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"HOW!?" Aro roared as he span on this heels to face me, his usual crimson eyes turning darker with each passing second as they lingered on the body of his mate.

"I would though by now you would of figured it out…"I mocked throwing the detached head in my hands a few feet away from me "After all you are the great and powerful Volturi...How about you guess?"

A completely feral growl came as my reply which only caused me to chuckle, I nudged the body with my foot before turning back.

"Well come one…I'm not getting any younger, or older for that matter" I could see the others watching me from across the clearing, some looked concerned whereas others just looked like they were betting how long I'd last before ending up like Carlisle.

"I have neither the time nor the patience for YOU!" the words were aimed at me of course, but Aro's eyes remained glued to body of his mate "You will tell me what I wish to know"

"Fine…But only as you asked SO nicely…The girl isn't here quite obviously, well she was here of course. Call me paranoid but I don't trust you…not one bit. I've shifted Renesmee out of here and somewhere safe" It may not have been the best lie, but it was all I had "She's safe…But I'm guessing I on the other hand am not"

I sent a nod to Edward and mainly Jacob, he knew where Nessie was going and if Aro believed me and knew she was far from here, all it took was Demetri to find her and Kebi. Thankfully Edward nodded back obviously reading my mind, he nudged Jacob and off the wolf went into the trees.

My eyes snapped back to Aro who now had his eyes fixated on me, which only caused me to smirk in his direction.

"What did I say brother! Look at this…Treason! " Caius growled turning the rest of the Volturi members behind him "We are the Volturi and THIS INSOLENCE will not go unpunished!" Aro made no move to stop his brother…This is how it would be.

"Jane…" Aro muttered over to the small blonde girl who only smiled in return. I knew what she was going to do but I think they forgot I was faster, I could see Jane's powers extending toward me like vicious black wisps ready to attack my mind.

Several seconds later tortured screams filled the clearing, only they weren't mine …They were Jane's. Like I said, I was faster and using her power against her seemed a fitting way to send my message.

All eyes on the Volturi guard gazed onto one of their strongest members writhing around on ground; soon wisps of black smoke began to move toward me from Alec. But seconds later he too was sat out the ground only unlike his sister he remained unmoving and totally senseless.

"STOP THIS!" Jane roared attempting to stand up only to be hit by another wave of pain.

"It hurts doesn't it Jane…Like you're on fire or having every bone in your body snapped and twisted" I said calmly.

I released them a few moments later and they both sat dazed on the ground, Jane attempted to glare me into the ground which only made me smirk in her direction.

Aro turned to his brothers with a sickening smile on his face, obviously pleased with my display of power. Caius glared much like Jane, but Marcus looked positively uninterested.

"My dear brother is correct little one" I made a disgusted face toward Aro, this guy was seriously Bipolar. One moment distraught, next Angry and now what friendly with a side of sadistic! "As much as you would make a fine addition to our ranks, you have committed treason…Of the worst sorts. Attacking and killing members of the high ranking guard, It cannot go unpunished. In this situation I see but one fitting punishment…"

I knew what was coming, we all did but I don't think it really phased anyone. It was just waiting for the inevitable, it was going to happen but what could we really do. My eyes remained on Aro, a deep glare on my face before I then Shifted my eyes to Edward .

'Eli…Shift back here now!' His mental shrieks didn't go unnoticed

'Why Ed? So they can come attack us all?'

'They're going to do that anyway, with or without you around. Do NOT let them kill you!'

'Ed I was never going to let them kill me idiot! There's just no point shifting it's only prolonging what we both know is going to happen'

I could see Edward look down to the ground then at the rest of witnesses whom all gave him a small nod, before moving there gaze back to me.

"Death…Is the only reasonable punishment for your crimes dear one" I didn't miss the sadistic smile plastered on his pale face "Felix! Demetri!" He snapped as the two burly guard members moved toward me.

"Two against one really? Not fair Aro…" I chuckled lashing out at Felix as he reached to take my arm, the force of the strike sending him across the clearing.

Seeing this Demetri moved faster grabbing one of my arms and turning me around to face him, let it be said that Demetri Volturi is handsome and would be a beautiful last sight for anyone damned to die. Only I wasn't going to die I would make sure of that.

