= = Ghost and Gears = =

Rex huffed, wiping blood off his chin. The red fluid simply slides down the mental of his generated fist. It would have been easier using his sleeve; and look cooler too. But he couldn't risk letting down the protection his giant metal limbs provided, and really having the three strongest members of the pack surrounding you, trapped in a providence facility of some kind. He really should of listen to that briefing more closely, then maybe he would know if all of this was worth the beating he was getting.


slammed her hands down on the control panel, "what do you mean… why won't you let us send anyone in, Rex needs our help!" she growled angrily. White glared down at her from his screen "he can't" a woman said entering the systematize room, Holiday turned her heated gaze on the woman instantly noticing her arm in a sling and a Blue jacket hanging on her shoulders.

"Shouldn't you still be in the infirmary, Miss. Generiert" White Knight stated not questioned.

She waved her good arm at him, which noticeable scratches and patches "I ahm fine"she said in a German accent that the doctor had just noticed. The Woman had short brown hair clinging to her face, and piercing blue eyes, with a bandage under the right one. "No vne cahn entah or leave the building nov"


Rex tossed himself to the side, avoiding Biowolf claws as he lunged towards him, before quickly swatting away the crystals that shoot towards him on his right. Damn he needed to get out of here, going against BioWulf, Skalamander, and Breach was one thing, but fight in a room that was pretty much a giant metal box, probably the size of a freaky football field. That he couldn't even punch through; because he tried a couple of times already, and that only ended up hurting himself.

There was only one way out, a set of giant doors that were bent and broken in and it would have been easy if Breach wasn't guarding the door, whom kept porting him back into the far end of the room every time he even got close to the door. All of this didn't even make any sense, had he really ticked them and beat them one too many times and they wanted pay back?


"Zhe moment enemy broke into project GD2_0_4's contahining unit, zhe entiah building gone into compete lock dewwn, no vne cahn get in or oewt. I doubt yer boy can even break ayny of the security valls." Miss. Generiert explained almost sounding proud by that fact, which only ticked Dr. Holiday off even more.

"What is project GD2_0_4?" the doctor asked trying to keep her composure.

"Classified" the Woman and White Knight said, which made Holiday inwardly growl, but decided to push for answers later.

"There has to be some way, a protocol for releasing the locks" Doc. Holiday asked, knowing there just had to be some way to get Rex out.

"Nope" the woman said with a shake of her head "coewldn't risk hahving suk a zhing as zhat"

The Doctor was about to question the woman, but a side screen popped on and she turned towards it, a spark of hope in her eyes, only to be surprised and disappointed by who she saw. A girl probably not any older then Rex, with long moon white hair, blue shades over her eyes, and an oddly modified Providence grunt suit.

"Project GD2_0_4 is secure and is being transported as we speak" The girl said her mouthed covered by the upper part of her suit.

"Why are you not accompanying project GD2_0_4" White growled, glaring down; most likely at the girl on one of his own screens "your job is to stay with it".

The girl stayed silent for a moment, Holiday couldn't read her face covered by the suit and her glasses, "I'm going after Agent Generator" She stated before the screen flicked off.

White Knight looked like he was fuming, but was surprisingly not shouting orders to stop her. Which raised a few red flag for the Doctor, but once again decided to push it aside… for a more pressing matter.

"I thought you said no one could get in or out, once the building was in lock down?" Doc. Holiday questioned the woman next to her.

She glanced at the doctor before looking back at the screen that the girl was on only moments ago with a smirk sliding over her mouth "Ghost is excepkon"


Rex was tossed and thrown against the stupidly too hard for their own good walls. Using his sword arm to keep him from falling to the ground. He was spending so much time trying to protect himself along with getting slammed and tossed around, he couldn't for the life of him get a good hit in. He raised his sword defiantly at Biowulf and Skalamander, as they took their time approaching him knowing he was trapped. "I hate to ambit it, but I could really use some help right now" the EVO hero said hoping somehow the cosmos or something would hear him, and six would pop out of nowhere and save him, Bobo fallowing close behind guns a blazing.

