Chapter 1


I'm finally dating the girl of my dreams Becky Baker, taking my T shots and convinced my mom to let me have my surgeries this summer and I feel like I'm unstoppable. Becky is amazing. I feel like she understands me like no one ever has before. Life just keeps getting better and better.

It's Monday morning and I hop out of the car to see my beautiful girlfriend waiting for me on a bench outside of school. "Hey babe!" I say as I run over to her giving her a hug. "Hey Adam. How'd you sleep?" Becky said with a giant smile on her face still in my arms. "Great. You?" I said letting her go "Good. Hey Adam you know it's only a couple of days till summer break and I was wondering if you wanted to do something with me this summer?" Becky said as she stood up and grabbed my hand. I couldn't tell her what I was actually going to do this summer I wanted it to be a surprise. "Erm. I uh…. I don't know Becky." I say trying to stay as calm as possible "Oh well if that's how you feel then I'll leave you alone Adam Torres" Becky says raising her voice slightly before storming off "No Becky! Wait!" I yell running after her. I search the halls before the first period bell rings and I have no luck. As I sit in my first class thinking about Becky my phone vibrates in my pocket. I take out my phone to see a message from Becky. I click on the message and read it.

B: Adam, I'm sorry I asked you to do things this summer I just thought you'd like to since were dating but if you don't want to that's fine. I just think we should take a break because right now I don't really think you want to be with me. I'm sorry Adam. Bye

"What the hell was that?" I whisper horrified from what I just read. I need to talk to Becky.