With a small smile I sent my foot up much like Alice had and caught him under the chin. The brute force and the shock of the kick causing him to release my arm and move back a few feet away from me.

Soon the sound of thundering footsteps met my ears, I turned for a brief second to look at Edward and the others rushing forward to meet the Volturi, wolves propelling themselves slightly ahead of the others.

Suddenly arms grasped onto me from behind and began to crush me, I struggled violently in my captors arms which only made them grasp onto me tighter until I could my skin cracking like marble. With a last ditch attempt I sent my head back into my captors face, the sound of their face cracking making me grin with triumph. The arms loosened just enough for me to duck out of them and turn landing a right hook into the side of their head.

My eyes widened slightly when I saw who it was Alec…He didn't use his powers? Alec stumbled then lunged forward to capture me again, I ducked backward as his body moved toward me sending him flying over me although it didn't take him long to correct himself and come for me again. As he ran forward I struck out but he was faster grabbing my arm and flipping me onto the ground but I sprung back up catching him in the stomach with my foot, he sent a hand for my neck but missed as I shifted behind him jumping onto his back to attempted to end him.

Sam must have noticed my struggle as seconds later the black wolf appeared grabbing the vampires head in his mouth, effectively pulling it off. I nodded my thanks as he began to tear the rest of the young vampire at my feet. As I set the body alight Sam took off again with Alec's hand still clamped in-between his teeth .

The sound of marble bodies hitting each other echoed around me, I could see Edward struggle with Felix but Bella soon appeared at side to help, Rosalie seemed to be doing fine on her own but I noticed Emmett was never far away from her. Esme of the other hand was on her own but slightly closer to me.

The wolves were scattered around the field picking off vampires here and there as well as helping some of us as Sam had just don't moments ago . Suddenly the ground shook, I stumbled looking around for the source of the sudden movements. It was Benjamin he was crouched on the ground one of his fists imbedded in the snow before him.

"Benjamin!" Amun yelled as our eyes widened in horror at the large crack which began to open and expand before our eyes.

Benjamin looked up searching for Amun but finding me instead, his eyes pleading with me. I looked back with a similar expression settled on my face. I wanted to run over to him, have him embrace me and tell me that all of this wasn't happening.

I had already let my family down, I blew our cover, I killed Aro's mate, I let Carlisle and Jasper wouldn't be dead If I hadn't done what I did.

I had the urge to break down right there and let the tearless sobs rack my body but that look from Benjamin was enough to bring me hurtling back to reality… And seconds later the momentary cease fire as we all stared at the Egyptian vampire was stopped and the fighting began again , but was interrupted again with a painful howl.

The wolves were fighting with new added fury and I desperately looked around for the source fighting off Volturi members as I went. Just as my eyes landed on the unmoving body of Seth I was thrown off to the side of the crack grasping the edge for life.
Esme saw my struggle and she herself struggled against another member who threw her to join me, only the vampire she was fighting remained attached to her back trying to pull her into the crater.

"ESME HOLD ON!" I yelled attempting to pull myself up, Just as a thought occurred to me. I shifted up to help her Leah came up from behind tearing the Volturi member from Esme's back but sending herself and the guard down into the crater.

Esme looked down desperately but before I could move to help Leah a pained voice echoed through my head…

'Don't you dare help me leech! Please just let this happen, I want this!'

I shook my head looking down at the crater desperately as her voice trailed off, Just as I was about to make the jump the voice was back…


Esme looked up at me eyes full of confusion and concern as I moved to pull her up. Leah's voice was now gone and I could only stare down into the crater, two more people were now dead…Someone was going to have to console a weeping mother and tell her both her babies were dead.

"She asked me not to go after her" I choked "I had to do as she asked I'm so so sorry" Esme nodded as I fell her grasping my hand and giving it a reassuring squeeze, but it didn't stop the sickening feeling wash over my body.

I had a feeling that the fight was far from over as I stared around the clearing, before I could fully register what had just taken place I'd caught the eye of a couple of guards who were just stepping into the fight after being motioned forward by Aro.

Esme took off and I followed after her, we had nothing to lose now…

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