The room suddenly became pitch black as all the lights went out, and Rex groaned "this wasn't what I meant"

There was some coughing coming from the other side of the room before a thud could be heard.

"Breach?" Skalamander called out with no answer. Suddenly shots were fired from the side of the room aimed towards the two pack members, giving short spurts of light through parts of the dark room. Whoever it was, managed to get a couple of hits on the two before the lizard evo shot crystal back at them. Rex heard the too familiar sound of piercing mental as the guns were ripped through. Biowulf must have jumped towards them as the next thing he knew the room was filled with faded blue light, sparks out lined the wolf's form, howling in pain. Rex guessed the person was electrocuting him with a high end tazer or a shock rod, but Rex couldn't tell with the angle he stood from; Biowulf blocked his view.

Seeing Skalamander head towards his ally to help, Rex decided to actually move while he had a chance and change his arms into his metal fist. Charging towards the lizard, Rex activated his spinning fist, and punched the crystallized EVO as hard as he could, sending him flying into the shadows of the room hearing a crunch and loud whamp sound. Rex smiled triumphantly, finally getting a really good hit in. The blue electric light quickly faded after, followed by the thump of what Rex guessed was Biowulf hitting the ground.

"That will not keep them down for long" a girls voice said, a hand was gently placed on his forearm.

He knew this girl must have been the one to help him, he deactivated his metal fist. She wasted no time, quickly tugged him forward to guild him through the dark, but it was a little too quick for his tired and bruised body. On his third step he stumbled forward, the mysterious female rescuer catching him. From the way she caught him, Rex discovered that his ally was shorter than him, possibly even a bit more then Noah.

She shifted his and her own bodies around so his arm was now draped over her shoulder and her arm around his waist. "Hold your breath and keep moving" she directed and Rex was honestly too tired at this point to question her.

He took in a deep breath and held it, the girl then practically dragged him forward as they swiftly raced through what felt like a cloud of smoke or gas he couldn't tell in the dark. They kept moving forward until they hit a hallway dimly lit by emergency lights, Rex taking a deep breath now that they were in the clear.

Now that he had some light he glanced over at his rescuer, although it was hard not to since she had bleach white hair, honestly he was surprised it hadn't glowed in the dark, and judging by her black and white suit she must have been with providence.

"Can't we slow down a little?" Rex asked, she kept tugging him forward not giving him a moment to catch his second wind "I doubt the pack members are going to get back up that fast"

"We cannot afford to do such a thing" She replied not ceasing her forward pace in the least "The threat level 2 and 3 invitation EVO's may be out for the time being, but the threat level 1 EVO is still at large within the vaccinating, and I do not wish to encounter him"

Yup the girl must have been part of providence the way she talked "wait, Level one is the highest right?"

The girl glanced over at him seeming to just stare at him for a moment, though he couldn't be sure with those oddly bright blue shades covering her eyes, "Yes, a threat level one is the highest aspect when referring to how dangerous or destructive an EVO is."

Rex tripped over his feet a little, but the girl held his loss weight and kept him somewhat balance as she kept moving. "So that means Van Kleiss is here" he said with a slight growl, getting his balance back. The girls grip around his waist tightened when Rex said Van Kleiss, causing the EVO boy to look down at her.

"Yes" she said softly "and I fear if we are by chance found by him, I will not be able to give a proper offence and provide you adequate protection." She said her pace getting quicker, or his feet were getting slower.

Rex was a little insulted, she made it sound like he couldn't protect himself "Hey, I can prot…." A yellow light blinked on, the inside of the girl's shades "Down!" She cried diving both of them into the ground. A root shoot through the place they just stood, slamming and curving against the wall turning in mid-air and firing towards the two teens.

