The group I go to called Shine is singing at Princes Square in Glasgow on Saturday the 22nd of December. If you're free, take a trip in and come and see us sing while finishing off your Christmas shopping. We're singing between 11-12 and 2-3, we're also collecting money for Quarriers, Scotland's family charity and the advert Alec Newman does the voice over for. (Who knows the cast might come down to finish of their christmas shopping) So come in, get a bite to eat and enjoy the music.

I know I said the 10th of December but my work experience is tomorrow and I wrote a bit of drabble to try and calm my self down (It didn' t work) but I was wondering what if Linda got a tattoo of Michael's name somewhere when she was going out with him and didn't get it removed (They cost a lot to get removed, and she hoped he would come back) but when they had there thing in episode 14, he noticed it. What would happen? So this is my kind of take on it.

Linda crawled up the bed towards him, stopped between his knees and knelt in front of him. She wrapped her slender fingers around the edge of her t-shirt and pulled it upwards, over her head to reveal her black lacy bra underneath. The t-shirt landed on the floor beside the bed.

Michael looked up at her face and she leaned in and they shared a passionate kiss. He then placed his manly hands on her hips, leaned in and started to place soft, delicate kisses round her navel. A soft moan left her delicate lips as her head flew backwards and her hair covered her back. He pulled her leggings down to her knees and that's when he sw it, the beautiful black writing against her pale skin. His name permanently written on her in a heart, telling people that she was owned by him. He looked up at her beautiful face and into her green emerald eyes and smiled, she smiled back giving him the go ahead to continue. he did and that's when things got heated.