Harry spent the rest of his summer at Privet Drive in blissful silence. He no longer had to get up at sunrise to prepare breakfast for his relatives, wash their clothes or clean the house. He was on his own, and he loved every second of it.
At last, the monsters who called themselves his relatives were behind bars, their days filled with sweet torture, courtesy of Tom's Death Eaters.

During a meeting, Tom had, with Harry's permission, told his followers of his childhood. Many of the ones gathered had started screaming in uproar, appalled that their Lord's right hand man had suffered such a horrible fate, and they couldn't wait to get their revenge on the filthy muggles. They did not yet know it was Harry Potter they were defending, but the thought that a magical child had been abused for years at the hands of muggles were enough to make them furious and shake with anger.

At the end of the meeting, Hogwarts own Potions Professor, Severus Snape, informed them that the Triwizard Tournament were to be held at the school the coming year. Students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang would be arriving on September 1st and stay until the end of the Tournament. This was a perfect opportunity for Harry to recruit some future Death Eaters. He and Tom spend a long time talking and planning after the meeting had ended.

"The ones in Durmstrang should be easier to convert, they are more familiar with the Dark Arts." Tom said as he sat behind his desk, eyes clouded in thought.

"They teach Dark Arts in Durmstrang?" Harry asked, amazed. He didn't know schools actually taught their students the "forbidden arts", as the Weasley boy called it.

"Of course, Karkaroff is a follower of mine, and I was the one to decide the curriculum. I knew Hogwarts was untouchable, since Dumbledore was there, but Durmstrang was mine for the taking."

"I almost wish I would've gone to Durmstrang instead; I would've learned so much more, with you being the one to decide what and what not to learn." Harry said wistfully.

Tom merely smirked at him.


Harry obediently clapped with the rest of the student body of Hogwarts as the students from Beauxbatons made their entrance. He sneered as he saw almost every single guy in his house drooled openly at the sight of the girls. And they were sorted into Slytherin...

When the boys from Durmstrang entered he could barely control his breathing. He could practically smell the Dark Arts coming from them, it was that strong. Oh, how he wished he could've gone to Durmstrang.

A quick glance to the Head Table showed that Dumbledore had felt the presence of the dark magic himself; the ever annoying twinkle in his eye had almost vanished completely. Yet he greeted them all with welcoming arms and smile on his face, though Harry could see it was fake.

As everybody else were busy admiring Vikor Krum and the Goblet of Fire, Harry had his eyes on a student that reeked of the Dark Arts. What surprised him the most was that it wasn't anyone from Durmstrang or Beauxbatons. He was baffled that he hadn't sensed the power before; it was so strong? Had he hidden it? Perhaps he'd used a glamour? How had he managed to hide it from Dumbledore?

Harry wasn't in the control of the situation. He hated not being in control of the situation. He decided to correct it as soon as possible.

As the Welcoming feast ended, Harry wasted no time in approaching the future ally of the Dark side.

"We need to talk." He said, not bothering to introduce himself.

The seventh year Hufflepuff student Cedric Diggory studied him intently, then nodded. Together they left the Great Hall, not bothering with onlookers.

They entered an empty classroom and after making sure the door was locked and the room silenced, Harry turned to the older student. "How long have you been Dark?" He asked.

Diggory silently observed him, then said: "Why would you say I'm Dark?" He asked, head tilted to the side.

"I'd believe that, if it weren't for the fact that I can practically taste the darkness in your magic. I'm impressed that you've managed to hide it this well, not even Dumbledore seems to notice it." Said Harry, smirking.

Diggory studied him silently for a few minutes, before answering Harry's question. "I've been Dark ever since I entered Hogwarts grounds. How long have you been Dark, Harry Potter?"

"Since before I can remember." Was Harry's reply.

"You've allied yourself with the Dark Lord, then?" Diggory asked, interest and curiosity shining in his eyes, though his face remained impassive, as if bored.

"I'm his right hand man." That was enough for Diggory to hear as he immediately kneeled down before Harry, head bowed down in respect.

"My Lord, forgive me for not treating you with the respect that you so deserve." Said Diggory, his face hidden from view.

"Don't be ridiculous, Diggory, there's no need to bow down before me." Said Harry and watched as Diggory got back up. "I take it you wish to join the Dark Lord then?"

"More than anything." Was the answer. "I'm sick and tired of hearing my father tirade about how Light will overcome the dark, when it's obvious that the dark will win now that you've allied yourself with the Dark Lord. They won't stand a chance. I want what you want; to keep the magical world safe from Muggles, and to do my best to bring our society back to its former glory."

Harry couldn't have been happier. First day of the new year at Hogwarts, and he had already found a new ally. "That's very good news, Diggory. I'll inform the Dark Lord of your willingness to ally yourself with us this evening. But how could you end up in Hufflepuff?"

Cedric Diggory smirked and shrugged his shoulders. "Couldn't let anybody know of my intentions, could I? Being in Hufflepuff is the easiest way to hide from the watchful eyes."

Harry could only nod in agreement.