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Erza grit her teeth as she locked blades with the strange woman before her, struggling against the fearsome strength the unknown Mage was displaying. Even her Purgatory Armor was offering no advantages in her duel. "Who are you and why did you kill everyone?!" She growled, putting all her strength into the deadlock.

Her opponent smiled, displaying several sharp teeth that were in no possible way human. "And I'm supposed to just tell you what you want to know like that? Sorry, but I don't work like that." Erza started as the woman's left eye began to glow with a murderous purple light. "Hiraishin no Jutsu!"


Naraku chuckled as he gazed upon the crystal in his hands. "With this, I'll have more than three hundred demons under my command and control. Still not enough to take on Kyouka and the others, but certainly enough for what comes next."

Poor Mirajane and Lisanna...they must feel terrible at not meeting their real father...

Grabbing the sword perched upon the cave wall, the former Mage and madman spun about towards his destination. "Don't worry, my dear sweet children...daddy's coming for a family reunion."


Natsu slammed into the wall, his body spent from using that last attack. The force from his strongest Morning Peacock had sent him tumbling into the walls of Phantom Lord's Guild. As he slowly but surely pulled himself out of the rubble, he winced at the spasm his hands made every now and then.

Gazing towards the opposite section of the room, Natsu frowned as he saw no hide of the Iron Dragonslayer. A cautious whiff had his silent question answered.

Green light surged through the dust, earning a growl from Natsu as he immediately tensed. "Well, well, well. For a little brat like yourself, you sure can dish out more than anyone I've fought before."

Stepping out of the dust cloud, a savage grin etched on his face, Gajeel Redfox cracked his neck a few times. "Unfortunately for you, it's time to end this. Iron Drive."

Cursing at the sharp increase in Gajeel's magic levels, Natsu stood his ground with an excited smile. "Funny thing, you just took the words out of my mouth. Fire Drive!"


"Shodaime-sama, Uchiha Itachi has been apprehended!"

Senju Hashirama, the leader of the Leaf Empire, whirled about to greet the ANBU operative who delivered the news with a twisted smile. "Excellent! Have Tobirama and Orochimaru begin extraction of his Sharingan immediately!"


As the ANBU member flickered away, Hashirama's fingers twitched rapidly as he contained the elation surging through his very being.

Glancing out towards the Emperor Mountain, his ripple eyes glowed with an ominous, otherworldly purple light. "Soon the Kyuubi will be in my hands...and then, I will finally be complete!"


Naruto stared at the woman before him with no small amount of wariness.

She grinned, tilting her head slightly as she watched his Sharingan spin furiously. "What's with that look? I already told you that I mean no harm."

Naruto snorted. "And why would I trust the word of a member of Daybreak? Last time that happened, three people were killed."

She stepped forward, her red hair caressed by the gentle breeze. "Because I have information you and my goddaughter need to hear. Without it, I fear that the two of you will be quite lost In the upcoming storm.

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