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I was always a seemingly plain child, from my first words to my first steps. Ah but yes, The Golden Age of Queen Elizabeth the first, what an era in which one could live. I was born 8th of February 1751, and I was killed 1768.
Growing up in London around this time wasn't easy as you would imagine but you don't choose where you were born, nor do you choose who is to be your saviour.
Carlisle Cullen, I still remember the first time I saw his face peering down at my own only at the time I was half dead. Every morsel of life fleeing my body. I was idiotic I admit, No sensible girl of 17 would be seen wandering the back alleys of fog shrouded London. But I guess I have never really been the sensible type, all I remember was a hot clammy hand over my lips preventing my cries for help and shrieks of terror, I doubt I would have been heard and even if I was heard it was unlikely I would be helped . My efforts in vain I was laid to waste on the cobbled roads. That's when Carlisle found me.
I was carried to his home; even now I see the pity in his eyes when he looked at me. It's funny really how when we can feel ourselves slipping we can suddenly see all we have done, all we wanted to do, and all we never will do. In my weak attempts to keep myself awake I asked for help and prayed for life. A life I was given. Not by any God or Divine being, But by Carlisle. I soon learned of what I was and how I came to be this new, beautiful and dangerous version of myself.
I was no longer Elinor Clavell; I was Elinor Cullen, the Vampire.

A/N : A very short insight into who she is and how she became a vampire, I really just wanted to give her a tiny bit of back ground as more of her actual past in detail will be revealed later on
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