Rex's arm changed into his sword form and sliced through the root, his arm instantly losing its form after slicing through the root "see I can protect myself".

"Let's get moving" she said not sparing a glace over to Rex her eyes glued on the corridor where the root sprung from. Rex frowned as they both stood up together "Van Kleiss knows where we are now" Rex stated not asked and she knew it.

"We need to reach an outer wall in order to escape this place" she said moving them both forward, Rex doing his best to quicken his pace. "I've already tried breaking the walls in that last room we need a door" Rex said but seemed to be ignored.

"This way" she instructed as she guided him down a corridor to the left of them. "There" she said pointing to a wall with a thick sheet of metal covering what Rex could only guessed used to be a window. The girl practically dragged Rex forward reaching one hand out to the wall and not even four feet away the yellow lights within her blue shades went crazy. Roots broke through the vents along both the side walls, covering the wall they tried to reach.

They both were forced to back away, two roots sprung forward heading towards them. Rex tried to force his nanites to activate and change his arm, but it was taking more time than it usually did. The girl lifted up her free arm gun in hand as she shot the roots, splattering them on impact. Rex didn't know where she got the gun from.

More arrays of lights played across her shades and she up-bluntly let go of Rex, the EVO boy losing his balance as she spun around 90 degrees aiming her gun down the hall they just came from. Her other arm jerking downwards something slide down her very loosely open sleeves. A gun slipped into her hand, a twin to the one in her other hand, lifting it up and aiming it in her previous direction. Rex grabbed onto her shoulder catching his balance, her back now facing him.

"You look tried, Rex" A smooth voice echoed down the hall, Rex looked down the corridor as Van Kleiss walked towards them the dimly lit emergency lights shadowing his eyes. "Van Kleiss" Rex growled letting go of the Girl in order to slide into a more fight ready stance.

Rex tried to activate his sword but his arm only lit up with blue lines before fading. He had three tough EVO fights before he was quickly transported to this province building and it was finally taking its toll on him.

The Girl took a half step in front of Rex, the boy a little taken back by the protective action.

Van Kleiss laughed it was clear he was mocking them, "you can't protect everyone, little one" His eyes looked like they were glaring right through her "Now tell me where that beast is"

"Beast?" Rex said puzzled as the girl became a little tenser.

Van Kleiss spared Rex a glace "haven't you wondered what providence kept in that fortified room we broke into?" he question, the EVO finally thinking about what they kept in a room with such big doors and unbreakable walls by his standards. "You haven't have you" he stated with a dark laugh to his tone.

Rex growled and was about to take a step towards the pack leader, but quickly stopped and jumped a little as the girl's gun that was pointed behind them fired twice shooting two roots that tried to attack, think they were off their guard. Van Kleiss narrowed his eyes at the two, unimpressed that his distract and capture didn't work. The walls slowly being covered and consumed by the pack leader's signature roots, "Tell me where the beast is" Van Kleiss growled "it took much too long to find where you hid it, and even longer to prepare an attack, but somehow the beast still slipped through my grasp." The roots rose up behind him the tips point at Rex and the girl "I am losing my patience girl"

The roots crept closer to the two providence agents, Rex's arms glowing blue as he tried to activate his blade, with not much luck. The girl's fingers hovering over the trigger of her guns, small flashing yellow lights running over the inside of her blue shades.

"Tell me. Where is the BEAST!" Van Kleiss demanded, roots falling towards them the room was filled with a mirage of flashing lights, as the girl shoot in every direction destroying as many roots as she could as they bolted towards them. Rex finally getting his nanites to obey and his arm transformed into his blade form, slicing roots stopping them in their tracks momentary. The two providence agents were back to back defending each other's blind sides, but the tired EVO boy did not get them all and one root viciously cut his leg, causing his weakened body to collapse towards the ground. The girl on his back must have felt this, half turning and wrapping one arm around his midriff pulling him close, before everything went black for the both of them.


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