A Christmas Goofball

"Kuki, you ran out of the drama room with so much excitement that you forgot to pick up your costume! Good thing you've got a good friend like Abby, or you would've had to wear a green sweater on opening night. And the Ghost of Christmas Present doesn't wear green sweaters." Abby handed Kuki a large plastic bag with her costume in it.

The costume was a green robe-like dress with white fluff on the ends, a green holly berry hair clip with three white sparkly balls in the middle, and green boots with white ribbons.

"Thanks Abby. I don't know what I'd do without you." Kuki put the plastic bag in her locker.

Kuki's boyfriend Wally was leaning against his locker like a bad-ass. His locker was right next to Kuki's.

"Where's my kiss, Kooks?" Kuki chuckled and gave her boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

"That ain't no kiss! You're no fun." Wally complained.

Kuki gave him a kiss on the lips. "Better?"

"Much better." Wally said.

"So, what are all of you doing after school?" Nigel asked.

"Practicing my lines." Kuki replied.

"Playing video games." Hoagie said.

"Not sure." Abby replied.

"Can I come over?" Wally asked.

"As long as you promise not to distract me when I'm practicing my lines." Kuki said.

"I won't." Wally promised.

At Kuki's houseā€¦

Kuki was reading her script. "Yes, I am. I am the Ghost of Christmas Present. I have much to show you. Grab onto my robe. Hurry! We cannot be late."

Wally took the script out of Kuki's hands. "This is so boring! Let's do something fun!"

"Wally, I know you're bored. But I have to practice my lines." I said.

"Nah, you don't. The play is in a week. What's one day of goofing off going to hurt?" Wally asked.

Kuki sighed. "All right, fine. We can have some fun."

"Yeah! That's what I'm talking about!" Wally said excitedly. He started tickling Kuki.

"Wally, stop that, you goofball!" Kuki said through laughs.

"I know I'm a goofball. But that's why you love me." Wally continued tickling Kuki.

That's exactly why Kuki loves him.