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"Damn it, Skoodge! Turn that damn radio off!" Zim moaned, readjusting the lens on the microscope, "You're scaring the amoebas!"

Skoodge scoffed, pushing himself out from under the main circuit board of the household. He lowered the volume just as the final chorus began on the little contraption next to him, then grabbed a wrench and ducked back down under the board in search of the screw he had just loosened, "Lighten up, Zim. It adds ambience to the bleak silence your labs have become known for. Besides, amoebas don't even have organelles or any form of structure to them. So how they are able to be scared, I am not sure of…"

"I think the Master was referring to how the music was scaring him," the Computer came in.

A little chuckle or two were shared before Zim span in his seat to face the Computer screen and Skoodge working beneath it, "Shut up! Irk, you two are just…" he grunted in an annoyed fashion and went back to his scope, too angry to even bother completing that thought.

"Someone's in a good mood today," Skoodge mumbled in a sigh, patting around the steel floor outside the container he was working in, in search of that bolt he needed.

"Have you perhaps forgotten the date, pipsqueak?" the Computer droned.

Skoodge's look turned thoughtful. He pulled in the bolt and placed it on the circuit roofing above him.

When realization hit him. The bolt dropped straight out of his hands as he stared up at the computer in a shocked manner, "Oh."


The Irken closed his eyes, "Nine years now."

"Ten, actually."

Skoodge let a breath slip past his lips as he picked up the bolt that had fallen by his left antennae awkwardly and began screwing it onto the main connector leading into some wires that led into the Computer's screen, "Is there anything we could…?"

The Computer continued, not wishing Skoodge to complete that thought, "I wouldn't suggest it. Leave him to his vices and within a few days, maybe a week, he'll be back to his normal, still grumpy but more manageable self."

Skoodge half-closed his eyes, knowing that as true as that statement was, it wouldn't prevent Zim from going through this the next year….or the year after that….or the decade after that. And Zim's mood grew worse as the years past. The bitterness towards his once close friend was even hard for Skoodge to take. The insults became more personal. Even the Computer was losing his non-existent patience with him!

But so much had changed since then. Zim's life just hit rock bottom, and seeing as he wasn't on the top to begin with, it made it all the more difficult for the previous proud, arrogant Invader Zim.

It had been three years into Zim's mission on Earth. Dib was out of the way for the moment as he was off to College. Perfect. With Earth's 'defence' out of the way, it was ripe for the plucking. All that was needed was the Armada to come in and help him finally destroy this filthy planet once and for all. But as months of waiting soon turned into two more years, and no one had come for Zim's planetary invasion, Zim began to question his superior's methods…and their feelings towards the young Invader.

He figured the Tallest just cut communications to Earth a year earlier because…maybe their Intergalactic bill was too high. They had so many Invaders to keep in communication with; it must have been pretty high, right? Skoodge knew Zim didn't believe that for a second, but he was so desperate to believe anything at this point in time…

Another year of doing nothing passed by, and Zim began to grow impatient. Dib had one more year before he would be back to bother the alien in his work. If this was going to be done, it had to be done now! And through a few illegal connections he hooked onto through various solar systems, he was able to create a makeshift link to them.

Skoodge warned him. The Computer warned him. Even GIR warned him! He was playing with fire here. He was going to get burned. But six years of festering questions and panicked realization that he couldn't do his job right had been eating away at Zim to the point where if he were to get burnt now, not much would go up in flames.

They all would remember that day. The Tallest, out of place by the sudden intrusion by one of the biggest nuisances in their lives, stared shocked at the alien before them.

Red began barking orders to the drones behind them, demanding they cut the links as soon as possible. But Zim begged, went down onto his knees, pleading with them.

In muddled rants, he explained how they were running out of time, that Earth had to be destroyed now!

But an immediate 'Silence!' from both his leaders came too quick for the Irken to comprehend. Skoodge and GIR watched from the kitchen, watching the trembling Irken getting a harsh speaking to by his superiors. They were intercepting all his illegal links. They were telling him he was no longer an Invader. They were telling him he was stranded there now. That he couldn't come back. That he could never speak to them again.

Zim, confused, worried, frantic over everything that was suddenly hitting him in the face, demanded to know why he couldn't communicate with them anymore. The Tallest didn't hold back and continued their assault, letting loose on the poor Invader, telling him that he was the biggest disgrace to the Irken Empire they had ever seen. He was unfit as a soldier, a joke as a scientist and one of the worst Invaders in the history of their planet. Enough was enough. Zim could only watch as sparks flew throughout his base. He heard his ship self-destruct upstairs. Parts of his ceiling came crashing down. Before he knew it, everything was consumed in darkness as the power went out.

