "why not?" I asked "umm we can go back in a month" my jaw dropped "a month?"

Ana nodded "yeah a month" I couldn't believe it