Chapter Four

Becky's POV

After I get home from church I go up to my bedroom and check my phone. I see I have two messages. One from Adam and one from Josh. I click on the message from Adam and read it.

Adam: Becky I love you but you moved on. So I'm guessing we're over. Bye.

I stare at my phone dumbfounded. What was he talking about? I wonder if he knows that I kissed Josh. No he couldn't. Kissing him was a mistake anyways I don't have feelings for Josh. I only have feelings for Adam. All these thoughts raced through my head. I need to find Luke to see if he told Adam that I kissed Josh. I walk over to Luke's room and bang on the door.

"I'm coming I'm coming." He said before he opened the door. "Hey Becks. What's up?" He asks

I walk into his room and sit on his bed.

"Sure come in." He says trying to be funny.

"Luke did you tell Adam that I kissed Josh?"I ask

"Well yeah. I told him you guys were over and that you moved on." Luke says sitting next to me

"LUKE!" I yell slapping his arm

"Um OW!" He says

"Luke, I love Adam-" I begin but he cuts me off

"No you don't Becky. She's a girl."

"He's not. Look kissing Josh was a mistake. I don't like him. I love Adam." I say standing up "And I'd like it if you could stay out of my business." I say before I walk out. Luke groans.

"I'm just trying to protect you Becky!" Luke yells as I walk towards my room.

I grab my phone and text Adam.

Becky: Adam I'm not seeing anyone but you. Can we talk?

Adams POV

I finished my workout and took a shower now I'm looking in the mirror smiling, admiring my new body as my phone rings. I got a text from Becky.

Becky: Adam I'm not seeing anyone but you. Can we talk?

I still think she's lying. I don't want her to see me until school starts again next week. So I lie.

Adam: Uh I'm really busy. I'll see you in school next week ;)

After I send the message I walk up to my closet and throw half my wardrobe away seeing that it won't make Becky jealous. "It's time to go shopping." I whisper to myself

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