The faces of his angry, cynical leaders remained in his mind and eyes, the screen before him now dead along with the rest of his base. Skoodge stayed where he stood, horrified by what had just happened. Zim, frozen in time, looked around. Wires hung. Sounds of electricity pulsed dangerously through broken connectors, irritating his antennae.

And there lay GIR on the floor next to Skoodge. Zim's eyes went wide. Even his minion…his…friend…lay in the wake of death.

He fell to the ground, screaming out. Everything that made him Zim…his rank, his base, his mission…


And that was just the start of it. Dib returned, but Zim never saw him again. It was as though college changed him. Zim saw him on TV every once in a while. He worked in the forensics department for the police by the looks of it. He was doing a very good job of it as well if he ended up on the news for helping solving various criminal cases.

Zim took five years to get his base back online. With the help of his now back online and slightly rewired Computer, he was able to get his home looking back to its former glory…or something close enough to it. However, his robot and his ship were beyond repair, just like he was sure his Tallest wanted.

So with no direction to go by, not knowing anything else but what he had thus far experienced, Zim went back to trying to conquer mankind.

Minus the Empire.

Zim would spend days on end without eating or resting, just researching more on human lifestyles and weaknesses. He hardly left the labs, let alone the house. It was awful for Skoodge and even the Computer to watch as Zim rotted away underground, isolated from the world. He looked hopeless. And deep down they knew he felt hopeless.

Hours passed. Nothing but the quiet hum of the generators and systems along with the occasional loud beat from the radio loamed overhead. Zim occasionally scribbled down something as he carefully watched the amoebas wiggle around in cytoplasm. This was…just the way things were.

But as the horizon turned to stunning amethyst, Skoodge emerged from under the circuit board, groaning as he stood, stretching his aching appendages above his head, "Whew, I am beat. How about we have some dinner, Zim?"

"I'm still busy, Skoodge. Go on without me," Zim said, not even looking away from the scope before him.

Usually Skoodge would have spent a good five minutes convincing the alien on why he needed to eat dinner seeing as Zim had a tendency to skip breakfast and lunch. This ended in either Zim finally agreeing and going with him to try and force down some human food (seeing as most of their Irken food stuffs had run out years before) or Zim just ignoring him altogether until Skoodge left.

Skoodge knew what the reaction would entail today and turned, heading to the elevator to head upstairs.

When Zim was sure Skoodge had gone. He pushed himself away from the microscope and let his body relax into his seat. He rubbed his strained eyes, tired of looking at pointless amoebas to keep distracted from this ten year anniversary, "Computer."

"Yes, Master Zim?" his Computer spoke up, a little surprised to be spoken with. Skoodge seemed to be the only one talking to him nowadays.

"Show me the news," Zim muttered in a harsh breath. He wasn't used to speaking so his voice always sounded hoarse and groggy.

"Yes, Master Zim."

The small screen before Zim lit up, the evening news's annoying jingle filling the dark cold lab. Zim crossed his legs in his seat, leaning forward on the dashboard before him as he watched with half open eyes.

"Several people were killed today during a suicide bombing attack in a crowded subway in New York today. Survivors on the train state the man was shaky and nervous before the incident and managed to yell out to passengers that he needed to sacrifice others in the name of his faith before he supposedly pulled a cord leading towards a home-made bomb strapped to his torso."

Zim nodded, half listening. These reports of humans killing themselves seemed to be the norm. Zim wondered if the humans would wipe themselves out before he could.

"In local news, another unsolved case has been put to rest thanks to our Police Department's hard working staff. The Serial Killer only known by the number '17' has finally been found and is now pending trial. He was known for his killings on the 17th of each month, 17 people being found dead in their homes with the number carved into their stomachs. Police state he will most likely be sentenced to life without parole. Special thanks go to the forensics division of the Police Department, in particular, Dib Whatever-his-last-name-is. It is thanks to their tireless efforts that this heinous criminal has finally been caught."

Zim leant back into his seat, folding his arms as he straightened his legs. They never showed his picture. Most likely for his own protection. Many criminals knew he was the one behind the scenes foiling their plans with his work.

But still. The Irken wanted to see his face. He was older now. Much older. Taller. Stronger. Bigger.
Zim looked away from the bright screen that was now hurting his eyes, wondering.

Does he even remember me?

Zim shut his eyes, pressure hitting against his weak chest as a harsh knowing filled it.

Of course he didn't.

No one did.

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