A day in the life of Pururu. – By The-Derp-We-Call-Taruru

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{{A/N: I'mma still working on my other story, the one with Zoruru. But at the moment I need a break from it. So here's something I whipped up about Pururu.
It starts right back on her first day with the Garuru platoon. A work diary.
I figure it must be kinda interesting being a nurse in an off world platoon.
Anyway, I have nothing more to add, so enjoy. And please leave me your comments and ideas. ^3^ ))

Work diary: Day 1

After completing Keron headquarters medical university, everyone is issued a job with an off world platoon. From there we are completely under the control of our platoon leader but headquarters still gives us homework ^^;

The task I have been issued to do is to keep a work diary about what it's like being a nurse for an off world platoon so that the next generation can receive better quality training.

So here goes nothing I guess ^^...
My name is Pururu, I went to Keron medical academy university, I am Keronjin graduate 4569. Issued to the Garuru platoon.
My first day started as I left home and travelled to the grand star docking bay at 5am. I was kept waiting for half an hour before the rest of my new platoon showed up. My new comrades are as followed;

Lieutenant Garuru, our leader, Lance corporal Zoruru, privet Taruru, and new soldier Tororo.

Lieutenant Garuru looks very sincere, it's a little intimidating. He's not the sort of man who smiles a lot as far as I can tell. He seems very on task and focused though, good points to have in a leader I'm sure.
Lance corporal Zoruru...well I don't even know how to start. I know it is wrong to judge a person on how they look, but when I saw him I almost screamed. Half of his body is a machine, and he only has one eye and it glows. He's one scary man...robot...thing. Although it might be somewhat to do with the fact I didn't seem to notice him at first. Boy, if he wanted to sneak up on someone, he'd be really good at it. I didn't notice his existence at all.

Privet first class Taruru is such an odd little thing. I don't think he can be very old, despite the fact he has lost his tail. He never stops talking, and it's mostly about sweeties, video games, and some person name Tamama. I don't know who this is, but by the way he talks about them, I can only assume that they are either family or lovers, or something.

And finally there's recruit Tororo. I'm not going to say anything about it to anyone, but according to him medical files, he's far too young to be a soldier. Especially one in an off world platoon. Poor little guy. I wonder how he ended up being recruited so young. He shouldn't even be out of Keron elementary yet. There's something about that child that scares me though, I'm not sure what it is. He just has a hint of evil behind him somehow.

I felt awkward at first, I don't think any of them were expecting to have a female in their platoon. They all seem just a tad bit nervous around me.
I'm sure that over time they will get used to me though.

We were issued a ship and our first mission is to clear the asteroid shower down near Kirutan planet before anyone gets hurt. Quite a simple task but it will take a few days to get there so today was mostly travelling.

We all sorted out a rota for ship duties, you know basic things like cooking and cleaning, as the leader says, the quality of your ship reflects the quality of your platoon.

The others don't seem very talkative which makes me feel a bit out of place, but I guess I'm here to work, not to talk.

Anyway, today was about settling in but tomorrow I need to issue each member an injection of hydroxylinateapol, the shot to stop kirukap, the kirutan's major virus.

It only really just hit me today how important my role here is, it's quite scary. Anyway we have an early rise tomorrow so I shall end this report for now.
Sincerely, Pururu~