A/N: Daisuke and Ken playing in the snow leads to more serious questions. Dai's POV. Yes, I'm aware it's late July. I don't care.

"I Wonder"

Your hair is turning white,

Snow-dusted and soaked, and

You smile at me so sweetly

As my heart starts to race.

Falling back into the snow,

I wonder:

Were you always so perfect?

If you were,

I think I'd have noticed.

Or then again, maybe not.

Although I care now,

So I guess that's all that matters.

Snowflakes falling . . .

Down they drift,

Melting on my lips.

And I wonder:

Is it the same

As it would be if we kissed?

You stand over me,

Smiling like always,

And I wonder:

If I pulled you down

And you landed in my lap-

Would we laugh it off?

Or would we like it?

And if we liked it,

Would we kiss?

And if we kissed, what next?

Oh well.

I shrug and grin;

And then I hit you with a snowball.

Maybe I'll tell you when we're older.

* ende *