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Work diary: Day 9

Phew, it's been a while since I wrote up a report.

It's just it has been so busy these last few days.

You see. Our platoon was all exhausted after our battle with the Scorpentos, so we landed on Kirutan to rest for the night.

When we awoke, none of the platoon could move at all. :\
Turns out we had landed in an abandoned part of Kirutan, the reason it had been abandoned? Well because there was a huge outbreak of an increasingly contagious virus called kapukapu in the area.

I feel really stupid, how could I have vaccinated everyone for kirukap and not for kapukapu! Arrg!

*Sigh* ohh well not much can be done now, mistakes happen I suppose. =_=
Anyway I have been taking care of everyone for days now, I'm exhausted!

The symptoms of Kapukapu can range anywhere from vomiting to complete paralysation!

Looks like the guys got the worse end of the stick here.

I just spent the last four days fetching water and blankets, changing sheets, clearing up sick and other much...worse things, feeding people and giving everyone medicine.

I had no idea how difficult being a nurse would be when putting what I learned in medical school to practice.
I think everyone is better now though, everyone can move again a fair bit and keep down food for a while. I'm almost proud ^^.

Although after that, I'm seriously considering requesting headquarters for an assistant, hahaha.
I think we are heading back tomorrow, giving everyone a chance to recover for one more day.
I'm so exhausted, pururu need sleepy time now... u.u
Sincerely Pururu~